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Jen Lawler

Click me too if you love skittles!!! ...

12/17/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • from narnia
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About Me

you're a hardcore superstore plastic little ugly whore
Me, Myself, and I
My name is jen or JC depending on where you know me from
I sing... play guitar... do comic illustrations and I love my friends more than life
What I hate most Is people who are to cowardly to slag me off to my face

So to all you so called friends who slag me off
Thanks for making me the centre of your world

♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*


Blues Go down
Blues Go down
Blues Go down 4Ever
Cum Bak Up
Will They fuck
NEVA Beat the Villa

-|_AsToN ViLLa FaN BuS _|_|____\
< _(@'@)_____________|_|(@)

♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•♥

♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*
Love Villa ████████████████] 100%
♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* ♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥*
The Other Half Of Me
Kirsty Leigh

Kirsty Leigh

Mr kazoo wud cum 2 my house evry mornin and say...

♥*♥*Music ♥*♥*
everything and anything but favourites are greenday... counting crows and the clash
♥*♥*Films ♥*♥*
clockwork orange... usual suspects...resevoir dogs (mr blonde=fit)... the shawshank redemption (you gotta love it) and million dollar baby ... oooh and the krays... oh and the departed (drooling over leonardo di caprio) and lastly an amazing film called crash... you have all got to see it
oh and then there is the flick chicks like sleepless in seattle, when Harry met Sally, You've got mail, in a New York minute, 28 days, Raise your voice

and I love anything and everything with
Jim Carey
Adam Sandler
Sandra Bullock
and Julia Roberts
Oh and of course... Leonardo Di Caprio ('*, . So0o0o sexy., *')
♥*♥*Sports ♥*♥*
football =

Love Villa ████████████████] 100%
and I suppose basketball .... better playing it than watching it
♥*♥*Scared Of♥*♥*
the pope... just coz he wears them long hats... how big must his head be... I think he turns into an alien as soon as his hat come off.... and why would someone that old need to wear a cape... it's just too wierd!!!... and scary
spiders (I think scared would be an understatement)
the dark.... come on its scary theres monsters and stuff
and sometimes people... no... actually... alot of times it's poeple

Mainly I am scared of being alone...
♥*♥*Happiest When♥*♥*
hanging out with my friends
hanging out with my brother he is the best brother ever
watching films
drawing and painting
listening to music
Doing karaoke at the havelock.... woot woot
My wonderful brother and everything listed above
JERI LAMMAS, murderers, rapist and peadophiles

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  • The greatest love of all

    the greatest love of all is the one that didn't exist... that illusion that temptation was all a young girl needed to pull her through lonely nights. When you meet 'the one' the person who is supposed to complete you, you think love will last forever
    Trust me it is only a mind blind to love that will trust the hopeless idealic fantasy.
    It is so hard to get over the person who made you happy but why??!?!?! It was all just a lie they say I love you unconditionally but yet they apply all these conditions... the harshest of contradictions in my opinion.
    It would have been so much easier not to open my heart but like a fool I did and now I have this sickening feeling as I rummage through the shattered pieces of my relationship.
    Im fucking sick to death of hearing everything will be fine... because its not fine... Im not fine and all these ideals I once held close to my heart of what love was meant to be... of who I was meant to be have come crumbling down in front of me.
    I gave it everything and tried so hard not to let problems stand in the way of being totally in love.
    Love is a sickness... a disease and one that will suffocate any hope or dream you may have.
    If you are someone who is searching for someone to complete you... you are on a hopeless search.
    I feel as though I am floating in another dimension.
    I once thought I could acheive that kind of you read about in fairytales
    when will I open my eyes when will I grow up and realise that the thing that breaks you scars you hurts you and blinds you is love.
    This idealic notion that there is someone out there for everyone is just over commercialised by disney and card companies.
    On the 14th of february I looked at all the heart shaped baloons floating in the windows... I looked at couples handing each other roses and being caught up in that pinnocle moment that passionate embrace and I .... I was still trying to mend my broken heart... within a week the flowers die and the baloons deflate and the things which symbolised love became merely things to fill the bins... love is the cruelest and harshest of feelings because when you are in it... when you are caught in the embrace the fall is short to follow.
    I wrote once of a time where I sang my heart out to the point of tears and came to the realisation that I had lost hope... but hope in what... Love!!! How could I ever have been so weak as to have hoped for such an emotion.
    I am left without the want or need for hope but yet my want and need to love to be loved heightens every second I see his face and I suffocate... and I fall and no one is their to catch me.
    Love is an illusion that makes me bitter that I have nothing to hold on to
    No physical thing to see or touch or taste
    I dont want my heart and I just want to tear myself into little pieces and throw me away... in fairytales they pursue their hearts desires they fall in love and they live "happily ever after" what an idiotic concept to believe in and yet I still do believe that one day he will love me... one day he will want me and one day I will be good enough.
    Love is selfish as are the people in hold your heart and are irresponsible enough to break it.
    I tried every single day of my life for 15 months to be the best I could be. I put my problems aside, I put my life aside and for what... to feel dead inside.
    I am fed up... im exhausted and I just want to fade away
    But no one will let you and these liars still insist on making you delusional that you stand a chance that you have somehow become good enough.
    It was so much easier being young and naieve because love had never burnt you and taken your world but as you grow older and this naievety still persists it is pathetic!!!
    I once watched the disney films and believed them as if they were the modern day bible
    I let my head get filled with this nostalgia
    A philosopher once said that on october the 11th 2006 the world would come to an end.... that was the day

    0 Comments 283 weeks

  • poem

    I hav dreams where Im fallin
    and youre there and callin my name
    but Im deafened by screams
    youre face slowly fadin
    while time is erasin
    and I, Im alone in my dreams
    and Im sinkin down into a bottomless pit
    where memories r mishaped and no longer fit
    and ur face just a memory I cannot 4get
    ur my 1 and only regret
    yes ur my 1 and only regret
    Daffodills r all bloomin
    and I was assumin its love
    uve been sent from above
    But Im 4gettin ur face as Im fallin from grace
    and u r 4getting mine too
    and I'm sinking down into a bottomless pit
    where memories are mishaped they no longer fit
    and You're face just a memory I cannot forget
    Just my one and only regret
    Tell me how does it feel
    when i'm gone are you real
    Are you there
    Coz it's not like I care
    But at night when you're dreaming
    I hope you're left screaming
    and you are just left in despair

    0 Comments 288 weeks

  • Goodbye Rain - heres to you

    This poem was written on the 19th novemeber 2006 after my friend Rain trajically committed suicide
    I am posting it here today to mark the year anniversary of her death
    she was such a wonderful person and right now I need her so much
    If you met her you were blessed.
    Lets hope she's finally at peace

    Another tear has had to fall
    another victim takes the stand
    a life barely been lived at all
    is to be led by suicides hand
    Lets hope that hapiness is with you now
    and you can hear our goodbyes somehow
    let them black clouds turn to dust
    lets hope somehow you can adjust
    labelling it seemed was the cause
    for all your faults and all your flaws
    although depression is just a name
    it still labels you insane
    no one ever stopped to think
    if times got hard your boat could sink
    and now instead of hear with me
    you're another suicide tradgedy
    Do they think medication is
    the cure for every diagnosis
    another pay check in a councellors hand
    to dose you up not understand
    I miss my Rain I need her here
    if only she would magically appear
    I wish I'd known what was going on
    was it something I did wrong
    they say that counsellors know best
    so wheres my close friend and the rest
    did they know best are my friends still here
    I think the answers plain and clear
    Rain needed help the counsellors were blind
    they dosed her up with whatever they'd find
    It seems to me that the main cause
    for suicide now is counsellors flaws

    0 Comments 296 weeks

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  • Jodie Primmett
    luv Jodie Primmett

    Hey hows u? Ent spoke to u in a while. Whats u been uptos. Did u have a good xmas? Wbs xx jo

    1/5/09 via Mobile
  • Kazzy

    Hiya saying it now incase im not online but merry christmas xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mooush

    Hey Sup there dude!!!!!!! Int spoken to ya in tym... Howz ya doing?????? Been up to much???? You going to be out this wknd?? Wb Beks xxxxxx

  • Adams

    hiya how are u dont mind me addin do u ? wubu2 had a gd weekend wb xx

  • Ryuk


    9/8/08 via Mobile
  • Kazzy

    hi jen how r u on this fine day?

  • Stephen W
    Stephen W

    hi ya how r u im now not going to xtrax ether again .

  • King Creole
    King Creole

    hello hunni howz u? wat u up 2?

  • Radioactive Goldfish
    Radioactive Goldfish

    hallo how are you? i hope you had a good time at the cinema tell me if the film was good and i hope you had a great brthday too luff elena xx

  • Nicola Hendrie
    Nicola Hendrie

    hey sex face. im back from london. lets meet up. and stalk thrust boy. how old you rekon he is? lol. LOVE AT FIRST THRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahahah. i love you. muchly.

  • Fun Fun Fun
    Fun Fun Fun

    hello mum! u ok? havent seen u properly 4 ages............sob sob xtrax isnt the same :.)

  • Nicola Hendrie
    luv Nicola Hendrie

    jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen jen You are the smexiest sockling chum i have ever had. I think we should luncheon it again soon. Im off to norfolk next monday for a week or two which means i gotts to see you before i go. And of course... when i come back. Oooh my dearest. Lets have a slumber party with ice cream and marshmallows and stuff. I dont like marshmallows but it doesnt matter. I'll eat them for you. Then we can watch some stuff. I dont know what. But stuff. Anyway smexy. Love you long time. xXx

  • Kazzy
    luv Kazzy

    hey there jen ill give u the money tomorro if im down