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Stephen Ormiston

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  • Male, 25, Luv 52
  • I am Down for Whatever
  • Profile views: 4,712
  • Member since: January 2007
  • Last active: 9/6/10
  • www.bebo.com/steekocheeko18
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About Me

lets shit the road
The Other Half Of Me
Stephen Walsh
Effigy, smashing pumking, BFMV, foo's, system of a down, jimmy hendrix, Metallica , spikes, drowning pool, bellx1(would u go away and shite what a line!!)Th blizzards, a bit of christy moore, Cronoans(class it tomboms falt), The Doors, Wednesday 13, Eagles Faithless, Fuck it i give up theirs 2 many just remember Effigy Rock!!!!!
little raskles, Fight club, Friday, Clurks, Walk the line, Blues Brothers, shout em up and old women porn...i love a bit of dr.screwlittle....
i love men in shorts so anythin with that and im happy!
Scared Of
when i found out ill let u know !!! spiders

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  • Mick

    well lad. we're all grand i got a new job buying gold so kept busy. Thats grate lad sure get in touch when your home and we'll all meet up for a pint or 2 or 3 sure ya know how these things go

  • Mick

    Hey lad long time no see hows things with ya. Anything wild with ya these days

  • Craig-Leo Colgan
    Craig-Leo Colgan

    Tell me d exact date boy d taxi!

    12/18/09 via Mobile
  • luv Niamh Woods

    hey Stevie!!!! when you home for christmas?!?

  • Craig-Leo Colgan
    Craig-Leo Colgan

    Course u get head!! It defo in d duty free man! Cheers, wen u back??

    12/15/09 via Mobile
  • Craig-Leo Colgan
    Craig-Leo Colgan

    well boy wud u be able to get me €100 worth of marlboro lights when your coming home in duty free and ill give you the money lad!!!!!

  • Craig-Leo Colgan
    Craig-Leo Colgan

    Boy I got an I phone!!!!!!

    12/13/09 via Mobile
  • Craig-Leo Colgan
    Craig-Leo Colgan

    cool lad well we will be there 8.30 irish time!!

  • Craig-Leo Colgan
    Craig-Leo Colgan

    good man just send me the address this weekend and itl be all gud! The rip is on boy!!!!

  • Craig-Leo Colgan
    Craig-Leo Colgan

    Boy we flying out Mon 7th at 06.20, In Madrid 08.30 Leaving For Dub on Wed 9th at 20.20

  • Dan K
    Dan K

    dont worry lad got them sorted out last night see ya in few days

  • Dan K
    Dan K

    Well boy cud u book myflights for me and il trow u d money and can you cal us again

    12/1/09 via Mobile
  • Dan K
    luv Dan K

    man when you get this will you give me a ring a s a p Craig says your a flaming Homo!!!

  • Jen Ring
    Jen Ring

    heya stranger!! how goes foreign land...?? very random bumping into you the last time you were home!!! nice to be called mumpies for a change!!! lol!!! any other trip's planned back here?? remember be careful and don't talk to stranger's!!!

  • Mick

    hey man, Don't worry about the desk cos the gig is off. We can't get a drummer and your lazy ass is in spain. The bambeabo is fine he's a little fucker these days and ya couldn't watch him. How's things wit you

  • Craig-Leo Colgan
    Craig-Leo Colgan

    The Madrid Rip is on son!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Walsh

    thats who iv bee missin the calls from bollox! good lad were thinkin of headin over in december if thats ok so ur up to your balls in work yeah. whe uback for xmas im missin all the gay sex we used to have

  • luv David Larkin

    yeah he was tellin me.. sounds deadly me man lookin foward 2 seein d gamne and em... i lookin foward ta seein u 2 stephen lol

  • David Larkin

    wel man its comfy and id like 2 tank u 4 leavein it ere 4 me 2 sleep in lol miss ya over ere man :(

  • Mick

    Well lad, Any news on the desk. How about you come come in december and do this gig with us.