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Tomorrow I plan to go out and have a beer or 5 and then same again on sat!!

8/21/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

i luv wayne McKevitt
Me, Myself, and I
Im having a baby boy!! i love you baby thank you x X x

I go owt at weekend.... i party friday mostly die saturday n dependz on sunday lol. dont do much reli lmfao! thats bowt it lmfao! luv goin owt wit all ma bes m8s luv yaz loadz n luv spendin time wit my baby love you X x X x X

Ive Got Da Bootty Of A Cutie 'n' Da Body Of A Hotty & Im Bootie Shakin, Heart Breakin, Bed Bangin, Good Shaggin, Mad Hot, Never Stop, Short Skirt, Luv To Flirt, Curvy Hipz, Glossy Lipz, High Class, Nice Ars, Bangin Style, Sexy Smile, Lucious Thighz, Candy Eyez, Temptin Lipz, Killer Kiss....Im the Bitch yer gonna miss!!!! hehe xx
The Other Half Of Me
Wayne M
any reli, pier, maximes, cricketers, R n B, dance lmfao n e fin haha!
dont reli watch em lol usually fall asleep watchin em lol
defo footy hahahaha! BOLTON WANDERERS!!! sorry but h8 united haha!!!
Scared Of
antny smedley hahahaha!! onli jokin hun lol all creepy crawlies n spiders ewwwww!!! haha!
Happiest When
Im partyin ov course lol main place i go is avi now lol then end up in MORGANZ lmfao!! fukkin luv it haha n luv stayin in wit my baby!!! xx
Best friendz
Laura, ashlee n becca bes m8s 4eva!! gem n lea aswell lv yaz all X x X ash becca n laura bes dancin partners eva :D luv ya loadzz xxx michael, wez, rio, treacher n sam ur al WKD m8s lv yaz 2 haha xxx my best friend in the world is my darlin wayne luv you xxxx
H8 it wen.....
wen u say sumthin u might regret or regret that u didnt say it. this is y i say wot i want n think n then il decide l8r weva i shudda or not lol also when i argue wit wayne but we alwayz make up ;) lol luv ya bits darlin xxx

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  • Describe me ;)


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  • Crying :(

    Sometimes when I'm alone I Cry,
    Cause I am on my own.
    The tears I cry are bitter and warm,
    They flow with life but take no form
    I Cry because my heart is torn.
    I find it difficult to carry on.
    If I had an ear to confiding,
    I would cry among my treasured friend,
    but who do you know that stops that long,
    to help another carry on.
    The world moves fast and it would rather pass by.
    Then to stop and see what makes one cry,
    so painful and sad.
    And sometimes...
    I cry and no one cares about why.

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    8. be my gf/bf?
    9. tell me u think im cute?
    10. buy me a drink if i didnt have none?
    11. take me home for da nite?my huse r ur huse?
    12. let me sleep in ur bed?
    13. fuck me?
    14. re-post dis for me 2 let me answer ur questions?
    15. do u think im attractive, beautiful r sexy?
    16. do u like my style?
    17. do u think im funie?
    18. do u care about me?
    19. would u dance wit me?
    20. would u sing happy b'day 2 me?

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  • Daniele Bonar

    How can the do this for free? http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • Katie

    Lol dnt wori hun x gurd im fanx chick,lol am wel appy 4 ya hun x n dani aswel lol... Aww what u callin him ? X x

    9/3/08 via Mobile
  • Katie
    luv Katie

    Hey chick hows u nd the bump? Not seen ya 4 lyk ages:-( lol r daniis pregnant aswel na:-) lol only 2munf tho... Write bk;-) x x

    7/28/08 via Mobile
  • Jadeybug
    luv Jadeybug

    hey bbz :D hows u an bump? x sori hun cudnt cum out 4 ur bday am wel skint at th min :( x wot u bin up 2 owt or nwt? x nt seen u 4 like aaaages lol x am alwys up leigh an stuf an startd goin morgans agen woohoo lolz x ul av 2 cum out 1 wknd 4 a drink anywyz 4getin wot ya luk like! lolz x anywyz tek care hun x cya soon xxx

  • Hollie

    how far r u? is ur bf in it?

  • Jadeybug
    luv Jadeybug

    cant beleve u pregz babe! am wel buzzin 4 yaz :) x me n leah bin talkin bowt names lol x ope cya soon chick xxx

  • Hollie


  • Leanne
    luv Leanne

    so ur havin a baby awwww fukin hell nat lol well hopeur happy luv ya xxxxxxxxxx

  • Leanne

    hey yh seen the pics im puttin them onmy bebo if ya dnt mind and say hi to junior and karl for me so ur gettin ur own place fukin hell wish i was can i come and move in wit u plz lol oj so how u been then wb xxxxlea xxxx

  • Jadeybug
    luv Jadeybug

    E luks lyk a nice boy lol al stil av 2 av a chat tho lmao oj a wont do tht 2 ya bbe x cant cum tmora hun am goin owt wiv me mam n anty x defo av t cum up soon tho x al cya nx weeknd anywyz cz ur cumin morgans! :-) Lea sed u get paid lol so u gota cum k? x ano i cant wait t go owt! Fink am missin morgans lol how sad am i? Haha x cya soon chick! Wuv yuu xoxoxoxox

    4/18/08 via Mobile
  • Leanne
    luv Leanne

    nat add me on msn babylea92@hotmail.co.uk

  • Leanne
    luv Leanne

    so natty wot u up2 so u have a bf lol how u been not seen ya for time xxx wb xxx

  • Jadeybug
    luv Jadeybug

    hiyaa huni! ano lol av seen ya bf nw aawww hehe x ye al av cum down defo hun x am goin morgans tmora bbe u cumin? lea sed she guna miver ya so i am 2 lol pleeeeeeez cum out!!!!!! lol if nt al c ya week afta x cya soon bbe x ya cn av sum mur luv lol xoxoxoxox

  • Wayne M
    luv Wayne M

    i love you X x X

  • Jadeybug
    luv Jadeybug

    hey huni!! seems lyk nt seen ya 4 tym lol prob coz i ant x wer all owt nx weeknd so al b expectin t cya lol x cya soon chick x