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Alice Adams

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  • Female, 24, Luv 53
  • from Sunny Bangoria
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Profile views: 4,413
  • Last active: 5/8/09
  • www.bebo.com/Ally3012
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
<- Becca, Ems n I at John's wedding!


Lovin' good old Belshaft!!

Emma's birthday was hilarious...never heard a scream like it.

I have decided....Rach and I spend waaaayy too much time in tescos.....its just not healthy!


I'm still at QUB studying engineering, btw.....

DAVE AND NELLY RULE (or so they like to think.....)

*I'm a Christian*

***The Devil flees when the weakest Christian falls to their knees***

***"You are precious and honored in my sight because I love you."
Pretty much anything.
Pulp fiction, a knights tale, everything baz lurman has ever done (esp romeo and juliet), life of Brian, anchorman (obviously)
rugby...a real sport. but i love playing tennis, badminton, rounders and kubbs.
Scared Of
slugs snails worms n frogs...they just give me the wiggins!
Happiest When
I wake up before my alarm goes off n get to lie in that alice-shaped groove iv been workin on for the past few ...bliss...O! also, bubble baths....

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  • Poems of Love (...mostly)

    Alice Adams is a wee rat
    But we all know her head's not just a hat (rack)
    She likes to be called 'Geek of the Week'
    If she was anymore ratty she would probably squeak
    She likes to use unusual words such as smeg
    Everyone knows she smells of egg
    Me and her sumtimes like to run
    and private jokes are really really fun!
    Chloe Fair 2007

    There is a little girl called Ally
    She lives in a place called Bally-
    holme. Let's hope she doesn't dilly dally
    When she's with Emma in the car rally
    But at least her eye is better finally!
    Ruth Bellinger 2007

    I have a friend called Alice
    Who would love to live in a palace
    She's sooo luvly
    and very bubbly
    She can be a bit of a geek
    Her feet kinda reek (ojoj)
    It's cum to the end of my rhyme
    I'm running out of time!
    Emma Byers 2007

    0 Comments 325 weeks

  • The Lord's Lament

    And man said unto the Lord
    ‘Lord, may I build a house in your garden?’
    ‘Yes’, answered the Lord, ‘You may’
    And all was well
    But not for long
    For man was in fear of the wild animals
    That walked freely in the garden
    And thus asked the Lord
    ‘Lord, may I build a castle to protect myself?’
    ‘Yes’ answered the Lord, ‘If you are so afraid’
    And once more all was well
    For a while
    But then
    ‘Lord, may I build a factory so that I may build and create?’
    ‘Yes’ answered the Lord, ‘If you so desire’
    And for a while man was again content
    But the factory created curiosity
    So much so
    That man asked the Lord another question
    ‘Lord, may I dig up the earth and experiment so that I may better my life?’
    ‘Yes, if you think you have need@ replied the Lord
    So man did
    But as well as growing in curiosity
    He also grew in greed
    He was no longer content with the garden
    And asked the Lord
    ‘Lord, may I explore space and the seas that surround the garden?’
    ‘If you so wish’ answered the Lord
    And man did wish
    Until soon, he believed he could do anything he wanted
    And began to do things
    Without asking the Lord’s permission
    Man also began to wonder about himself
    And set himself impossible tasks
    And asked himself unanswerable questions
    Then one day
    Man asked the Lord one more question
    ‘Lord, if I destroy myself
    Will you make me again?’
    This time the Lord did not answer
    But his tears rained down upon the Earth
    For forty days and forty nights
    The second time he had cried for man
    And perhaps the last.

    John Walsh

    0 Comments 341 weeks

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  • Stef G
    Stef G

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  • Clo Fur
    Clo Fur

    I just scored $734 in four days spending time online! All thanks to - http://x.co/KTHt trust me, you will be happy

  • Ruth Harley
    Ruth Harley

    eugh... 6 weeks?

  • Becca Corr
    Becca Corr

    *ahem* whats this i hear about the old love life alice???? xxx

  • luv Michael Nelson

    Hey there alice hows u. Hows the big smoke doin u lovin it. Well any goss on the old situation.......if u no wat i mean ''wink..wink''. See you the weekend maybe.xo

  • Heather M

    Hey! Hows it going? Long time no talk! Have a good summer then? Looking forward to uni starting again then? xox

  • Laura Christy
    Laura Christy

    hey alice....can not believe how little time there is before we meet...excited is not even the word....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....and another thing..i get to watch movies the whole night in the plane!woo.x

  • Ashleigh Adair
    Ashleigh Adair

    hello mon ami. yes i think thats an awesome idea! let me know when ur free :) oh i dnt even want to think about exams!! xoxo

  • Ruth Harley
    luv Ruth Harley

    Alice dearest.... remove that photo lol and I didn't text back because things have been so damn busy.... but I'm nineteen in a few hours AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol Have my love today... you need it with all that missing me and what not x

  • Ashleigh Adair
    Ashleigh Adair

    well hello missy! how are you? how didthe exams go? any plans for the summer? miss you guys! lol remember pizza a la nail!! good times xoxo

  • Lauren
    luv Lauren

    Hey Alice!! Hows things?? I cant believe yf is over for the summer already, im gunna miss it alot! Are you going to the bbq? I just thought i should let you know that i found a new fan page thingy on bebo for foy... his last one disappeared lol see ya soon :) xoxoxoxoxox

  • Claire Donnelly
    luv Claire Donnelly

    haha love it break it down now

  • Claire Donnelly
    Claire Donnelly

    thanks for a fun time, those were some awesome moves u and ruth were pulling love!!!

  • Ruth Harley
    Ruth Harley

    enjoy skye much? x

  • Ruth Harley
    Ruth Harley


  • Ruth Harley
    luv Ruth Harley

    Miss Alice Elizabeth Adams.... NAW lol I can't believe you sat at Tesco's waiting on ***** aka gingey. As you hung up the phone I was still on MSN and could see that he still was at home, so I said "Why are you still at home?! Alice is standing at Tesco's." He lol'd and just said "I know!" Poor you, hope you weren't waiting TOO long... stealing dvds and what not. Have some love..... xxx