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bestttttttttttttttttttttt Self Published
tain,port, dat gay place inver, baltie nd edderrton and so on... UK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is For all tain academy only in 4th year bring it on...lol 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D come on peepz join every1 in tra FOURTH YEAR WOOP WOOP! wen u get added sign ur name on a comment u all no how 2 send comments lol go on try and get in the top 20!.. tra.4th yrs...excexc.................
1. Cal MacD (MacBeast)
3. RYAN "the big man" ROSS
4. Aimee woop woop
5. Eva XxXxX
6. CoNn13
7. anderw macgill
8. Claire grant
9. .Becky McKie
10. Shaunyboy Sutherland!
11.nicola skinner woop woop
12.jade maclennan woop woop !x!
13. Megsin
14. Stewarty Shearer
15. FabiaOliver. (Y)
16. Eve Cooper.
17. laura mitchell woop woop !x!x!
18. DonVitoo
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  • Jordan

    say a boy or girls name u want to be with. 2- say your best friends name 5 times . 3- post this comment to 5 bands. 4- press f8 5- u will see ur crushes name! It works!!

  • Naabbie.

    :P Your nasty

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    cool, I am too chilled out my box right now.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    For the welfare of the band? What is wrong with you. Who said bands are about getting laid? I did however say "try getting laid" which you should, makes you grow up. Getting laid now will help your confident boost with the birds as well. So, what are these 'funky beats' you talk of, this band has not composed any music as far as I am aware of! I have left the crappy band by the way check the members you will not see me. I like to be rude to anonymous people so I catch them out it school, I do not know why but I seem to think you are Calum, are you not? Just the way you type is almost a replica of how you talk, if it is Calum then you are very good at staying anonymous congrats. Yours sincerely, Josh ;)

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    lol shhht ya batti. Just stay anonymous, you are better off that way, I dont even want to be in your band anyway! No cheeky comments my arse, try getting laid will you, then when you have matured learn how to make a decent band.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    Im in but it is still shite, I am only in here for recognition kk

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    Why the fuck is this a band anyway? It is a group you dipshit whoever made this. I am guessing a girl made it because of the twilight background your well cool eh! You know all the guys love watching vampires falling in love with people! What is the difference between band member and fan? Do you have to be "cool" to be a band member, fucking pathetic is what this is grow up you bunch of fucking pussies.

  • Flinx

    The Background is so gay

  • Stewart

    needs a little tweak i think lol

  • Daniel Tonner
    Daniel Tonner

    Couldnt agree with you more cameron lol

  • Sean-Ross

    would you me now would you please

  • Nicola Skinner.

    hey!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx :L

  • Dave The Rave

    add me plz

  • Camerotic

    Ahahahaha fuckers

  • BeckyMckie

    Going Into 3rd Year Guyzz..x Will Need To Change Thee Profile!!!!...x Laf..x LY...x Bexx.. Oox.