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2/11/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 933
  • from lindas house :P
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • www.bebo.com/xxMoll_Dollxx
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About Me

Can't Change For Anybody
Me, Myself, and I
Im Mary...:DD

I can be quite a lazy person but its totally fine cozi enjoy it :)
Love hangin out with all the girls..
Always make me laugh and say the rite things :DD
Love my music.. tiz the best thing in the world!
<s>Fifth year :( </s> Sixth year!
Get angry easily but really i am a nice person :P
Have so many things i want to achieve and experience.

My Girls! :)
Love them all.. Old and New.

To Do List..
-Get my tattoo
-Get hair done
-Debs dress

The Other Half Of Me
John Shortall

John Shortall

ahhh its jonathan.. what a kul dude. love him!

John is cool.. Love him! :)
At the moment
-Summer Twenty Ten
-Film Fur (:
I got bored and went on your page! ;] I Love You!
Linda! x

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  • blah

    Full Name Mary Kathlene Cecillia Grammer
    Nickname Midget Molls Mary bear :P
    Date of birth 3rd december 93
    Place of birth barnet, london
    Current location kitchen
    Eye colour brown
    Hair colour brown
    Do you wear contacts or glasses? nope
    Do you have any siblings? one bro and one sis
    Do you live with your parents? i do indeed

    Movie? hangover, comedies, chick flicks
    TV show? desperate housewives and greys anatomy
    Singer/Band? flyleaf, paramore, rihanna, everyone actli
    Food? chicken curry
    Soap? home and away
    Cartoon character? hello kity
    Colour? purple and green
    Sport? dancing
    Memory? gettin pressies from santa :P
    Place to relax? My room
    Drink? tae

    Music or TV?music
    Green or blue? green
    Pink or purple? purple
    Summer or winter? both
    Night or day? night
    Dopey or funny? funny
    Diamond or pearl? diamond
    Sunset or sunrise? sunset
    Funny or scary movies? dey both cool
    On the phone or in person? in person
    Hugs or kisses? both:)
    Rich or famous? rich
    McDonalds or KFC? feck demm... subway :)
    Single or group dates? confusion :P single me tink
    Chocolate or vanilla? together yum
    Cappaccino or coffee? oooh cappaccino

    Who is the nicest person you know? the gals :)
    Who is the funniest person you know? lin
    Who is the loudest person you know? aine dowd :)
    Who is the weirdest person you know? my sister! love her!
    Who is the hottest person you know? jaysus i dunno
    Who is the all-around person you know? john
    Who are the people you are most open with? lin, marie, john, crys, gra
    Are you/have you ever been in love? yup
    If so, what was/is so special about them?everything
    Do you think it is right to flirt if you have a bf/gf? ah sure.. ya know urself. ur flirtin if ur only talkin t a lad sure
    When was the last time you talked to the person you like? like 5 mins ago
    What are the qualities you find most attractive in the opposite sex? looks, bein able t not be a dick head.. and bein able t listen

    Met Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? nope
    Gone skinny dipping? nope
    Danced in a public place? haha oh god yeh!
    Smiled for no reason? yes :)
    Laughed so hard you cried and/or peed your pants? cried yup!
    Written a song? ha yeh
    Made out in front of people? yupyup
    Lied when someone asked you "Do I look ok in this?" ha no :P
    Lied to make someone happy?has t be done
    Threatened someone? ha no
    Been threatened by someone? eh not really

    I am...bored
    My heart is..fine ta
    I wish...i wasnt here

    Control weather or read minds? read minds
    Be good or evil? evil
    Be invisible or have super speed? invisible.. spy on ppl
    Have super strength or flight? flight

    What was the last thing you cried about? meh.. everything gay
    Are you happy? meh
    What is something you can't live without? friends family bf and laughter
    When was the last time you were depressed?... whatever
    Do you sleep with stuffed animals?no :P
    Are you an alcoholic?nope
    Do you have any piercings? ears bellybutton nose ears
    What are the last four digits of your phone number? 3816
    What is your weakness? pushover
    What is your greatest fear? losin ppl
    What makes you happy? friends
    What would be your perfect pizza? chicken!
    What was the best advice given to you? too listen t the advice im givin!!
    Have you got any special awards? not really.. piano
    What are your future goals? not like il ever reach em ha
    Do you have any enemies? well i dnt like some people
    What are the three words you would use to describe yourself? push-over, worryer, stupid
    If you had three wishes, what would they be?t change!
    What are your first thoughts when you wake up in the morning? omg its cold
    What is your most embarrassing moment? i have a LOT
    What is your most overused phrase on MSN?aye or bjaaaysus
    What is your best physical feature? haha none
    Do you smoke?yeh :(
    Do you sing?badly
    Do you swea

    0 Comments 185 weeks

  • AINE!! :)


    ur soo cool with ur pink hair!

    cousins 15 years now! :P

    awesome gal!

    we have our moments!
    in the bath and toy house! :DD


    3 Comments 203 weeks

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    This is my last comment..deleting my page now! :P It would make more sense if I had .. but I dont! :L BYEEEEE! :] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Linda Shortall

    LOVEYOUMORE! :] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Áine.
    luv Áine.

    ha apoloigies nyway!!.. jaysus i dno atal, we shud be ashamed of ourselves!..:P ahh mine had borin bits too bu sher it cant be action packed all the time.. yeah ive been ou a good bit now!..usually go ou on d quiet nites..dey usually turn inta madness..:P ahh not reli tbh, are you?..i have dis feelin its eidir gna be so shite dat i get loaded an pass ou or its gna be so good dat wen i get loaded an pass ou i wont remember haha.. oh lord i wont even try describe it cos il nly get it rong..:P love..:) xoxo

  • Áine.
    luv Áine.

    hey shtink, i tink dat was shane who did dat last comment from me!!.. i know yeah tis bin all summer..:P sher jaysus im grand, bein an embarrasment as usual..:P how're you gettin on?.. oh aye!..she told me dat alrite, may go up d road an get it now ha!..im too lazy..:P love bk at'cha..:) xox

  • luv Linda Shortall

    :D ===> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Áine.

    Your stink

    8/12/10 via Mobile
  • luv Aoife Reilly

    Hey baby... I miss u so much 2 sweetie!! Im grand chick. U? Love you too... x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  • luv Linda Shortall

    Love You Too! :] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Linda Shortall

    :D :B ==> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Marie

    Love you:D il be seen you sat or sun properly:D not leavin kk for th rest of th summer now unless your wit me:p we'v been apart too long!:P miss you!xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    8/3/10 via Mobile
  • luv Linda Shortall

    More :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Linda Shortall

    :] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Aoife Reilly

    Yeah babe we do!!!! ====> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Linda Shortall

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  • luv Linda Shortall

    LY! :] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx