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Hood Girl.

old schoooooooooooool!!!

9/21/11 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

  bonjour i'm raчchal'
i love you tom flintham
your my world
forever+always baby. (:

im not a good girl, im a hood girl;

i don't really use this anymore
add me on facebook homies.
rachal paul :)

The Other Half Of Me


i actually love you. miss farty pants :P


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  • my friends.

    babes, your my bestest, apart of me, my sister, my other half, my everything; it may sound lesbeinish, but fuck all you cunts out there. i really dont know wha i would do without you, but people would understand what it's actually like to have someone so close to you, and that you never want to loose. babe we've had so much memories, but now i've moved your never going to be replaced baby, i fucking love you. best memories with the vodka, and just getting drunk out of our faces also ending up getting into fights, and the boys with their phones out taking pictures of us when we become silly and do silly things (; so much more to come babe, and the best times are with you. i love you.

    about 4 years i've known you now, had so many memories, going out, being spastics, having bare laughs, camping out, bed bugs (; AH, i dont actually know what i'd do without you either babe, your my bestfriend aswell as my little sister, so respect your olders otherwise your gonna be in major trouble young one. i'm always going to be here for you when you need me, never to loose babes, iloveyou.

    last of all, heather fox;
    jheeeez girl, we've been through so much, also not known eachother long, your amazing babes, so many laughs on our journeys and i just hope throughout every one of them, we will still be able to see eachother, your one of my bestones, dont want to loose you babe, iloveyou.

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  • Emerlee
    luv Emerlee

    cool kidda on facebook. i love my other half:) memories on this beast! i love you girl!,x3 mwahhhhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lil'Leveridge
    luv Lil'Leveridge

    wheeeeeeeeeey! how long havent i been on this! ha anyway thought i would drop you a comment baba! me love you lots and lotssssss! ha woooo have some LOVE ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Gaz

    can i have your msn babe x

  • Siobhan

    hi baby.

  • luv X-Sexual Attraction-X

    <3 BMFA'S <3

  • Emerlee
    luv Emerlee

    iloveyou;bestest xxx

    1/31/10 via Mobile
  • luv X-Sexual Attraction-X

    iloveyaa BMA <3

  • Mata R
    Mata R


  • luv X-Sexual Attraction-X

    !! iloveeyoutooTBF "!!'! <3x3 BMFA XD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv X-Sexual Attraction-X

    Guess Wat ? ;) ilooveeeeeeeeyooooooouuu !!! :)) x Thankss Forr The Most Amazzzzzinggg 2 Dayss Bubaaa :D Bma <3

  • Siobhan

    how're you? i love you. xxx

  • Luciee
    luv Luciee

    I aint been on bebo in frickin ages so i fort i would leave ya a comment lol. howaa you darlinggg? school tomoz arrghhhh:) cbaa tbh. love you x

    1/4/10 via Mobile
  • Luciee

    Sexy lady =)

    1/3/10 via Mobile
  • Siobhan

    hello baby;x

  • luv X-Sexual Attraction-X

    Noo Myatee i loveeyouuu ! ;) x

  • E.DOt Touch Faze
    E.DOt Touch Faze

    Your a Knob.. i mean A Total knobb Fuck off :) .

  • Thangy
    luv Thangy

    yeeh babe x

  • luv X-Sexual Attraction-X

    Narrr;) iloveeyoumillions <3


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emerlee eastgate
i freaking love you


hevar fox, so many good memories.
so many good times together,
will never forget you baby
i love you; bestone

my sexy older
i lav you

Cody Townsend

codee townsend,
my sister
i will never replace you
i love you .