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Laura Mackenzie

had dress fitting today.cant wait to deflate from steriods i better by wedding!

6/24/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
For those of you who dont know laura sadly passed away on the 15th of july this year this page is going to remain here for the benefit of others to see what a positive head strong person laura was and still is x x

well they never said life was easy and i certainly get given alot to deal with. For those who dont know I have lung cancer which has spread to ....brain,spine and kidney.

was in hospice for a while having some respite care,they where trying to sort out all my medication as i was really struggling. They have taken me off chemo as my body is just not strong enough. So we are doing the alternative medicine thing. Taking lots of herbal stuff and having healing etc.

wedding is coming up quickly!!!!!! only like 5 weeks away.........stress!!! but also something to look forward too.

Thankyou to everyone,friends,family loved ones for everything i truly feel very special to have u all in my life xxxxxxxxx

You cant always be positive but you can always be determined!!!!
The Other Half Of Me
Richard Hagger

Richard Hagger

my wonderful fiance and my world!!!

Britney Spears! although she is a loser at the moment. Girls aloud, haha the spice girls!!!
Linkin park , Aerosmith , Pink , Fall out boy , A mixture really I love having a good dance to pop music but also play rockier stuff in my car.
My favorite films are Green Mile , Forest gump , Big (Tom hanks is a legend) Titanic for a good cry.Really like the butterfly effect and Zoolander is brilliant.
Happiest When
spending quality time with my amazing friends and family. Being looked after by Rich and cuddling up with the cats and Jess.

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  • Laura

    My Precious Princess

    You can shed tears that Laura is gone
    Or you can smile because Laura has lived.
    You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back
    Or you can open your eyes and see all that she’s left.
    Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
    Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
    You can remember her and only that she’s gone
    Or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.
    You can cry and close your mind, be empty
    And turn your back
    Or you can do what she’d want: smile, open your eyes,
    Love and go on.

    For ever in our Hearts love Daddy x+ x

    2 Comments 259 weeks

  • heath update

    well had 2 cycles off chemo,had scan few days ago and good news- growth has stopped and im stable!!! yeah!!! so hopefully after another 2 i will hear the words i long to hear " things have shrunk"

    this chemo has been harder going, have lost my hair,food tastes rubbish!,get nausea alot. sleep alot. i cant stand being in the car as i feel sick. the smell of food can also do it to me.

    very breathless and cant talk properly most of the time.but that maybe means i need my lung drained again.

    wedding plans going well. less than 12weeks now!!!!!!!

    0 Comments 271 weeks

  • here we go again!

    well as most of you now know i had a bit of a bad patch recently. in hospital etc and bascikly was not doing too great, im ashamed to say i didnt think i would be here today,i gave up!!!! but i fought back beacuse so many people showed me how much they care and love me and i had to keep fighting. Sadly they have found that everything has grown in my lung and has now travelled to my kidneys too. SO............ its chemo time again. I start 3rd April.I wont be so lucky with my hair this time and i will lose it. But Charlie miller himself is going to be doing a wig for me...wow!!!!!! so i'll still look good for my wedding which is still going ahead for july. I am getting a hickmanline put in today so that i can have my chenmo through it due to my vains being awful after the 1st round of chemo. So i'll have a lovely new sexy addition to my neck. Think i will call it hector the hickman line!
    i need to put soooooo many pictures on so i will do it soon. Rich and I are now in our house and its fantastic,really keeping me going.
    will update soon,wish me luck for today!!!!!!!!

    1 Comment 277 weeks

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  •  Angel
    luv Angel

    Laura it is three years today you were called up to heaven.You are in my thoughts & prayers as always i will always remenber you forever.xxx

  • Bunty
    luv Bunty

    Happy Belated Birthday Laura, Sending you lots of Birthday wishes... Miss you always forget you never.....xxxx

  • Lindsay M
    luv Lindsay M

    Happy birthday Princess Lol. We miss you with every heartbeat, all our love Lins and Dad xxxxxx

  • Duncan Mackenzie
    luv Duncan Mackenzie

    Special Years with our Princess In our dreams we see you In our hearts we hold you In our lives we miss you. Love always Dad & Lins x + x

  • Bunty
    luv Bunty

    It's hard to believe that it is 2 years today, that you left us all within a blink of an eye That moment in time we shall never forget As you gained your wings and left the earth.. You soared to the sky as it turned to pink, and you gently threw down a feather to earth.. Hearts were left broken that was for sure, a pain that was felt and always will. For your name is in the gentle breeze, your smile is in the sun, And the sparkle of the evening stars is the twinkling of your eyes. Laura your presence will always be around.. Although you left us, we must stop for a while and think what you left that is all around us. A fight that you fought and awareness of life, will be carried on in your Pink Mackenzie. And when we feel the pain of your loss, you suddenly paint our sky vibrant pink. Sleep well our Angel of Courage our Laura you will never be forgot. Not today,yesterday,tomorrow or Ever.. Written by your Aunty Bunty x

  • Lindsay M
    luv Lindsay M

    Darling Laura, 2 years has past so quickly,the pain gets worse as the years go by. We love the pink skies you bring us and the feathers left for us, miss you and love you Lins xx

  •  Angel
    luv Angel

    Laura its two years today you were called up to heaven.Your in my thoughts & prayers as always.xxxxx

  • Duncan Mackenzie
    luv Duncan Mackenzie

    Another month,another year,another smile,another tear,another summer,winter too but there will never be another you. our Princess All our Love Dad & Lindsay x x

  • Euan Mushet
    luv Euan Mushet

    Hey Lol, Just dropped by to say Happy Birthday luv, couldn't get to a computer yesterday, love and light for you. XXX

  • Duncan Mackenzie
    luv Duncan Mackenzie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS What was it that we saw in you, we still can't explain it clearly too. But we know in our heart when we saw you, that you're the princess of love and care. You were sent to us twenty six years ago, Like a blooming flower that everyone adores That spread its fragrance as well as love. We can all think with pride, On all you’ve achieved in your short life All our love Dad and Linz x + x

  • Nicola Macdonald 9/11/09
  •  Angel
    luv Angel

    Happy Birthday Laura thinking of you as always.xxxx

  • Bunty
    luv Bunty

    As I opened my eyes this morning I looked to the heavens above, I whispered, 'Happy Birthday, Laura And sent you all my love. Tears instead of wishes, Flowers instead of cards, You left us precious memories That will stay within our hearts. +X+X+X+

  • Duncan Mackenzie
    luv Duncan Mackenzie

    Hi Princess No words can explain how i feel, in my thoughts every day. Always trying to keep strong ALL MY LOVE DADDY +X+

  •  Angel

    Laura its a year today you went up to heaven to join all the other angels. Your in my heart & soul forever i miss you so much.

  • Bunty
    luv Bunty

    Laura It’s a year today You earned your wings and flew away No time for goodbyes your journey began You’re an Angel of Courage in the Heaven’s above. Your memory lives on in our hearts every day Your presence is felt in all that’s around, From everything that sparkles to all that is pink. We look to the sky with its pink fluffy clouds And know you’re around painting heaven all pink. The feathers we find on the ground at our feet Are sent from you with love from above Your fight may be over But your spirit lives on From Pink Mackenzie To Lung cancer awareness Our Angel of Courage We will never forget The strength that you showed And the pain that you fought Will live on with us And never forgot. Laura you left a footprint on our hearts That no one else can fill. Time passes, memories stay Quietly you’re remembered every day… +X+ Love from your Aunty Bunty +X+

  • Shona X B X
    luv Shona X B X

    Rest in peace Laura xxxxxx

  • Disco Stick
    luv Disco Stick