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  • Female, Luv 551
  • from Eastbourne ;]
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
“ ѕорніі ”&& [my BESTFRIENDkerry.._Ox]

eastbourne Mayyte

kerry fry
alex cook
callie harper
danielle cutcliffe
emhar fry


♪thats just the way it is...
   things will never be the same♪

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         *Sofas,,Cally,, McDom,,Kezza,,Cookie
The Other Half Of Me


The bestfriend x

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  • From The BestOnes


    Love You Gay Gurl :)
    Soooofassssss . Right Tbh I Dont Know Where To Start.. W.e You Wanna Call It Best Friends. Soul Sisters.Sisters.Friends. Etc << Cause You Basically Our All Of Them. Ii Dont Realli Know Where Id Be Without You Tbh Bitch Prob a Sad Old Bum . And Ii Defo Wouldnt Of Had As Many Happy Or Funny Memoriess . Ive Never Beeen As Close To Someone As I Am With Youu Practiallly Fuckingg Joint At Theee Hipp . Ginger Buddiess Always Yeaaaa


    Smokfie Hawkes =]
    i really never know what to say when it comes to you and kerry .. tbh you 2 picked me up when i was going thru one of the shitest times in my life and i will never forget that .. your my bestfriend .. wifey .. sister .. entire world .. and just to think if i hadnt let shane drag me out that friday night i wouldnt be where i am today .. we have so many memories .. some of which are wayy to embarrasin to say here .. you get me famalamalam? wassup darlin? you come here often? hug me bruvvvvva .. and the rest .. i cant even begin to thank you enough for what you have done for me these past few months its proved to me who my true friends are who i need and who i dont .. and you girl are one of the ones i definetly need in my life .. your my insperation i saw you go thru so much shit and if that had been me i would have fallen to pieces but you held it together for all of your family and put on an act of bein ok .. i would never in a million years been able to deal with half the

    continued ..
    shit you have beeen thru! you sophie ann elizabeth hawkes are my absolute angel i would trust you with my entire fuckin life .. i love you to death girl and dont ever let anyone put you down coz your simply amazin and i couldnt ask for a better best friend .. im gonna be here for you thru the ups and the downs the smiles and the frowns .. love alex x

    0 Comments 229 weeks

  • The bestFRIENDS ...X

    She Is Not Just My Friend She Is My Soul Sister.. I May As Well Live With Her.. I Share Her Family And She Shares Mine.. We Do Everything Together.. She Fones Me A Milllion Times A Day.. She Pulls Funny Faces With Me.. She Comes To Vina With Me To Chat Up The Bloke... She Knows Me Inside Out... She Helps Me With My Love Life... She Shows Me What A Real Holiday Is... She Pulls Me Bikini Top Undone And Makes Me Get Her Top In The Pool...She Leaves My Bag On A Train... She Sings With Me.. She Dances With Me..She Crys When I Cry... We Finish Eachotheres Sentences.. She Sits On My Feet When They're Cold.. She Never Listens In English Then Copies Me.. She Nicks My Drinks.. She Holds Her Fags Funny.. She Gives Me Crap Saves... She Pisses In Fields And Castles With Me...She Laughs When I Get A Stalker... She Moans About How She Looks When She Looks Fine.. She Really Doesnt Belive In Herself Enough... She Is One True Friend... She Knows Exactly How I Am And Still Loves Me...
    Kerry Marie Fry

    She Really Is The Other Half Of Me...She Comes Out With Me On Friday Night...She Has Ago At People With Me...She Gets Angry When I Do... She Can Tell When Im Gettin Wound Up... She Sits On Random Hills With Me... She Takes Me To Maccy Donalds... She Gets Me Lost In Granville Road...She Helps Me Find The Town Hall Congress Theatre... She Pees On The Beach With Me... She Gets Me Wayy To Drunk... She Knows Everything About Me... She Listens To Me Moan About People... She Sings Rockstar With Me... She Gives Good Advice... She Sends Me Random Love You Texts... She Writes Me Posters For My Wall... She Gets An Early Bus For Me Just To Get A Doughnut In The Morning... She Gives Me Hugs When She Knows i Need Them... She Belives In Me And She Is My Wifey For Lifey
    Alex Louise Coook

    They Are A Pair Of Nutters... They Are Inseperable And I Miss Them Alot.. They Always Have Me Crying With Laughter...They Take Scatty Pictures With Me... Iv Known Them All My Life And Even Tho They've Gone To A Different College I Love Them All The Same.. I Miss Them Alot... They Get Me Way To Drunk... They Influence Me To Get With Boys ;) .... But They Are My Oldest Bestest Friends And Id Never Change Them For The World...
    Danielle Hannah Collins &+ Amy-Rose Hatfield

    She Has Been One Of My Bestfriends Since Before I Can Remember... Iv Been Through More With Her Than Anyone Else... She Writes Me Essays On My White Board :D ... She Takes Sooo Many Photos With Me... She Keeps Me Up All Night Watching Films.. She Knows When Im Down And Has Perfect Timing To Send Me I Love You Texts... She Literallly Knows How I Am And I How I Feel About Everything... We Go Thru Our Funny Patches But Always End Up Close Again.. I Never Understand Her Sarcasm...She Puts Her Hands On T.v's ;) ... She Alwaya Has The Perfect Come Back And The Last Word...No One Messes With Her ;) Haha... Shes The Strongest Girl Iv Ever Met In My Life And I Honestly Couldnt Get Thru Anything Without Her...I Miss Her So Much... Bestfriend...
    Callie-Louise Harper

    My Newest Bestest Friendys Crack Me Up.. I See Them Around College Everyday.. I Never Thought Id Be So Close With Them But Im Glad I Am... I Dont Have Many Memories With Them But I Hope To Soon...
    Amy Weller..Becky Sivers.. Danielle Cutcliffe && Hollye Walker

    All These Girls Are My Whole World And Are Irreplaceable...No One Can Have Better Bestfriends Than Me Cos Iv Got The Best Ones... Thank You To All Of You For Everything You've Ever Done For Me And Helped Me Get Through... I Love You All... xX

    0 Comments 249 weeks

  • *Memories*

    ♥..ℓєανє σиє мємσяу σf уσυ αи∂ мє тσgєтнєя αѕ α cσммєит. ιт ∂σєѕи'т мαттєя ιf ι киσω уσυ α ℓιттℓє σя α ℓσт, αиутнιиg уσυ яємємвєя. иєχт, яєρσѕт тнιѕ вυℓℓєтιи σи уσυя σωи вℓσg αи∂ ѕєє нσω мαиу ρєσρℓє ℓєανє α мємσяу αвσυт уσυ..♥

    10 Comments 338 weeks

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  • The-Lyrical-Master

    its nath im confused, btw im on my mates profile so reply directly to this, whats goin on with us? i know i hurt you and im sorry i still love you and i take it there aint no chance for us now?? xxx love you always have always will xxxx again im sorry, maybe the future holds a serprise aye. xxxx

  • luv Steve Holloway

    heyyyy babezz :D :D .. good ta you?? yeahh i miss youu too :( :( :( xxxxxxxxxx

  • Steve Holloway

    sooooooooooooophie baby! howz my bestie? look on ma bebo? i got sum pics of my tattooo :D :D xx

  • Michael Doyle
    luv Michael Doyle

    hey :) you memer me ? x

  • Rachael

    Rachael :) i love the movieeee. ! have you seen robbie in person ?

  • Rachael

    u live where angus thongs and perfect snogging was made :D

  • JHonny
    luv JHonny


  • Steve Holloway

    hellooo babezz :D ... aint sin u in like.... forever? haa x howzz yhoooooooo? :) x whyy did u give up college? haa, u donut :D love you x

  • . X Amez X
    luv . X Amez X

    ohh totally about you sweeetie ;) i misss youu moree :( loveyouu xxx

  • luv Steve Holloway

    okaii babe thank you :) xx yhh im okaii ta xxx :D love you xxxx

  • luv Steve Holloway

    lol.. just sortin stuff out babe =/ xx have to see u spoon tho :D howz yhoo bin? xx love you xxxxx

  • KerryMarie

    Loove You ShitHead x

  • Gary Lever
    luv Gary Lever

    got u txt over day didnt hav any cred u hav a gd 1 when u gettin your ass out , how cum i right at bottom ov friends list awwww naughty haha lol