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Lil Bone Face  

Tomorrow I plan to rob a mufuccin hatah!

4/27/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • from United States
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
If I've learned anything from the twenty years I've been alive I've learned that if you want something bad and you have your heart set on
that one materialistic or non-materialistic thing then you have to seize the moment and do all you can to get what you want. When I say seize the
moment I mean you have to take life by the source and live everyday like it's your last. Through these light brown caramel eyes God blessed me with
I have seen a lot and I have done alot. From when I was a little kid I've always wondered what it would be like to be an adult. No one ever
told me that life would be this way, even if they did I probably wouldn't have listened. Hard-headed and stubborn is the way I've always been but I
cannot stop the way I think and feel, I can only alter and regulate my thoughts into optimistical thoughts through transitions.
Lil Bone FaCe, VaC Squad, 14-K, PGC, Mini Camp all loCal talent and all Hip-Hop!
Saw II, Ray, The Color Purple, Blood in Blood out, Hustle-n-Flow
Basketball & Football
Scared Of
Spiders, losin my family
Happiest When
With my niggas, my peoples, and my gul
I love my gul
Cori Lynell Green
Who am I?
North East Side VaC Squad LVG representa!

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  • Oh These Eyes of Mine

    These eyes of mine have saw a lot. I've seen people get beat to death, I've seen people get shot, and I've seen the worse happen to the
    best. Surely as much as I've seen, I've had my hands burried under with dirt under the nails. I can't say that I'm honestly proud of the bad things I've
    done in the past because it's my responsibility to take that negativity and turn it into something positive.God knows I have a good heart with good
    intentions. He knows I honestly try to turn my life around and do right, and by that he blesses me with more blessings that I ask for. But just by
    trying to turn my life around isn't going to give me all the blessings I need, I work for what I get with God. I read the Bible and try to understand
    the basis of life and how I can get closer to God so he can help me be where I want to be. No one else can get me to where I need and want to be
    but the Lord himself. Ask and you sha'll recieve. Work for what you want, nothing is free. There is a price for everything you want, need, and do,
    so evaluated every situation and path you go.

    0 Comments 388 weeks

  • When I Lay Down

    When I lay in my bed every night I think and think and think until I fall asleep. Then when I wake up everyday I lay
    in bed for at least 20 minutes before I actually get up, but while I lay there I think the hardest. I try so hard to please
    everybody and try to make everybody happy, but then I thought to myself you can please some of the people all the time but
    you can't please all the people some of the time. So I told myself it's time to stop tryin' to make everybody happy it's my
    turn to be happy for once. Sometimes I tell myself that people expect too much of me for certain reasons. Maybe for the
    simple reason that I'm a rap entertainer, or maybe for the simple fact I have a high I.Q and that my intellegence is shaded
    up with philisophical textures. I was talkin' to one of my homies while we were drivin' to Covington Kentucky and we got on
    the subject of Biblical subjects and we both agree that if we had to pick the best religion to agree with it would be
    Buddists. Because their religion is simply based off of just livin' life and bein' happy. Now what's wrong with livin' life
    while bein' happy? Absolutly nothin' at all. Life is a precious gift, but there's a cost to acceptin' it, and a lost to
    deflectin' it, so God is where the direction is.

    0 Comments 388 weeks

  • What is Love?

    What is love? Most people will say that love it somethin' that you have to wait til your older to witness and find out.
    I beg to differ. Love can come at anytime. Love doesnt have no rules or restrictions. Now I know your sayin' that I'm wrong, how can love not have
    rules or restrictions? Your probably thinkin' that love has rules, rules such as never breaking the heart of your significant other, being faithful and
    truthful, and also keepin' and gainin trust.
    Well this maybe true but you can break the heart of your significant other, lie to em', and also lose their trust and if its true love it will still be there
    Now dont get me wrong I'm not condoning adultry or breaking hearts Im simply saying that if you love your partner and partner hurts you and you'll
    still love them then thats true love.
    Love can come at anytime any age anywhere and anyplace with anybody. Love is colorblind and sees nothin but the two people.
    So what exactly is love you say. Love is when you give all your devoted time to the one special person and then you give them your heat and in
    hope they do not break it. Love is like a drug addiction, you'll feel like you need to see that person every minute on the minute and when your not
    around them you feel misplaced. Love is when you travel halfway across the city just to see that person in person for a few minutes. Love is when you
    feel as if that person is the whole world and as long as you have that person nothing else matters. You feel like you will crawl to the ends of the earth
    to do anything for that person as well as feelin' as if you'd die for them.
    Love is not all about sex, but sex plays an important role in a relationship when your in love. Not just because it feels good but for the simple fact
    that sex is a intamate and special ritual that should be cherished and had in session with someone who is special and dear to you.
    And not rushing your partner into havin' sex makes them feel comforted with you and they feel as if you do really love them. As they assure you feel
    for them well enough to respect in their decision to wait.
    When you can't get a person out of your head when they are on your mind from the time you go to sleep at night to the first thought on your mind
    when you wake up, then it means they are supposed to be there. Don't deny the fact you have feelins for someone becuase you cannot hide your
    emotions and expressions around that person and plus you cannot hide fom love.

    0 Comments 388 weeks

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  • Dont Beg It
    Dont Beg It

    Bored .. so was Passin thru n fort id drop ya a few comments lool .. Hope u kl n tingz tho .. Holla bk .. x

  • Jake Perry
    luv Jake Perry

    aye cuz whats happenin juss showing some luv hit me back

  • Shay No Nay
    Shay No Nay


  • Clifton Biglow
    Clifton Biglow

    bone i dont have ya # anymore so leave ya # in an email

  • Clifton Biglow
    Clifton Biglow

    i aint thrwoing 4 block down fo nobody. i grew up there fo 10 years and the blue im not throwing down period so get that out ya head. when u down wit ur sets u down fo life. i aint no slob so dont try to make me sound like one. and i don t see y the fuck u hateing when i always backed ya music up and if u eva needed anythin like cd's i wouold be the person to get it for u. bone i dont have no problems wit u or anybody else from ur squad. if u got shit to talk about either get on msn or email me private on my msn. not on bebo cuz i dont want everybody reading my biznes ande specially if it aint true. 4th block throw my C up

  • Jake Perry
    Jake Perry

    yeah i saw ya comment on my pics shit i aint no crip and im not no blood im nuetral i rep (BLUEGRASS CRIMINALS) im out hit me back

  • Clifton Biglow
    Clifton Biglow

    hey bone i dont kno what all dis shit is goin down for and the pics i had on my bebo didnt have no red in or black i had blue and to be real about this situtation i dont rep vac squad. i listen to their music alot and urs.i dont have a problem wit u or anybody else in ya squad.i dont wear the color red at all cuz i aint no blood. maybe a couple of my boyz do wear red. but would u hate on some of ur family if they were bloods? i mean shit u wont catch me wearing red. and p said he taking some of them pics down. so can we end all this beef between us and shit

  • Jake Perry
    Jake Perry

    wats happenin lil bone face im nuetral juss to say i rep both but any ways hit me back J-Ryda

  • Clifton Biglow
    Clifton Biglow

    hey bone my rags are blue that i keep on me in any picture or reality. and p be reppin the the red rag wit no hatered on the crips much love folk and crip got family.

  • Clifton Biglow
    Clifton Biglow

    hey bone. shit i didnt kno he threw that shit up. im all on the blue flags not none red. that pic has been deleted and shit. my bad homie get me back. and p10 said he got respect for c's and da b's. no hatred against noone. one of are boyz was drunk and thru it up. ight hit me back up

  • Brittany Lynn..♥
    Brittany Lynn..♥

    Hey I'll do that lol...Just send me the site..And how do you want me to tell you on myspace what I like and dont like about them?? Thanks for taking me quiz.. xxxxxx Brit