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Me, Myself, and I
Riminie Stone
KNracing #1!! ♥

Motocross ♥
Speedway ♥
Grasstrack ♥
The Other Half Of Me


Met him in Turkey, He's pretty cool :) ♥ xxxx

     Lakeside Hammers 2010;♥
Stuart Robson, Jonas Davidsson, Adam Shields, Lee Richardson, Paul Hurry, Daniel Davidsson, Kauko Nieminen, Chris Neath'♥
              Olly Murs '♥
        iloveyou ♥ myXFACTORwinner'09

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  • Friends '♥

    Some of the best people in my life tbh, sorry if i forgot anyone just let me know and i will add you on. ♥

    Tbh, we haven't known each other that long. We saw each other around on holiday then only spoke properly on the last night which was crazy but you know (: He is a amazing guy and always makes me laugh. He sometimes tries to be funny when he isn't though (; We had a right laugh on the last night when he joined in in the mini disco which i had to do every night |: You got off lightly (: We also had a laugh following the break dancers (Volkan and Birol) doing whatever they was doing. Har har, tbh i wish we'd met earlier in the holiday 'cause it would of been so much funnier laughing at the parents getting involved and embarrassing us. See you soon babe (: Love you♥ xx

    This girl is truly amazing, i don't know what got us talking but we had jokes conversations whether they was bitching about a certain someone or about Take That. We have random ones aswell on MSN about Gary Barlow and Jason Orange She's always been there for me so i will always be there for her. She is the best and she knows hoe to cheer me up, Thank you for everything babes (: Love you♥ xx

    This girl is amazing, a little big bit obsessed with Mark Owen but who can blame her (; Tbh, we have had some great and random chats like the ones that involve pillow fights and the closet (; Har har, funny stuff! She has always been there for me and i will always be here for her. The 4th July will be amazing tbh, and i can't wait. She also knows too much about me |: And she knows how to scare me (: But then she still laughs at me down the phone ): Har har! Thank you for everything babes (: Love you♥ xx

    This girl is truly amazing tbh, she always makes me laugh and is full of compliments for everyone. She has always been there for me and knows when i'm down because she always cheers me up (: We also always tend to think the same like about Take That and Gary Barlow. We have some pretty awesome chats on MSN even though some of them are very random but they are the best ones. (: She also helps me a lot whether it's little problems or whether i need help writing a letter to someone (: Thanks for being such a great mate babes (: Love you♥ xx

    We haven't known each other all that long but we have had some random chats on MSN and Facebook (: Like Bagel Man and Cup-a-coffee, Har har. We also had a amazing time at speedway on my first meeting supporting the Eastbourne Eagles. You both were a bit hyper i think what with seeing Simon Gustafsson and Ricky Kling. Thank you for everything girls (: Hopefully we will have many more memorable meetings (: Love you♥ xx

    Tbh, this girl is amazing. We have had some really random chats in the past 2 years :L like Crocodile Boy and making up long stories! Haha, our last couple of chats have been completely amazing - ANDREW TULLY and CLAUS VISSING. You always make me laugh and you have your own little way of scaring me withSPIDERS. You somehow always manage to make me go hyper, haha. crazy people. Please do not let ANDREW TULLY kill your cat because i dont want you to kill him. Haha. I will come to Peterborough to see you and the guys (; Love you♥ xx</i>

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@tinietempah you are amazzzeeee dudee! <3

09:49 PM June 12, 2010 from web

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    I'm sorry xx

  • Jessiica'

    I just netted $904 in 5 days in my spare time! Made it from - http://x.co/KTKk Your going to be so happy!

  • RHii-'Ox

    how come you didnt add me on twitter? http://goo.gl/Xe0Xm I thought we were gonna hook up?

  • X.Mizzles.X
    luv X.Mizzles.X

    Hahaha the good old days of bebo :L i thought i would post you a comment because i was bored ;D facebook. is. way. better. ahhhhhhh have some love... :L <3 <3

  • luv Soph


    12/28/09 via Mobile
  • Stace B
    Stace B

    its ok :) xxx

  • Stace B
    luv Stace B

    love xxx

  • luv Pp

    Hello baby girl, :) i'm okay thank you, yourself? nothing much really just the boring regular stuff, you? oh no! :( i'm going to miss you loads, well we might be coming to lakeside next season as it looks like there wont be any speedway at eastbourne, so we have our speedway fun still hehe :) iLOVEyou chick xXxX

  • Fredrik Larsson
    Fredrik Larsson

    Hello dear! ~ Hehe just fine, just came home. How about you? :) <3 xx

  • Charlotteroli

    nooot loong :)

  • luv Pp

    iLOVEyou! <3

  • Stefan Høegh-Neumann

    lol Yeah I guess.. Nah, I just noticed you had Bebo, and thought, why not add you xD

  • Take That Fanz
    Take That Fanz

    what do you think of my TTbebo page ? tbs

  • Pp

    Love you babeee <3 xxxxxxx

  • luv Pp


  • luv Pp


  • luv Pp


  • Pp

    Baby you can have ALL my love for today, so ....

  • Stace B
    luv Stace B

    love babe :) love stace xxx