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Pineapple Tart

i cant wait till friday!!!!!

11/22/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

shagalicous !!!!!!!
Me, Myself, and I
♥ Nadine♥

age - 16

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 R.I.P Gone But Not Forgotten love you loads xxxx

i love my bf warren loads hes the best!!! xxxxx

i love.....

and i love my horses murphy n nigel :D :D :D

i love me m8s :D :D :D

comment my sexy pics u no u wunna!!!

my chat up line - alryt sexy u no u wunt me!!!!

i love eatin steffs crisps lol

n thats about it

x x x x x x x x x x x
The Other Half Of Me
Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

my big sis yay lol hehe lol

Steff :D
I LOVE STEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
steff is my m8 not tashas lol i love every friday nyt with her n me other m8z lol gud tyms :D :D :D

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75 Irritating Random Questions

Your nickname: dean
What color shirt/top are you wearing?: gold
Name three things that are physically close to you:: fone, laptop n tv
What is the last book you read?: katie price
Are you or were you a good student?: im ok lol
What is your favorite music album?: lady gaga
Do you enjoy sleeping late?: yer
Whats the weather like right now?: its nice
Who tells the best jokes?: craig
What was your last dream about?: a lad called chad n we got married lol
Have you ever been involved in a car accident?: no
Do you believe in karma?: sorta
Do you believe in luck?: ssoorrttaa
Do you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?: both :D
Do you collect anything? If so, what?: emm no
Are you proud of yourself?: sometimes
Are you reliable?: sometimes lol
Have you ever given money to a bum?: yerr
What is your hobby?: horse riding
Have you ever had a secret admirer?: dnt think so lol
Do you like the smell of gasoline?: duno lol
Do like to draw or paint?: no it stresses me owt lol
Is your room messy?: emmm its not bad lol
What is your favorite fruit?: graps
Do you give in easily?: nope lol
Are you a good guesser?: not realy im crap at eyespy lol
Can you read other people: i can read steffs lol
Are you a bully?: only 2 steff lol hehehe
Do you have a job?: used 2 but duno wot happend lol
What time did you wake up this morning?: bwt 10:30 lol
What did you eat for breakfast this morning?: didnt have nuthin
When was the last time you showered?: lastnyt
What do you plan on doing tomorrow?: goin 2 skwl :(
Your favorite day of the week and why?: saturday cos theres no skwl n yer lol
What did you last wear at a costume party?: cnt remember lol
Have you ever done scuba diving?: no but i realy realy realy wuna
What is your least favorite color?: orange
Is there someone you have been constantly thinking about? If yes, who?: emm no lol
Would you ever go skydiving?: nope
What toothpaste do you use?: whitenin 1 duno wot its called lol
Do you enjoy challenges?: it depends lol
The worst injury you have had?: broke my arm
The last movie you saw?: hoocus poocus
What do you want to know about the future?: dunno lol
What does your last text message say?: dunno my battery has gone lol
Who was the last person you spoke over the phone to?: me mum
Your favorite school subject?: drama
Your least favorite school subject?: sci
Would you rather have money or love?: love cos i h8 bein lonely
What is your dream vacation?: las vagus
What is your favorite animal?: horse
Do you miss anyone right now?: me sis tasha
The last sporting event you watched?: dnt have a clu lol
Do you need to do laundry?: no thats wot mums n dads do lol
Do you listen to the radio?: yer
Your favorite TV talk show?: dunno lol
Your dream car?: emm katie prices pink 1 lol
Have you ever caught a butterfly?: no but in da zoo a big 1 went on my leg lol
What color are your bed sheets?: white
What is your ringtone?: lady gaga boys boys boys
Who was the last person to make you laugh?: my sis sian
Do you have any obsessions right now?: yer this lol
Do you like things that glow in the dark?: yer lol
Whats your favorite fruity scent?: dunno lol
Do you watch cartoons?: only wen theres nuthin on lmfao
Have you ever sat on a roof?: nope lol
Have you ever been to another country/continent?: spain n france
Name three things in the world you dislike: nuts, rain and bees lol
Name three people in the world you dislike: immy, sarah n cery
Has a rumor even been spread about you?: yessssssss but cnt say lol
Do you like sushi?: never had it lol
Do you believe in magic?: duno lol
Do you hold grudges?: yess
Who is your favorite person?: duno i like loads of ppl lol
Best female friend?: steff
Best male friend?: mike
Hyper or laid back?: hyper
Dressy or casual?: casual
Favorite rappers?: dunno lol
Favorite female singer?: beyonce
Did you enjoy this survey?: yer lol

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  • Andy Williams
    Andy Williams

    I netted in $575 in three days being on the web! It came from - http://x.co/KTFZ You will love me for this!

  • Keith Jack
    Keith Jack

    Hi Pineapple Tart, Happy New Year! It seems to have taken ages but its here at last. My new album called An Evening at The Musicals. Released on i-tunes & usual download stores and on CD from keithjack.com and Amazon It was great fun making it & I really hope you'll like it. Hope you're all well, Take care, Keith x

  • Steffannie
    luv Steffannie

    smells miss u loads i wont u 2 cum home now

  • Steffannie
    luv Steffannie

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay hay how how how how how how how how how how how how r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing doing love love love love love love love love love love love love you you you you you you you you you you you you you you xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx

  • Steffannie
    luv Steffannie

    hey bbe narr im not bk yet yer kelly had her yesterday little sophie soo cute soo clad that every thing ent ok with her hows every 1 down there i hee that tasha has gone on holliday now will text ya wen i get cred shud b on thursday lv yaa xxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Holly

    heyy :) yeahh im good thanks youu? xxxx

  • .

    hiyaaa, yeh tar uu? xxx

    6/22/09 via Mobile
  • Steffannie
    luv Steffannie


  • Duracell Bunny
    Duracell Bunny

    U always do hun. Be u ch txt me nw LOL. Xx

    6/13/09 via Mobile
  • Duracell Bunny
    luv Duracell Bunny

    gd gd. Im great thanks. Ya welcome, ya a little poser aint ya in ya pics lol. Forts so, hav 2 get sum wnt ya lol. Wb swn x x x

    6/11/09 via Mobile
  • Duracell Bunny
    luv Duracell Bunny

    hi hows u. Nice pic.x X

    6/8/09 via Mobile
  • Yhur Aa Willy .XO
    Yhur Aa Willy .XO

    Heyahh Babes :D Longg Tymm no Speakk.. Yhuu Okaii?? ilu .x0

  • Steffannie
    luv Steffannie

    miss u 2 i did go 2 mine b4 at bwt 6 ish lol and i herd bwt tasha how is she ??

  • Victoria Jane
    Victoria Jane

    heya good ta yuu? meetin up with mates, goin sk8 park, goin town 2moz yuu? x

  • Mike Daniels
    luv Mike Daniels

    lol sweeeet u up 2 much on weekend? xxxx

  • Jodie Louiise
    Jodie Louiise

    yeah im okay hun and yeah thought they wud of lol and nothin just been getitin pissed alot lol xxxxx

  • .

    heyah darl' im acee ty youu? hahaaaa i knw yeah be down tah seee yah all soon :) x

    6/4/09 via Mobile
  • Jodie Louiise
    luv Jodie Louiise

    hiya hunii u okay ? what ya been doin ? wb xxxxxx

  • Mike Daniels
    Mike Daniels

    ello :D ino what you been up too lately? im cool thanks how are you? wb xx