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"Recent Study Shows That 92% Of All Teenagers Have Turned Emo. Put This In Your Profile If You're One Of The 8% Who Stayed Gangsta"" I DID!

8/29/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • from calne!!!!!!!!!
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Me, Myself, and I
His best friend vanna, 21, who had known him since primary school in Calne, said: "I have lost the biggest part of my life."
Mr Stevens read copies of Trade-It to the motorbike fanatic in the days before his death, on December 15.
He also had Danny's name tattooed on his arm the day he was told he had 48 hours to live.
vanna, of Stockley Lane, said he had hoped Danny would wake up and laugh at him for the sentimental gesture.
The former mechanic said: "I had his name put on my arm and I kept thinking, when Dan sees this he is going to take the mick'. I never thought it would come to this."
Advertisement continued...
The pair met as five-year-olds at St Edmund's Primary School in Calne and were soon nicknamed The Bad Dans for their mischevious pranks on the other pupils.

Mr Stevens now plans to complete the tattoo with the words bad boys for life' reflecting their nicknames.

He added: "We spoke to each other every day and now I feel lost without---------///--
green street
Scared Of
losing another mate apart from that fuck all !!!!!!!
Happiest When
pissed and getting wrecked and spendin time wiv boy and his sexy mummy !!!!!

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  • fan

    that boyz buff ya knw i keep callin his phone wnt leave him alone i follow him here follow him there these days he dont go knw where i swear thats ur man it aint my man i wnt him to be my man people call him bad man !!!!!!

    Vanna 0 Replies

    His best friend Danny Stevens, 21, who had known him since primary school in Calne, said: "I have lost the biggest part of my life."
    Mr Stevens read copies of Trade-It to the motorbike fanatic in the days before his death, on December 15.
    He also had Danny's name tattooed on his arm the day he...

    Vanna 0 Replies
  • bad DANNY

    There was standing room only at St Mary's Church in Calne on Friday as mourners attended the funeral of 20-year-old motorcycle fanatic Danny O'Brien.

    More than 100 friends and family packed the church and listened to rap song Ghetto Gospel as the coffin, decked with family photographs and flo...

    Vanna 0 Replies

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    Well well well!! Hello. Hows u? X x

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  • Teddy Fucking Bear
    Teddy Fucking Bear

    how much bud

  • Teddy Fucking Bear
    Teddy Fucking Bear

    safe danny its matt who used to have the orange 206 till it met wall lol wat u been up 2 then is the lexus still up for sale mate got a little propersituation 4 u mate make u a bit of extra money mate

  • Steve J Smith
    Steve J Smith

    ye im all good boss mann! jst wnt 2 be fckin driviin? nt lng tho :L safe boi

  • Steve J Smith
    Steve J Smith

    yo ite BADMANN!! safe fr wednsdy m8 ? wht u up2???

  • Lil Mckellar Back Again Xx
    Lil Mckellar Back Again Xx

    i love you ur skin is fukin ace i love it lol xxxxx hope you bab?

  • Steven Townsend
    Steven Townsend

    arght mate lol wuu2

  • Kmc
    luv Kmc

    Yer Im Good Ty Mate JHust Give Me I a Text i g2g ok mate 07817428252 :)

  • Paradise

    alrite mate how u doing added u on msn aswell mate.

  • Beverley Haddon
    Beverley Haddon

    nuffin jst sat on comp wid mi bf went 4 a wlk 2dai at da river wot u bn doin then xx

  • Beverley Haddon
    luv Beverley Haddon

    u kk m8 wot u bn up2 then aynt spoke 2 ya in tym wack bk x

  • Michael Mckellar
    luv Michael Mckellar

    ello lil man ant seen ya in a while wats happening then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil Mckellar Back Again Xx
    luv Lil Mckellar Back Again Xx

    Oi oi howa u hope ya k babes ave ma love x tb ly fav cuz x

    10/22/08 via Mobile
  • The Bitch
    luv The Bitch

    oi oi LOSER!! just fort id leave u a nice comment coz i avent 4ages?? love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ooohh Yeeaah
    Ooohh Yeeaah

    heyahh maa gawjuss brother danny !!! u itee ? wuu2 ?? wubu2 ??? Lovee Yii !!! Wb yur lil sistahh !!!