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JirO Wang 汪東城

happy 27th birthdaii jiro!!

8/24/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Chinese Name: 汪東城
English Name: Jiro Wang
Birthday: 24th August 1981
Astrology Sign: Virgo
Bloodtype: O
Height 180cm
Weight: 67kg
Interest: To serve everyone
Other knowledge: Art designing, modelling. Jiro thinks that he may look cool on the outside, but inside, he's totally a funny and warm person.
Measurements: 37/29/37
Shoe size: 7.5

Links to other forums in English with Jiro and Fahrenheit.

He is probably most known for his character as "Ah Jin", Ariel Lin's character "Xiang Qin"'s admirer in the serie "It Started With a Kiss". He is also the male lead in a new serie called "KO One".
He's also starring in a new series called Hana Kimi alongside Wuzhun and Ella.

credits to cindy foh the skin =)

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"E Zuo Ju" by Zhi Shu and Ah Jin

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  • Fan Art

    Hey guys =)
    to get you guys more involved and stuff...
    i'm going to set up an album for fan art. this can range from your drawings of jiro, photoshop pieces or perhaps you with some of your jiro stuff.
    just leave a message in the comments along with the pic you want up or you can comment me. all pictures will be credited back to you, but please only post originals, if you take credit for other people's work, it will be found out and taken down.

    feedback on improvements for this band would also be appreciated =)


    Georgina (one of the mods)

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  • Jiro has stalker fans

    Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net
    Edited by piggyval♥ @ http://asianfanatics.net

    2008. 06. 22

    LIBERTY TIMES Crazy fan staying beside Jiro's house, following closely and taking sneak photos.

    Fans too infatuated with "Da Dong" Jiro Wang, fan moves from
    Nan Bu to Taipei, living opposite his house, with every action "all recorded". This causes
    other Jiro fans to be furious and scolded online "Is this actually
    "obstruction" or "love" !

    Dadong's every actions recorded

    The exaggerated actions of the girl fan mentioned above, has caused other fans to
    be discontented, protesting to Liberty Times and pointing their fingers at this 20-year-old fangirl.
    Not only does she cause hassles(by photographing) at the set of "Superstar Express"
    ,staff members also started to scold, reacting to Jiro, "Control your fans!"
    Jiro obviously was being hassled, but had to apologise on behalf of his

    Readers revealed, regardless of day or night the fan mentioned above would
    be on the lookout and takes sneak shots of Da Dong eating, working,
    driving, going home "all recorded" Even while taking photos, this had caused a car
    accident to happen. Also, when Da Dong's window blinds were not closed, she would take
    photos of him.

    Idols advise not to abandon school

    Yesterday Fahrenheit made an appearance at an endorsement event, Jiro expressed
    that he heard of this issue, though he was unsure of their position or looks. But when he heard that photos were taken when his blinds at home were not closed, Jiro widened
    his eyes in shock, "Don't be like that la! That is really scary!" Even though
    fans repeatedly hassle him, he said, "She should probably have other things
    to do, hopefully it doesn't affect her lifestyle, I hope that fans don't
    abandon school or work by chasing celebrities."

    4 members of Fahrenheit feel perplexed by fans

    Fahrenheit are very popular, Chun has fans watching his house longterm,
    and it has caused him to move house twice. Fans can also be seen anytime at
    Calvin's house (front door) in Tian Mu. Even though he is always giving his fans "instructive
    spiritual speech", but persuasion has no effect! Not only that, everytime Arron goes out of his house, he has to take an underground route. From the carpark, he stealthily
    leaves home for work. Every since a cafe opened right opposite his house, fans
    inside the cafe can see Arron taking the transparent elevator going out,
    coming home Every step of Arron is plainly visible.

    Even though fans are crazy, they mean everything to an artist.
    The 4 members
    of Fahrenheit Chun, Jiro, Calvin, Arron rode bikes with fans under the high temperature of 35 degrees.
    And also, ate kiwis together due to the Kiwi endorsement event.
    Arron's stomach was not feeling
    well yesterday, and his injured leg has not yet recovered. Being thoughtful, his fans even told him not to ride the bikes. On
    this hot day the four of them perspired as though it was raining. With 7 digits endorsement reward, the four of them commented that money is
    hard to earn!

    0 Comments 265 weeks

  • Jiro and Jade Liu?

    Jiro Wang and Jade Liu too close, met with jealousy?

    Translated by: catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net
    Editted by: piggyval♥ @ http://asianfanatics.net

    Jade Liu's new album "I Am Just What I Am" has been released for one week and has already been top of bestsellers list on three websites, moreover her albums in individual music stores have been sold out and are requested urgently for more stock. In a low music market it could even be said that she is changing this situation. One single which many netizens believe that it will be the most comforting song in 2008 is "Yan Lei Xiao Le". Also its MV which is based on Jade's past will finally premiere next week to the anticipation of fans.

    Besides revealing the other day that Jade's rain scene was mind-blowing, the male lead that everyone was guessing online, Jiro Wang finally made an appearance in the MV. To support his junior Jade, senior Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang specially took a day off filming for Rolling Love, coming to the villa which the director had prepared to begin filming. In the MV Jiro acts as an angelic guy, who appears when Jade is at her lowest, accompanies her to walk again.

    Filming took almost 24 hours, both Jiro and Jade fans (also staff) calculated: they have in total 6 intimate scenes. Making people very jealous:
    1st time: Opening the door, Jade falls and Jiro acts as hero rescuing pretty girl, hugging tightly
    2nd time: Jiro helps Jade recover, even piggybacked her a few rounds
    3rd time: Jiro helps Jade take off the plaster and even tickles her feet
    4th time: Both share a lot in common, Jade leans on Jiro's shoulder and they share each other's feelings
    5th time: Jiro embraces her, Jade steps on his feet dancing to recover
    6th time: Have candelight dinner together, embrace each other looking at the rain

    Because the tickling feet scene stirred up too many emotions, to maintain both singers' reputation the company decided to cut the entire scene before airing. Yet Jiro who has filmed many high rating dramas, spoke about his experience in acting with Jade the next day, saying that her acting is very natural and she could develop her acting in idol dramas. Jade expressed that previously she had had an encounter with Jiro as a guest at Fahrenheit event, and has always felt that Jiro is a very considerate guy. Having the support from Arron, Jiro and other seniors, she is really very happy. Staff also revealed that although both are straightforward by nature, however when dancing together, they were both blushing and laughing, really cute.

    Coincidentally at that same villa, when Jiro had just debuted in the entertainment circle, he had filmed a MV for Zhang Hui Mei, in which at the time, he acted as a removalist. And in Jade's MV he acts as a delivery guy. Staff jokingly said, the filming of Jade's MV had been arranged by Nature (since both her MV and a mei's MV are in the same villa), so it will be very nice!

    Source: sooostar.com

    0 Comments 266 weeks

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