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bday 2 moro.....meh

8/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 23, Luv 495
  • from Leixlip
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

if your heart was really broken,
you would be dead...

so shut up!

The Other Half Of Me
Avril Dolan

Avril Dolan

unbelivable cook ;) x

Andrew Stewart..still missin ye babe! xXx
I love....x
lazy days...tea...messy nights...free texts...having money...music...food in gerneral...sarcasim...movies.
 ..my friends =]...clothes...my bed...funny videos on youtube...when they play good music in zinc...laughing till my sides hurt...McDonalds...5er bottle's of wine...my laptop...make-up etc...orange juice...when drunk ppl fall...msn nights wi ciara...i could go on..x
I don't love...x
irish weather...being jobless...staying in...boring ppl...being broke...early mornings...drama...the late late show...when my free txts go...shit nyts out...when my tea goes cold...being bored...doing any sort of study...the recession...watching the news...rude ppl...being asked for id all the time...not havin smokes...when im stressed...bebo most of the time...men and the crap that comes with them...seeing my friends sad =[...being sick...etc...x

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  • me ryt

    100 random things bout me 146 days ago

    1. Slept naked? yesh
    2. Taken a shower with someone?not yet
    3. Been kissed? yesh
    4. Drove a car? yesh
    5. Stole anything? ye..
    6. Been in love?to a certain extent
    7. Been dumped? not yet
    8. Stole money from a friend?nooooo
    9. Gotten in a car with a stranger?no
    10. Been in a fist fight? nope
    11. Snuck out of your house?who hasnt
    12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?ah id say so
    13. Been arrested?nope
    14. Hugged a stranger?yesh
    15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? ya..
    16. Left your house without telling your parents? um yeah
    17. Had a crush on your gardener?baahaha
    18. Skived? who ?
    19. Slept in a bed with a member of the opposite sex?yesh
    20. Lost a friend? ye a few *tear*
    21. Scared of flying in an aeroplane?omg yes *shudder* ugh
    22. Been to an island? yaa
    23. Slept in until 3? corse luv!
    24. Love someone or miss someone right now? um yeah
    25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? ye all d tym!luv itt!
    26. Made a snow angel? tried :( it didnt work ou 2 well...
    27. Played dress up? ah yeah wen i was lik 2..
    28. In a game, did you cheat?only if im loosing
    29. Been lonely?we all have our moments!
    30. Kissed more than 3 people in one night? yesh..lol
    32. Felt an earthquake? does brady fartin count?
    33. Touched a snake?hahah shut up!
    34. Ran a red light?nope
    35. Been suspended from school? nevrrrrrrr
    36. Had detention? yeh ugh
    37. Been in a car accident? yeaa
    38.Had a party in your house while ur parents were away? no cos dey nevr fuck off
    39.Used a fake id? nope
    40. Crawled through a window? ya a few times
    41. Been lost? ya
    42. Been to the opposite side of the country? prbly
    44. Cried yourself to sleep?ah yeah
    47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?yup
    49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?tried 2..just looked lik a retard!
    50. Kissed in the rain?ye aww
    51. Sang in the shower? yuss
    52. Made love in a park? haa no
    53. Had a dream that you married someone?em duno actually
    54. Glued your hand to a table? almost!!omg
    56. Ever gone to school partially naked?em no lol
    57. Been a cheerleader? no
    58. Had more than 8 boy/girl friends?nah
    59. Didn't take a shower for a week?ew no
    60. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone?omg all da tym
    61. Played chicken? yep
    62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes?nope
    63. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger?ye..bt its always dark ou n der usually drunk! lol
    64. Broken a bone? yea :(
    65. Are easily amused? yeee
    66. Laugh so hard you cry? yep luv it lol
    67. Mooned/flashed someone? yeah ahah
    68. Cheated on a test? of coarse
    69. Forgotten someone's name? yeah lol veery awkward!
    71. Done something dumb while drunk?jesus yeah
    72. Blacked out from drinking? d odd tym ye
    74. Played a prank on someone? Yeah
    75. Gone to a late night movie? yeah
    76. Made love to anything not human?ew no
    77. Failed a class? yes
    78. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat?probly
    79. Smoked pot? i have done
    80. Cheated on a girl/boyfriend? nooo
    81. Celebrate the 4th of July? wats dat ?
    82. Thrown strange objects? all the time
    83. Felt like killing someone?yes im filled with hate
    84. Ran away from home? nope
    86. Got a piercing? yes my ears ooo rebel!!
    87. Cut your own hair? yerrr
    89. Made a parent cry?ye tuff shit muahah
    90. Cried over someone? 2 many times
    91. Owned more than 5 sharpies? duno wa ur on a bout luv
    92. Dated someone more than once? yes
    93. Had/Have a dog? nvr :(
    94. Have an i-pod? ye its broke thou
    95. Smoked? yeh
    96. Been in a band? no lol
    97. Drank 25 sodas in a day? nooo
    98. Broken a CD? yes!
    99. Shot a gun? yup at a target ting not a person obviously lol
    100. Wanted someone but could never have them? nt nemore...

    0 Comments 266 weeks

  • Mee xXx <3

    ~Shoe Size:...4/5
    ~Your gender:...female
    ~Want to be:..drunk lol
    ~Your birthday:...31.08.89
    ~Age You Wish You Were:..not so bored!
    ~Your height:...5 sumtyn ..
    ~The color of your eyes:...blue
    ~The color of your hair:...red
    ~Size in clothes:...8/10
    ~Tattoos:...not yet!:(

    [x.X.x]..Do Yuu..[x.X.x]
    ~Do drugs:...noo
    ~Read the newspaper:...d odd tym lik
    ~Pray:...not nemor it duznt work
    ~Talk to strangers:...yuss
    ~Take walks in the rain:...nah
    ~Like to drive fast:...how d fuck shud i no i dont drive!

    [x.X.x]..Hav Yuu evr..[x.X.x]
    ~Hurt yourself:...yuss(not on purpose obviously )
    ~Been out of the country:...yesh
    ~Been in love:... yeah... pfft.. lol
    ~Done drugs:...yeah..
    ~Gone skinny dipping:...no
    ~Had a surgery:...yesh
    ~Ran away from home:...nope
    ~Played strip poker:...nope
    ~Gotten beaten up:...no tank fck!!
    ~Been picked on:...yesh
    ~Been on stage:...yup
    ~Slept outdoors:...yup
    ~Had a best friend:...ah yeah
    ~Pulled an all-nighter:...indeed
    ~If yes, what is your record:...all nyt obviously jeeesus!
    ~Talked on the phone all night:...yeh
    ~Killed someone:...haha no
    ~Made out with a stranger:...yup
    ~Had sex with a stranger:...nope
    ~Done anything sexual with the same sex:...yeh
    ~Been betrayed:...ah yeah!!
    ~Broken the law:...yuss...
    ~Met a famous person:...yeaah
    ~Been on radio/TV.:...emm...dnt tink so!
    ~Been in a mosh-pit:...ye it hurts!!:(
    ~Had a nervous breakdown:...not yet lol
    ~Been criticized about your sexual performance:... not that i know of neways....
    ~Had a dream that kept coming back:...yuss
    ~Shoe brand:... red or dead!
    ~What are you normally wearing to school/work:...ehh d uniform
    ~Wear hats:...sumtyms
    ~Judge other people by their clothing:...yeh
    ~Wear make-up:...most of d tym
    ~Favorite places to shop:...H&M,Office,River island, n pennies
    ~Favorite article of clothing:..hmmm me corset ting!
    ~Are you trendy:...emm in me own way i suppose

    ~Believe in life on other planets:...nah
    ~Astrology:...yuss luv stars :D :D
    ~Luck:...ah yeah
    ~Love at first sight:...depends
    ~Yin and Yang:...duno wa dat is... :(
    ~Easter bunny:...haa no
    ~Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever:...defo!!
    ~Believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:...no iv tried!!:( lol
    ~Do you wish on stars:...sumtyms yea!

    ~Did you get frightened or uncomfortable seeing that as a section title:...no ?!
    ~Do you remember your first real love:...yep
    ~Still love him/her:....no
    ~Do you consider love a mistake:...nah
    What do you find romantic:...surprises :D
    ~Turn-off:...wen der all slezzy
    ~Do you base your judgement on looks alone:...nooo
    ~Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out:...i did no it wasnt.... :O
    ~Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive:...yeah
    ~Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking:. hope so..
    ~What is best about the opposite sex:...sence of humour!!!!!!!!
    ~What's the last present someone gave you:...a rose from a wanker!!!
    ~Are you in love:...nah

    [x.X.x]..Last Person..[x.X.x]
    ~That you laughed at:...lesley
    ~That laughed at you:/ ...ciara
    ~That you talked to:...niall
    ~You went shoppin wit:...lauren!!!!
    ~You kissed:...niall..


    0 Comments 270 weeks

  • <b>hiyaaa!!do dis plz tnx!!lv yaz x x x

    1. Who are you?......
    2. Are we friends?........
    3. When and how did we meet?........
    4. Do you hav a crush on me?.........
    5. Have you ever wanted to punch me?........
    6. Give me a nikname and explain why?........
    7. Describe me in 1 word........
    8. what was ur first impression ov me?.......
    9. do u still fink the same?......
    10. What reminds u ov me?.....
    11. If you could giv me anything wot wod it b?......
    12. How well do u no me?......
    13. Whens the last tym u saw me?.....
    14. Eva wanted 2 tell me sumthing u couldnt?......
    15. Are you goin 2 put dis as ur blog nd see wat i say bout u??......
    16. Any last words?......

    11 Comments 332 weeks

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  • Jay Smythy
    Jay Smythy

    I nooo wats goin on with you any way?? how u been?

  • Jay Smythy
    Jay Smythy

    Horsebox!!!!!!!!! where have you been lol

  • Mark Nugent

    do ya i take it he is in the army ye

  • Mark Nugent

    going to chad hopefully in Africa. ye right cant get a job lol so you in collage around leixlip or away somewhere

  • Mark Nugent

    ehhhhhhh ok so in my terms what is that ha ha ye still in the army going away in june so may have a party before i go cant get a job or just dont want a job ha ha where you been for the past few months

  • luv Mark Nugent

    im ok. what are you doing in collage have not seen you in the ozone lately but have not been there that much myself ether. you workin at all

  • luv Mark Nugent

    alright long time no see hows you. what you doin with urself now a days catch >>>

  • Liz Domican
    Liz Domican

    i miss you xxxxxx

  • Corrina.X.X. 9/16/09
  • Lisa Loves Wayne
    Lisa Loves Wayne

    hi ya hunni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Uncle Ben
    luv Uncle Ben

    ben: oh jesus im such a mess! emer: yeh i know.......! ben: fukin hell emer thanks for d moral support! .....your a true mate:L :L :L :L :L yeh im still on for tonighto_O !!!