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About Me

Damn; IThinkYouJustLost THEGAME. Ha Bitch x
Me, Myself, and I

No one goes on bebo anymore.
Oh So Cool. x
Tia, Vash, Holly, Roz, Elana, Tilly, Scott, Christee, Alex & Georgie.. [: [: They're Pretty Damn Cool. [: [:

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  • H-A-C-K-E-D

    Hey... i hacked you! tis scott =] i love hacking,
    ur sisters story is immense! she shud write a book, id buy it anyday =P
    oh btwww Ur mum loves me! and mordys singing (8) follow me n it'll be alrite(8) :L lol!
    ooh ooh im comin to town saturday soooo yeah =P fuck the partaiiiiiiii
    Well, i cant think of anything else to say except DOT DOT DOT!!!
    Byeeeeess xxxxxxxxxxxx

    - - -

    02/05/09 21:39
    Heyahh Abbi just hacking your bebo cause im so totallyy normal! Gawd Abbii whyy on earth did you draw a bottle that looked like a knob and then draw a bell end in myy art book? Youu are so nawty! We are so nawty at school takin pictures under desks in English and then in science on the laptops! Your eye at your birthdayy, that was so funny, you would be looking in like two different directions oh yeah and then they are gunna bang us out even though they are the ones that are walking away! We bum tescos! we go there like five times in one night! *Cough* silly cow *cough* Bitch *cough* sick bitch *cough* Today i saw claytons best friend in town Lmao that is so funny cause eveytime we see clayton he like: what are you two laughin at...Lmao it is so funny Oh myy god Abbii you have a twitching eyelid CHROMARVABOLZ [love in one direction] well its not even them people anymore! its Andy and Ben! Oh My God I cant believe you wrote that on the wall in English that is very embarrasing as it wouldnt come off! That person in the french book we gave him long hair and made him look like a gurl by giving him boobies That girl at school looked so much like the girl that was in the film that we watched at your sleepover at your birthday when your eye went dodgey! Lmao Abbi You are my best friend and i dont know what i would do with out you! we have so many good times and no bad times iiloveyoumillionsAbbiiBabeyy
    BestFriends forever and always

    - - -

    heyaa hunn...x
    i hacked yhu XD
    abbi is ace, my bffl, n my town buddie.
    scary scary balloon man XD
    my friend who takes me to youthy so i get ambussed by ppl i dnt no xD
    nothing much more to sayy lol xD
    luv yhoo abbi

    - - -

    Ħεħε, lŭfflεѕ Чοů ѕωεεтччч!!! xox VaSh.

    3 Comments 206 weeks

  • My sisters story

    [[Okay.. So obviously Ellies not old enough to know how to write yet. But she made the story and I wrote it down for her.. It doesn’t make any sense much but because I thought it was hilarious, I decided to put on here. Oh and I thought the title was pretty random for her.. Funny though. :P ]]

    Once upon a time there was a dream and there was a story and a prince and then a pen and then a pink story and then a cup. And then.. Once upon a time and the teeth and the mouth and a hair. A monster scares them and scares the book away. And there was an arm dreaming about a princess, and a face wiggling, and a chair falling. A little pink monster comes and eats them and they all run away. And the window started wiggling and the table saw him and the ceiling started to russle. And the trees started rocking and the flowers changed into roses and then the outside bit wiggled and duckled and they lived happily ever after..
    .. And then the prince kissed the princess and she came back alive. And then the prince tried to kill her. Wheres mummy gone?

    [[So yeh.. Funny? Lol. Comment it and I’ll tell her if you like it. :L ]]

    5 Comments 206 weeks

  • BestMaytees..x

    Tiaa is just amazing! We’ve actually only known each other for about a year and a half.. Our first convo was about how we both failed at high jump. Pretty awesome. And now I go to hers every Friday and steal her coke and chewy bars. S’great. Oh yeah, I even have my own bed. In a way.. xD Ha, we went to town once and I got owned by the lady who works in Claires, but I soo owned her back! Oh we kept going to Gregs, oh goodnushh. Ooh, and another time we went into town.. that scary balloon man.. EHHMM Yeep. We had no idea what to get each other for Christmas so just bought each other some flowers.. xD Then Tia got drugged and nearly passed out, and I was sat in the car really hypa.. Feel good tunes. Ha! At Rach’s sleeper.. Oh god. Maltezar fight! ‘ Im looking in the mirror, but thats not me staring back.' That was a funny night wasnt it xD OOh! On the trampoline. Whoops. Ha, was funny when I went to hers and like tried on all her clothes lol.And then that Saturday we went to that party, then went to hers and sat on the floor till about 1am or 2am eating cheese and crackers listening to paramore. Your just so cool. LoveYouLongTime x

    Vashnashnash. Moo cow angel! Ive known her since I was seven and she asked me if I liked kittens.. S'all good. xD She left school.. Bahh. I need to steal her. We are so cool we make squared pancakes at 2 o'clock. Mmm.. (: And eat pink cheesey.. Was nice xD It takes us absolutly agers to make a fire so we freeze "/ ooh, when we did that acting thing and we got on the bus and walked round Scunthorpe with bloody Mime faces. D: And then we went to square and ate McDoncalds. Was Great. xD Cropredy was amazing. Just falling out of the caravan and having to get a piggy back as I couldnt walk cause Id probs fall on someones tent and kill them. xD. I was so tired when I got back. Ha! Once, I had to get something from under my Big Metal Bunkbed , which collapsed while I was under it, and vashti was on it. She seemed to have broke her wrist, and I was just under the broken bed laughing my head off. Kinda hurt. Oooh, when I tried to climb that tree then fell and bit my tounge right through. Ouchyy. couldnt talk xD Ha, me and Scott named her boobs; Abbi and Scott. Origonal. xD S'all good. Anyways, LufflesYouLoadss..x

    Holly..Woah. She rocks. We have lotsh of giggles togevaa.. In art, Holly woz drawing nawtyy stuffs on my work. .. In French, the dude in the book, we gave him a sex change.. xD In Englishh, Writing something in big letters on the wall.. “ Holly, It wnt fkin rub off! “ Lol. I did something verii stupid on my birthday and now my eye has spazems.. xDTbh, I only really see her at school cause she's meany and doesnt come out. Lol. Omg! She was like sooo staying at mine, and we bought like loads of food and walked to mine from tescos like 6 times, then you wasnt allowed to stay. I always seem to repeat stuffs. Ohh, when I went to yours and my house is now that cage. =P Your dog and my dog are in love even though they havnt met "/ That guurl at skool looks like da gurl in da film.. AHH.. We have the stupidest ways of sayin sorii, coz its the stupid thing that made us fall out. xD LufflesYouMuchlii..x


    3 Comments 211 weeks

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  • Abrupt Ending
    Abrupt Ending

    Hiyahhh =] Keep learning drums, you'll get good after practice :D Thanks for your support! We is writting our lyrics atm and we need to put them together and organise the layout of the songs but we should have our lyrics up soon! X x

  • luv Davvy

    lauren commented on a pic ov llewi n had a mass arguement wi harriet n lauren sed just cos your bf carnt get hard on n who is harriets boyfriend haha

  • Superhero.
    luv Superhero.

    HEEEEY! (: Im good thanks. yourself? man i cant wait for summer! internet and long faces HERE WE COME xD im so gay :') wb sooonish x

  • Holly.

    pffft. i have no idea what you are on about :S your on there, so ner ner ner ner *sticks tounge out like fie year old to prove her point* :DD x

  • Tiaa-Jade


  • Davvy

    wat u on a about abbi

  • Holly.
    luv Holly.

    You made me lose it. again. pffft. :O THE GAME 8) haahaaa :DD * gos a sulks that like a five year old * :) x

  • Holly.
    luv Holly.

    Damn!! you made me lose it again XD :L all well.. i wouldnt have lost it if your skin didnt have it on it :( :L lmaoo AGAIN!! THE GAME THE GAME THE GAME yeahhh. :DD <3 x x

  • Davvy

    just cos u like asian douche

  • Holly.
    luv Holly.

    DAMN YOU BEE DAMN YOU!! you made me blooody lose the game :( lmaooo haahaa again.. its always you who makes me lose it.. pffft!! haahaaa loveyouuu <3 x

  • Davvy

    blac is better your a douche douche bag

  • Davvy

    wat u on with apparently accordin 2 a quiz ting am gunna av a black baby am not even blac

  • Davvy

    haha unlucky luv

  • luv Davvy

    c 2 guess

  • Davvy

    luv u really 2b onest carnt remember wat i said

  • Davvy

    fuc u hows u

  • Zz

    wha u goin on about now, all i said is lets leave it at that, whats the point in talking about the past, thats all i meant

  • Zz

    okily dokily, lets leave it at that shall we

  • Zz

    yeah well im not on msn anymore just facebook, so it wouldnt really make a diff if u were blocked or not, but its probs best that way anyway then we cant argue and fall out :)

  • Zz

    yep, people do change you know, its just a shame the other people around never see that, and just remember the twat that was there before ;)


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