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Sam P.H.C

Lost everyones number so send me them again. Cheers

11/4/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from perth P.H.C
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About Me

Roooooooo!!!,boy,cory,gory,sn  ory,can you feel it with me,i sure hope il colour today,i ate a dog...
Me, Myself, and I

I paid £25 to get in,
It was a crushing disappointment,
The animals looked unhappy
The website misrepresented it

Daytrip to Lapland New Forest

I took umbrage with an elf
Pushed him into a pram
I punched Santa Claus
Right in the fucking mouth

I broke a reindeer's neck
I kicked a huskie to death
I took my money back
And lodged an official complaint








Converge, a Black Rose Burial, Weekend Nachos, The Lawrence Arms, minor threat, black flag, champion, Guns Up, floorpunch, Charles Bronson, Spazz, Ed Gein, Set Your Goals, dillenger escape plan, allergo, anti-schism, alkaline trio, dizzie rascal, Blink 182, Hot Water Music, Violent Response, Magrudergrind, Dr Dre, Falter, Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair, Coheed and Cambria, propagandi, The Fight Back, XharoldshitmanX, The Streets, The Honour System, Sunn0 ))), Link 80, The Broadways, Tuesday, The Falcon, Pushover, Sonic Boom 6, Deftones, Weezer, Rites of Spring, Fugazi, Leatherface, Tra
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Trials, bmx, um xbox live?
Scared Of
spiders and mayonaise
Happiest When
lying in a heap covered in sweat, hyperventilating after playing a set to a man and his dog
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Trailer Park Boys, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Trailer Park Boys, Im Alan Partridge, South Park, My Super Sweet 16, Coach Trip, The Sopranos, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Trailer Park Boys, Hollyoaks, Friends, Frasier, The Simpsons, The Office, Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, Cheaters, Brass Eye, Garth Merenghis Darkplace
My favourite kind of poops are the photo finish types

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MAFAFI (Ed Burns-Aarons house party)

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  • XharoldshitmanX lyrics


    You dont play shows
    You couldnt give a fuck
    Our scene reflects
    How much you suck

    Why wont you posers just die?
    Your spin kick hit me in the eye
    Im done, im not going to try
    You swallow and digest there lies.

    Barry D

    Out on steroids starting a fight
    got too be first when im out my puss
    See me in town walking around
    Upper body like action man, oh what a clown

    Eating an ice cream, plastic machine gun x4

    I am a bald fuck and i like my roids

    I am fucking hard


    I dont give a fuck because
    i think youre a fugly slut


    If i got the chance
    And if i had a garden
    Id dig you a shallow grave
    For buying me that DVD

    Rock climbing is for girls


    Why dont you just eat a fucking pie....you teapot faced bitch!

    1 Comment 221 weeks

  • April Tour

    Ok heres the plan for our April tour which were doin solo, once this is all booked il set about booking our July tour with Birmingham Thrashcore band Fuck Right Off.

    Check out these dates and please try come along, flyers will show up soon in the Flyers folder.This blog will be updated as i get more details.

    2 Apr 2009 Perth, YMCA, Youth Centre
    3 Apr 2009 Dexters, Dundee
    4 Apr 2009 East Neuk, Aberdeen, Alldayer with Wifebeater, Ablach and more
    5 Apr 2009 Glasgow (Venue TBC)
    6 Apr 2009 Need a show (Somewhere)
    7 Apr 2009 The Retro Bar, Manchester, with Chickenhawk and Hammers
    8 Apr 2009 GO! Club, Birmingham, with Fuck Right Off
    9 Apr 2009 Liverpool (Venue TBC)
    10 Apr 2009 The Madoc, Colwyn Bay
    11 Apr 2009 Need a show (Scotland)
    12 Apr 2009 Corrina, Perth, with Hold The Fort, Threshold Sicks and Deliver us From Evil

    See you there

    Sam (MAFAFI) x

    1 Comment 231 weeks

  • Lyrics!!!

    Heres the lyrics for the new MAFAFI ep, leave me comments lemme no what you think...


    We are P.H.C

    Ed Burns

    What the Fuck is wrong with just being ready
    To throw it all away
    Could it be wrong


    Disect my feelings
    Till they have no meaning
    I wish for my body to hang from the ceiling.

    "I Think To Much"

    I Musta Had Me Bout 15 Dr Peppers

    We should talk more openly
    About the way things used to be
    I don't know if it concerns me
    But I think about it constantly

    Still Don't Believe….

    Fuck you, you weren't this way before
    Mind fuck, change of pace, strangest day of my life.
    Sign marks the day were I lost faith in everyone.

    Fuck this shit
    Fuck youre scene

    I Thought So he was Trying to Steal My Brick...

    I wonder why I never felt the same
    As my friends who I often dress up as the enemy

    My best traits left me long ago, its not like ive got much to show
    My best traits left me long ago, along the way I hope to prove.
    People I better apolagize to, better join in at the back of the queue
    Forget my regrets and find something to do, I hope ive done enough to show that I tried.
    Try to pretend that im more than before but I fail to see me ever make a jaw hit the floor….lets thrash!

    All along I brushed this off as something that could never happen.

    Sam (MAFAFI) x

    0 Comments 244 weeks

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  • bretty

    you have no idea how long this took me,so appreciate it,also take note of his
    vest which harbours a rose with a thorn :)

    Lucifer 0 Replies

    i drew a corn poo because i feel we connect through having corny poos even if we are miles apart

    Lucifer 0 Replies

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    Sammy Thomson

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  • Ben Slaski
    luv Ben Slaski

    Bebo love.

  • luv Maze McPunklet

    Whoop! Whoop! Check it oot! I'm finally gettin somewhere wiv my promotin...Woo! Im doin a wee accoustic set man n it'll be my first gig. I'd fuckn love for ya to be there! Xx

  • Michele Philbin
    luv Michele Philbin

    Sam ok so its strange not having facebook and having no one to keep me occupied at work :( So u have taken up using bebo again lol however it is not as addictive. hopefully this stupid mess gets sorted soon so i can have it back lol. Did u delete urs? , bet u didnt, hahaha maybe i should make a secret one so noone knows its me and i can still chat to a select few hhmmm xx

  • Aye

    arite, the gigs canceled, the wifey didnt get the equipment and one of the bands pulled out so aye its canceled, well shite

  • Michele Philbin
    luv Michele Philbin

    Hey Hey hows u? was about to send you a wee message on facebook but see you are no longer. hope all has been good with you and will see you on sat :) xx

  • Porks
    luv Porks

    fucking aye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:* lol aye i wont b 2 far away sammy babes, will only be down the high street a bit and clios on the road again for the em 4th time maybe lol, xmas joint!!:L :L

  • Julie Charlottakongo Wells
    luv Julie Charlottakongo Wells

    I'm with dad :) He say he wants to see you and are you about on wednsday afternoon ??? :) And how are you and did you have a spooky halloween ??? Xx

  • Marcaroni
    luv Marcaroni

    hey, did you get home ok last night? also i saw you in a bit of a scrap, what was that about? the PHC pumpkin? DID HE BREAK THE FUCKING PUMPKIN? :O xx

  • Pirate

    OH HAI :)

  • Chloe

    hey, ive nae been on bebo for ages. thats for the happy birthday:D x

  • Haylz

    ive been good, sorry for the late reply, i didnt realise you had commented me. how are you ? you still in perth? xxx

  • CS Aye
    CS Aye

    haha good night on thursday? im still feeling the effects :-/

  • XjnyrX

    Sounds good man, cant wait to hear that then! Aye I'm pretty good man cheers, we fucked up this week so we'll be recording next saturday. Should be a blast. Ahaha why thankyou, yassssssss which ones? Gotta love the band Tees man, especially my MAFAFI one.

  • Alex Henderson

    hahah same it wouldnt excite me either :L ohh yeah i forgot we already had a reptile shop.. I would build a zoo:P perth doesnt even have one! and yeah i would sell Vegan food cause i do eat like a vegetarian sometimes :L yeah i wouldnt like to wonder the streets in dundee at night. that would be taking too many risks. Nah i had a few mates up at my crib and wipped out the strongbow and put on some music:) it was a good laugh :L i might just sit in tonight and watch a bit of the xfactor ! :L X

  • Alex Henderson

    hahah aww jeeeese .. sounds like the 'celebrities' i would want to meet..................NOT! :L hmmm not sorta shop i would open haha. probebly a reptile shop:P that would be sweet! Aww thats not that bad then :) nah i wouldnt want to live in dundee either to be honest :) I'm not sure what im doing tonight . I was out last night which was good. Today just feels like a sunday to me. I might just chill tonight :) what u getting up to? X

  • Alex Henderson

    hahah, aw nice one! i know a few people that go to abertay :D hahah i know i would just go to piss about. aw what shittie celebrities do they get? :L yeah i know ! i would totally do that. Perth pathetic when it comes to shops amd nightclubs! i think we should totally do that like :L So r u staying in scumdee since ur going to uni there ? X