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Albus Potter

Sean is super Healthy now, not saying he wasn't already but dammm he cravs things.. maybe you?

9/10/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 15
  • from Brisbane
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 1,159
  • Member since: December 2006
  • Last active: 6/16/10
  • www.bebo.com/RunescapeAlbusPotter
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About Me

I Play Runescape
Me, Myself, and I
Hey I'm Sean
What can I say... I Play the Guitar, and the Drums, I like to eat Fruit.
I play Runescape, and usually chat in "Global chat"
I'm Straight
Girls - All of them are hot, its the personality that's a turn on.
I'm not big on drinking but love my wine, love my computer, love hacking, I'm a nerd, i surf, i love the Piano, orchestra and the electric guitar
The Other Half Of Me
alecisonfire, BFMV, Busted, COB, Davedays, dragonforce, Ghosts and Motives, Godsmack, Grinspoon, Johnas borthers, Marilyn manson, kamisshake, parkway drive, nickleback, pillar, planet shakers, pnau, presetsm, TRJA, Senses fail, skillet, slayer, slipknot, sum41, system of a down, t-pain, uverworld, the vines, 3 doors down, Orchestra, and the Piano... idk everything really.
Omg i love music
I love the call of the ktulu's intro.
Still a Virgin haha
Cannibalism, loud noises, loosing me virginity to gaybumsex, hurting a girl.
At College - Studying Website Delepment
Why does /b/ need a 404 page?

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how random are you?
What is your usual mood????
Who is your Disney Prince? (girlz only)
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Szayel Aporro

The 8th Espada.You are a person who prefers to use brains over brawn.Observation is your key to success in combat although your kind of like the 'mad scientist' stereotype meaning that insanity sometimes gets in the way of your victory.
You like to act scared as if your opponent has you, but then you get them.

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  • KitKat

    hay sean add me on the 360 hehe.. DazedKITTY KAT i cnt remember if there was a space lol ..... but did ya have fun at work lolz?

  • Andrew

    lol yeah halo 3 sounds good so i want it yeah there was a couple world tour ones in capalaba when i went but it was only the games and not the quitar and drum kit and that three parties in one day.... nice lol i would die if i had to do that lol rum and books yeah they probably was lol haha

  • KatieebabieeLovesnickiibabee

    Lol. Yeh my christmas was quite entertaining lol. How bout yours?

  • Andrew

    lol nice we also got an xbox 360 and a new lcd screen near the lounge room for the xbox which is pretty kool :P we got guitar hero 3 and we have ore ordered the world tour one lol but we won't be getting it for a while now so did you have a good christmas??

  • Andrew

    lol haha yeah i do have a lot of crap on my page i have my ways of finding you lol umm i am getting $500 for christmas :P how about you??

  • KatieebabieeLovesnickiibabee

    And on runescape cause my bro had it.. Member yet lol?

  • KatieebabieeLovesnickiibabee

    Yeh i remember you. I used to have another bebo and we used to chat all the time lol.

  • Mÿschïkä

    cool jus bored n tired

  • Mÿschïkä 10/12/08
  • Pretzal

    Yea, I borrowed it from my friend, havent watched it yet. have you??

  • Sae Kurosawa
    Sae Kurosawa

    Hello. Thank you for adding me.

  • ' Monstrosity.
    ' Monstrosity.

    Thanks for the add

  • Your Better Off Dead 9/13/08
  • Nambaa Noob
    Nambaa Noob

    Hey, thanks for the ad. You ok?