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writing new material, we'll be back soon! -MC-

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Unsigned Self Published
Ennis/Limerick region Ireland
Jagermeister, Father Ted, Jimmy Carr, Superjoint ritual, Pantera, Cancer bats, Molotov Solution, Threat Signal, Born Of Osiris, Mudvayne, Architects, Meshuggah, Lamb Of God, Roper.
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About Me

Welcome to the infestation...
Me, Myself, and I
[ Septica is
Vocals : Mike Carroll
Guitars : Martin Benson
Bass : Rob Fitz
Drums : Ronan Daly ]

After ongoing line up changes and a period of absense from the music scene, SEPTICA are finally back with a new line up and a much heavier sound!

We've been writing and recording material for the past year and now that our album, title tbc, is nearly finished we can't wait to see what you'll think of it!

At the moment Septica are:
-Recording vocals for the last 4 songs
-Organising gigs

Album will be out very soon!

Check the new blog for recording progress!

ADD US!!!!!



Leave us a message and we will try to reply to every comment as soon as possible :) .
See You In The Pit.
bookings at septicairl@yahoo.co.uk

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  • Album Update

    Hey guys Niall here, good news, all instrumetal work is now finished for the album and half the vocals are done just another 4 songs to do and were done. Then its just the fun task of mixing and mastering. In the meantime i have made a teaser for you with clips from 3 or 4 songs, please keep in mind that these clips are in their roughest form and have not been mixed yet it should just give you an idea of the stuff, anyway.. hope you enjoy. Album out soon!! :)

    1 Comment 179 weeks

  • Septica new Banking and Health Care Plan

    Are you tired of the likes of Hibernian Aviva, VHI? Well look no further, Septica are now offering health insurance, if you would like to sign up with us just contact us and send us a fuck load of money and if you get sick, one of the lads at Septica will sort you out in no time.

    If your also tired of long walks to the bank we now offer a banking service, all you have to do is set up an account with us lodge a starting fee of 500 euro and we will send you your account login details right away.

    One of many great services here at Septica,

    Coming soon, Septica logistics service, got an important parcel that needs delivering? we can do it ;)

    And dont forget, Fuck loads of money

    Cheers, the lads at Septica

    7 Comments 180 weeks

  • Review of Septica by Oli Hazely. Please comment

    It seems recently a large amount of metal bands have emerged from almost what seems out of thin air. Septica could be considered one of these bands however that’s not to say that they all sound the same , in fact the exact opposite in this case. Having uploaded only one recorded song entitled “Justice Revolts” this band has managed to impress me.
    The combination of heavy,fast metalcore riffs, brutal deathcore/grindcore style vocals, ear-bursting breakdowns and drums ,not too heavy but perfect for the song’s speed.
    The song then comes to powerchords and (un)clean vocals which give an almost sorrow atmosphere to the song and then is thrown right back into a brilliant fast Core guitar riff.

    This Limerick /Ennis band is made up of the brutal vocals of Mike Carrol, extreme guitar riffs of Niall Coley, the destructive bass lines of Fergus Matthews and the perfect drums of Ronan Daly. It is obvious to anyone who listens to this bands song that no matter how well recorded it is, it is nothing compared to what this band would sound like live and even the live videos which have been recorded can only give you a quarter of the experience.
    Over all the band is a perfect gig opportunity and anyone putting on a gig consisting of metal bands, these guys should defiantly be one of the first bands you get in contact with.
    by oli hazley

    10 Comments 215 weeks

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    Vibes Studio

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  • Razor face Promotions
    Razor face Promotions

    yeah man ill email ya a review :) wats ur email?

  • Insurrection 8/1/10
  • luv Kingler

    job riff ;)

  • Sarcosus (formerly Vengeance)
    luv Sarcosus (formerly Vengeance)

    Wel Lads! Album sounds absolutely mental! ;) Any gigs ye need support for, give us a shout! Cheers, Aaron.. Vengeance..

  • Razor face Promotions
    Razor face Promotions

    well boys the album out yet? :)

  • Scarise

    Hey guys remember us? http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/... Check out videos for sampler of Living The Nightmare . just finished our ep:) have a listen to a sampler on facebook Paul

  • Ken - Elektra Studios
    Ken - Elektra Studios

    hey lads 12 hours recording +engineer and mixing is only €200.

  • SEPTICA 6/23/10
  • Ken - Elektra Studios
    Ken - Elektra Studios

    yeah not on bebo though. http://soundcloud.com/ken-clancy I recorded and mixed eazy tyger mixed the hammerfall track. anything with a wolf beside it is my own orignal and everything else is a cover that i programmed

  • Ken - Elektra Studios
    Ken - Elektra Studios

    Hey guys! Are you looking to record? Were situated in the heart of Dublin. liking your style of music and its really tight! If you are looking to record an ep,demo or album we'd be happy to work out special deals. at the moment the studio is on special for €100 for 12 hrs. There are deals for engineering and mixing costs too to meet your budget. Leave a comment for more info or booking details. Ken - Elektra Studios

  • luv Carkey

    Queers (:

  • Ronan Daly 5/29/10
  • Peter Grouse
    luv Peter Grouse

    james. . get out!. . . . GET OUT!!!!!

  • Faint Guy
    Faint Guy

    trim yourself peter....

  • Peter Grouse
    Peter Grouse

    when is the album out lads? its says ere oct 31st?? its turning into guns and roses chinese democracy album lol :D

  • Isaac.
    luv Isaac.

    oh bbz <3

  • Dessie Magee
    Dessie Magee

    Wel lads.got your message on myspace there. If you's do get meetin up 2day decide weather or not you's are up for coming up for the 22nd or 26th. I needa get an answer asap as the promoter keeps at me to to get the line up confirmed

  • Dessie Magee
    Dessie Magee

    If you's are having arranging lifts. Just see if you you's can come up our way on the 26th and play the Square Peg. If you cant play the rest thats ok but i just need to get a confirmation. If you's need somewere to stay that night yous can stay at mine

  • luv Carkey



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