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Plot 51

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Self Published
Leuchars, Tayport & Dunino! UK
The Beatles, The Kinks, Eric Clapton, The Who, The Jam and em.... anything else?
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About Me

We Are A Rock-Pop Verging On The Edge Of Blues With A Touch Of Indie And A Splash Of Jazz Band
Me, Myself, and I
if you meet us can you please tell us to get going and record!


Johnny "John" Elmer = Vocals
Ben "Benajab" Raeside = Guitar/Keyboard
Cammy "Cam'ron" Smith = Drums
Alastair "Alan" Stark = Bass

Also, We Have A Mascot Called Podrick! :D He is owned by a man called Dennis :D

Cheers everyone,
Plot 51! :D

ps...ben IS A VERY BIG COW !!!!!!! (lol) :)
ben IS A VERY BIG COW !!!!!!!
ben IS A VERY BIG COW !!!!!!!


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Time Distanced Shade - Plot 51

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  • To The Place We Used To Go

    As if you had a choice
    As if you weren’t being led astray
    As if you weren’t alone
    As if you were going to stay

    If you had just told me
    You could have stayed another night
    If you’d just let me realise
    It might have worked out alright

    And now
    As my feelings lay bear
    What happened to the bonds
    That all came to tear
    Is that it
    About all the months we had
    I could have told you anything that you wanted to hear
    But now I guess it’s all too late

    I went for a walk
    To the place we used to go
    It felt so lonely
    Not like the place I used to know

    And now it is over, all in the past
    We could have won, instead we came last
    Why were you silent, Why was it fake
    Why did you pretend, That we weren’t a big mistake

    And now
    As my feelings lay bare
    What happened to the bonds
    That all came to tear
    Oh is that it
    About all the months we had
    I could have told you anything that you wanted to hear
    But now I guess it’s all too late

    Is that it
    What about all the months we had
    But now I guess it's just too late

    0 Comments 314 weeks

  • The Dunino Blues

    This isn't a real song and has been done because of boredom. to be played in 12 bar blues in any key.

    As my bus drops me off by dunino
    Just by dunino school
    I ponder about my grandparents
    And how they could be so cruel
    Cause they built a house nearby
    Right on top of that hill
    And i have to walk up it everyday
    Untill it drives me ill

    Well there isn't much to see
    apart from grass and some trees
    but as i gaze upon that hill
    i just fall to my knees
    It's so hard
    I know i'll break a leg
    if there's any chance of a lift
    I get down and beg


    One night in my dreams
    I had a meeting with god
    I said "watcha make that hill for-
    you dirty old sod!"
    He said, " listen here-
    Your gonna be a man some day
    And your grandparents built your house on my hill!
    So this is how your gonna pay!"

    Well I phoned up fife council
    To build a ski lift or two
    They said, "Dunino is in the middle of nowhere-
    so screw you!"
    so i'm left with this house
    ontop of that hill
    and i have to walk up it everyday
    untill it drives me ill

    9 Comments 322 weeks

  • Time Distanced Shade.

    (Verse 1)
    We’ve had our ups and our downs,
    I mean, who hasn’t?
    But, you know? This time, I’m at a loss.
    Could you give me a reason?
    Or perhaps I’m not worth it?

    Explain where we went wrong?
    What have I said, what have I done?
    Do you remember the summer?
    Conversations shared, days spent laughing.
    Or do they all seem….
    Too distant, like some time-distanced shade?

    (Guitar solo)

    (Verse 2)
    Someone tell me what happened!
    I don’t know what happened!
    I shout, you shout.
    I apologise, and nothing from you.
    It all seems right,
    But there is one hidden wound that won’t be healed.

    So is it just a shadow?
    A fog? A memory?
    I try to hate you; it would make me feel much better,
    But I can’t.


    (Verse 3)
    Do we wanna live our lives just knowing each other?
    I can’t do that. We were friends!
    And you know it….
    Nothing can erase the pictures from my mind.
    They’re here to stay.
    So should our friendship have been.

    (Chorus x 2) (Start Chorus 1 on second line)

    For Anna, our 50th Groupie. (See, we promised.)

    2 Comments 335 weeks

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  • Johnny E
    Johnny E

    aw i miss this band lol podrick it was soo good at the beginning what happened...:( xxxxxxxxx

  • Oliver

    guys thats just impolite.... :L

  • Oliver

    Hey x you dont know me like AT ALL although i did see u in glenrothes ;) i am part of the INFESTival thing BUT was wondrin if ud like to do me a favour and play a gig for me on the 5th of december the halls already booked etc theres like 3 bands alrady playin but cud do with a couple more ;) get back ASAP xx

  • In-Festival

    Hey We were wondering if you would be interested in playing at the INfestival in January 2009. It will be a music competition between bands in Fife, either held in Dundee or St Andrews, all different genres. Check it out, spread the word, get back to us. Lily Watts, The INfestival

  • Battle Of The Bands
    Battle Of The Bands

    Come and give yer support to... Descend the Dawn Rioteers Plot 51 This City Ignites Sounds Like Sillhouttes The Groovejuice Project. and give them the final push to go through to the final. £3 on entry. Elmwood college, doors 6.30-10pm BOTB

  • The Standard
    The Standard

    Alright guys, good set tonight.... we enjoyed it. Shame you couldn't stay the whole night but s'all good. Gig again sometime soon I think.. :) Cheers lads, all the best! The Standard!

  • Jamie Dunleavey 10/2/08
  • The Offspring Club 10/1/08
  • Peter Stark

    PLOT 51 r da best if any1 disagrees they should shut up and get brain surgery

  • Cheryl Stewart
    luv Cheryl Stewart

    Heyy! You guys were amazing on Tuesday! :D Come back soon! x

  • Rachel Thomson
    Rachel Thomson

    Hey, Just to say again that you guys were brilliant, and that you now have a whole new group of Glasgow-based fans for whenever you come back down here for a gig!

  • Johnny E
    luv Johnny E

    thw point were we write comments on our own band page i a time to worry :)

  • Callum Paterson
    luv Callum Paterson

    WOOOOOO PLOT 51 Gig tomorrow. You guys better play well as usual, I'm reviewing you for the Madras Diary haha

  • Joe Anderson
    luv Joe Anderson

    cheers for coming plot 51 + rachel. was good to see you there. xxxxxxxxxzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • The Groovejuice Project
    luv The Groovejuice Project

    are any of you guys coming to our gig on sunday. would be good to see you there? Joe xxxzzz