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Abi Claridge

♥ white sox ♥ pink lipstik ♥ and stupid cupid ♥

8/8/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 36
  • from United States
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: December 2006
  • Last active: 12/3/09
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About Me

spread your wings and fly
Me, Myself, and I
♥.(ѕтуℓєzz).♥ blond
♥.(ℓσσкz-тняυ).♥ blu eyez
♥.(ѕтяєт¢н-тσ).♥ 5"4
♥.(ѕтαтυѕ).♥ single pringle

♥imperfection . . . is perfection!!♥

♥ . . . YoU cAmE lIkE a ThIeF iN tHe
NiGhT n StOlE mY hEaRt . . . ♥

eRe We Go FoR tHe 100Th TiMe
HaNd GrEnAdE pInS iN eVeRy LiNe
ThRoW eM uP n LeT sUmFiN sHiNe
GoInG oUtA mY fUkIn MiNd

"I uSeD tO b My OwN pRoTeCtIoN
bUt NoT nOw
As My PaTh HaS lOsT dIrEcTiOn
The Other Half Of Me
A Kashmir Echo
♥ lacey baby ♥
♥ weve had ups weve had downs but lyk the good friends we r weve cum out stronger, ppl may decieve us but won of us alwasy cs thru it n warns the other, she looks out f me lyk a sister as i do her n i no in this cruel hasrh world id b lost wi out er, from when she used t bully me in rainbows t now we both have grown up so much n i no that my memories would not o bin complete wiout a graet friend lyk her! luv yooh!♥
my god!!!
doesnt lyf change so quickly and so much!
t noin ppl lyk the bac o ur hand t not noin them atal
from bein so close to ppl
to feelin so far
but some of these changes r for the best
some wake u up and bring u bac t reality
but theres alwasy that some one thats there t wash ur tears
to scare away ur fears
that someone u no ul b lost wiout
this someone wil guide yuo
thru al that lyf throws at you
this person is your best friend and
always wil b
come rain or shine

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  • Sittingbourne Community College

    wel . . . 5 whole years have come and gone!

    theres sum i wil miss, n sum i wnt.
    but i will keep all the memories and all the little jokes.
    il even memba la the ppl i thought were so close t me nuffin wud go wrong, but then they did, al the ppl that have picked me up when ive bin dwn,

    so i jus wna say its biun hard, but its bin gr8!
    sumtyms we've al had easy rides sumtyms its bin a dif story,
    so gd luck and goodbye!
    tho this gdbye is not 4eva!
    i hope at least,
    but i thnk all the people dat av m,ade my life wat it is!
    its bin fun and i hope u al enjoy life t the ful
    again gd luck and gdbye!!

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  • A Kashmir Echo
    luv A Kashmir Echo

    so hows it going, thought i would check out your new hair stylie very nice think it suits you far better than your last one did see you at the presentation!!

  • Perfection.X
    luv Perfection.X

    HEY babe!!! gimme a text 07980155623. miss you love you XXX

  • Ellayjay.

    hey hows u scribble bk please x

  • Ellayjay.

    Hey hows u scribble bk x

  • Luccylouu

    Helooo Deary Ooo must yu reli i feel important :D Its bin very gd fankyu, yurs? Loveage x

  • Lee Newby
    Lee Newby

    yh im awsome thanks:) lol yh same reli!!! lol had a good week tho, went to raf wittering on camp:) wb xxxxx

  • Claire Chicken
    luv Claire Chicken

    Hey chicken hows yooh doing im fine thanx aint seen yooh either ina while lol love ya xxxxxxxxxx WB xxxxxxx hehe love ya

  • Yhuu Wish.XO
    Yhuu Wish.XO

    ah, How Was It? bet It was Sooo Much Fun :D How Cums You got The House To Youself? :o...I Wouldnt Trust You :l hehe..Yeh I'll Afta Let You No :D .. Same, Just Seen Ad, Gone Shopping..had My Bday & Am Now 16! woo lol... Sout Africa With My Parents & Sumwhere Else With Adam Like Turkey we're Thinking... xxxx

  • Yhuu Wish.XO
    luv Yhuu Wish.XO

    Heya! yeh I'm Good Ta! You? Hmm, Not Much & This Summa Aint Too Great! (The Wetha)! Nuffin ): Not Propa Goin Away this Yr, Just Too Camber Sands, woo...Cuz Am Goin Away Twice Next Yr :D Lucky Me... What You Been Up To? xxxx