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. `God Give 'Em Back R.i.P J0SEPH DAVIS (2.21.91-01.11.10). . .&nd 4ree BAdGUY-L2k

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?:/ /"tiSHA bAbii SAySZ I AiNt G0ttA 3xPlAiN shiD´d ===&qee"?:/ /
Me, Myself, and I
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  • Tracie

    hey hw u doin my nma ei ztracie thiz jay friend he said tht he lost ur number said tht can he get ur again

  • YOung Wild Nigga
    luv YOung Wild Nigga


  • Foe'Salez Marc-B 11/6/09 via Mobile
  • Foe'Salez Marc-B 11/5/09 via Mobile
  • Ceira Aunjanae
    Ceira Aunjanae

    ..no problem!!

    10/30/09 via Mobile
  • Fat Keith
    Fat Keith

    .im finna call you bewh.

    10/30/09 via Mobile
  • Fat Keith
    Fat Keith

    .foreal hit my line 776.6455.

    10/30/09 via Mobile
  • Fat Keith
    Fat Keith

    .yea come jigg wit me.

    10/30/09 via Mobile
  • Fat Keith
    Fat Keith

    .you cominq to our party.

    10/29/09 via Mobile
  • Fat Keith
    Fat Keith

    .on thee south but i still be in bellfountain all thee time.

    10/29/09 via Mobile
  • Fat Keith
    Fat Keith

    .nope i moved like three months aqo.

    10/29/09 via Mobile
  • Fat Keith
    Fat Keith

    .aw im just watchinq michael myers & blowinq.

    10/28/09 via Mobile
  • Fat Keith
    Fat Keith

    .shit shit wat you on. man itsz qoinq down...yesz BBC have been qone for a Luh min..but we back with some hot shit like..."UGH UGH UGH"...... BBC &nd PHP presents da super OFFICIAL "i KNOW A Li...TTLE FREAK" HALLOWEEEN BASH UGH UGH UGH EDiTiON GOiNG DOWN ...FRiDAY DA 30TH @ CLUB TOPNOTCH AKA DA OLD LEGiT BUiLDiN (6324 W.FLORRiSANT &ND GOODFELLOW) HOSTED BY: C-LOC ND KGEE LADiES 5$ ND FELLAZ 7$ (TiLL 9PM) SPECiALiINViTED GUEST: XO & BUD LOC PLAY BOi &nd SUNNY LUEY V STONED SKEET KO KO C`VERE. MORE iNFO CALL....314 383 5252

  • Fat Keith
    Fat Keith

    .wass qood.

    10/28/09 via Mobile
  • TrAp Work
    luv TrAp Work


  • Foe'Salez Marc-B
    luv Foe'Salez Marc-B

    "CUM HUR LUH GURL"!!! :L

    10/26/09 via Mobile
  • Foe'Salez Marc-B 10/25/09 via Mobile
  • Mikell R
    Mikell R

    watzgoodsis In reply to: ". mfuckasx a striaqhdt fuckqn lul loc.!! oon qod im striaqhdt qud oon yu.!!" by .

  • TrAp Work
    TrAp Work

    aw ok i'll come to see yew tomarrow ok best friend


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    TAYDA ---Kitchen Knife
    JARODE ---Snapped his Neck and Blew his Head Off
    SHAUNICE DOG ---"I got hungry."
    ASHLEY ---Strangulation
    RESHA ---Strangled in Car, then Throat Slashed
    ANGIE ---Boiling Water
    JASMINE ---Thumb In Forehead
    VONNIE ---Broken Neck
    CHELLE ---Shotgun through Stomach
    MALIK ---Knife/Thrown Off Truck
    FATT ---Thrown Off Truck
    CE-CE---Torn Face
    SHAMA ---Stabbed
    TJ ---Scissors In Chest
    RIKO ---Pitchfork In Head
    POWDER CAKE ---Pitchfork Through Chest
    DEJUAN ---Hung by rope outside window
    TYLA ---Unknown
    TANASHA ---Stabbed in the Woods
    RONICE ---Hook Through Head
    CARLOS ---Farm Machinery
    LIL D ---Axe
    LIL AARON ---Electrocution
    TANESHA ---Strangled and Stabbed
    JASSY---Slit Throat
    PEANUT ---Stabbed With Knife
    MERCY ---Fetus Removal
    DAMESHA(at least 5) ---Various
    NAY NAY ---Ice Skate Through Head
    D'CHAUN ---knife in Back
    RO-RO ---Slit throat
    JANIESHA ---Corkscrew through throat
    RESSE---Stabbed in neck with tripod leg
    ANT ANN ---Impaled on iron bar
    SHAY ---Decapitated
    CHAMMY---Head crushed by my hands
    JAMONTA AKA MAN -MAN ---Stabbed and hanged
    MICHEAL ---Decapitaded by Me
    MAN-MAN ---Knife in Back
    TYRELL--- Snaped his Neck

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