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Primary school

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Me, Myself, and I
So did anyone go to primary school in the Assumption?
Come on theres stories to be told from there....
Anyone remember Sr. Jude and her Nike Air Max?

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  • Ms Sweenwy's Class 1991

    Louise O'Brien by Louise O'Brien
    My little sister is currently in 6th class in the Assumption and I sent in a confirmation photo taken in 1991 for Ms Sweeny to see. The resulting break down was so successful that I thought that I would post bthis and other 6th class photo's on my site. View them only if you have a strong constitution.
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  • Primary school

    Denise Carroll by Denise Carroll
    Lads did you see they've added the primary school to the list there recently, just found it now.
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  • Confirmation PHOTO!!

    Laura Ryan by Laura Ryan
    Anyone in Ms O'Shaughnessy's 6th class in 1994!!
    I have our photo on my page, I kinda hid it in my "Random" album cos I wanted as many of non 6th class friends as possible to not notice it!

    Go have a look and let me know if ur in it!!

    I was clever at the time tho and I wrote everyone's name on the back, in order... I am in the second row from the front, 3rd from right (including Mrs. Hanan). God! How did I ever thing that outfit looked cool!?!?!?!? :)
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