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Jade i love you so much babe :D XxxxX

10/3/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 358
  • from stoke - on - trent (Etruria)
  • I am In a Relationship
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!*!*!RICH!*!*! LVZ !*!*!JADE!*!*!
Me, Myself, and I
[[Jade Screams]] - Rich

[[Fell from heaven]] - 21st feb

[[Sees Through] - green eyes

[[Stands at]] - 5ft 11

[[On The Map]] - Stoke-on-Trent

[[Siblings]] - 1 Sis

[[Adores]] - Jadee nd family nd cricket

[[Likes]] - Football, Cricket, been wiv jadee

[[Dislikes]] - Vegetables and people hu mess wiv MY jade

[[Gels]] - Brown Hair

[[Walks On]] - 10 or 9

[[Attends]] - Castle College

[[Loves]] - Jade Wilson

See A Penny, pick It Up, Throw It At A Window and run like fuck

God made wankers big and small, stafforshire police employed them all



XxX R.I.P Nan love you XxX
any music reli lol
Get rich or die tryin, Unleashed, Home alone, True lies, the guardian, You got served nd ders lds mre but i cba put dem on lol.
cricket cus its fukin amazin, football (stoke city da best of course).
Scared Of
snakes and spiders.
Playin cricket, partying, sleepin and wen im wiv me gawjuss GF Jade im so happy wen im wiv er shes amazin nd we av such a laff love er so much :)
Vegetables or any healthy food reli, The dentist, slags, ppl hu piss me off lol and anyone hu fuks about wiv my jadee.
Jade my gawjuss GF
<3 <3 <3 Well wa can i say bout jadee shes gawjuss:D shes my gawjuss iccle cutie pie nd always will b hehe lol. She is reli amazin nd shes so special 2 me i wud do neffin 4 er nd im so glad dat im wiv er nd shes my gf. We ad our bad tyms but we ad even mre good tyms its been amazin.Jades changed me so much nd now we so much appier nd closer since i changed nd im so glad i did. I reli ope we 2geva 4 eva nd ino 1 fing 4 sure is eiva way ill neva loose er cus shes always goin b my best friend just like she is now:) . Shes everyfin in a girl i could eva wish 4 nd ders no ova person id wanna b wiv in da world mre dan jadee:D . i look at us now nd we been threw so much nd now we so much appier nd closer. I jst wanna say now jadey im always goin b ere 4 u babe no matta wa anyfin u eva av 2 go threw im goin b der always i promise. last fing say is i love u so much mre dan ne1 in da world jade nd always will bbe <3<3<3
The Other Half Of Me
X Jadey X

X Jadey X

Shes mine=D ur MINT babes i love you so much:)XxX

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  • Jon Merendino 8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Trisha Cariker
    Trisha Cariker

    heyyy whats up justified in doing, becomes a crime, if successfu

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Calista Antonini

    You have to check this out http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • X Jadey X
    X Jadey X

    6 Daysss :D :D :D I Love Youu xxxxx

  • X Jadey X
    luv X Jadey X

    I Love You Babee :D xxxxxxxx

  • Jade.

    helloo (: uu okaa ? have uu got uurr license now thenn ? for uurr ugly carr :L :L only jokenn :D wenn are uu && jade lookin afterr mee && jordann agenn ? jadee x

  • Bibby

    that sownds well gurd mate ..... haha :D

  • Bibby

    Yers mate its likee well sownd :) what you doin nowerdayss? scribble backk :)

  • Bibby

    sownd sowndd :) goin have goo there soon when i get timee :) haha i havent blanked for timee :) :L havent been im time thats whyy :L it is sowndd just do 3 dais a wk till next year itss well gurd mate :) andd at carney pools :) at rougley likee 20 miles from stokee .. mint fishery :) learn loads there and its it top class :) scribble backk :)

  • ReanneReanne
    luv ReanneReanne

    lol gud:D dnt want the fishes die ricardo :( x

  • ReanneReanne

    i hope u put them back richard!! lol

  • Bibby

    Aupp :) ohh rite sownd :) , i used to go along there all tha time but i havent been om timee lol :) used to bag up there ;) haha :L at least ya cort tho :) i havent been like day fishing in ages :/ i been the past cuple of weekends like doing tha night sessions, been alright :) but iim at college doin ma fisheries managment like 3 dais a week then i work at a pool tha rest so i dont get timee go :( lol scribble backk :)

  • Jade.
    luv Jade.

    Helloooo(: Uu Okaa ? Wahh Uu Doinn ? Have Mч Lovee :D Jadee ; x3

  • Jordan

    Happy birthday mate hope you have a good day

  • Sofi. Xx
    Sofi. Xx

    well, fingers crossed haha. :O i didnt realise it was that soon lol, february babies are the best :D haha shes gotta be, she comes from my family ;) i hope you treated her anyway lol xxxxxxxx

  • X Jadey X
    luv X Jadey X

    Awww Thanx Babe :D Ino 2 Years :) Im Glad It Is Too.. You Iccle Sweetie Hehe..I Hope We r 2 Babes Cuz u The Bestest Lol Ur Bwilliant:D You Make Me Ded Happy Gorge.. Thanx 4 An Ace Day Yday Our *Special* Day Hehe I Love You So Much Always Babey :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sofi. Xx
    Sofi. Xx

    haha its alrite, thankyou :) omg thank god for dual controls or id have been in erious trouble! i kept stallin and i cant steer, and im no goodat multi taskin in a car haha. need quite a lot more practice, but he said for a first attempt i was good :D and i enjoyed it hehe not long for you is it? and well done for puttin up with jade this long ;) oj, happy for you both hehe (: xxxxxxxx

  • X Jadey X
    luv X Jadey X

    I Love You So Much Babey :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • X-TRA

    www.X-tra.bebo.com - new track please listen leave a comment what you think listen to id cross the dessert that seems to be peoples favourite but you decide which you like... all feed back is appreciated and i will be truely greatful.. also become a fan please... thank you x

  • Skittles.

    Heyy, thanks for the add do i knoww youuu? :) xx