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George Smith

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  • Male, Luv 209
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  • Member since: December 2006
  • Last active: Jun 10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
chur time 4 an update: well me mi lil famz r kikn it bk n vegas came hm 2 b hapi missn my widr famz way 2much bt glad 2 c mi lil famz all smilein again. bk 2 wot we use 2 do changez dnt cut it 4 us im bk @ claymark ana bk @ tenpin hur otha hm hehehe n mi son julius strtd skool @ N.G.O which he luvz heapz wit his cuzziez jus da way he likez it. dam he bout 2 turn 6 nxt month way tme has gne by way 2 fst. n me n ana been 2gthr 4 10yrz n novemba n mi luv 4 hur will neva change only grow ana n mi lil man r mi heart mi world mi all luv dem wit all dat i am.
2 all mi m8z nu nold n all da 1z im bout 2 meet dnt scurd 2 drp by n leav me a line giv me holla dnt b scured itz only bebo hehehehehe.
chur chur
tokyo drift etc, and a lot of comedy
well you got to have a bit of old skool, rnb, rap, reggae and a bit of guitar.kareoke when were pissed
well im a bit of a all rounder.golf, fishing, rugby but retired hehehehe, tenpin bowling thanks to every1 at tenpin rotavegas and anything to do with car racing, drifting, draging and helping my mate with his stockcar.......8R hard aye Kev
Scared Of
=IM NEVER SCARED=>:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
Happiest When
When everyone that you love is around with a beer in their hand.
well my list goes on.from GTRs, EVOs, V8s, ROTAs, STOCKCARS and anything dats got a bit of grunt
unhappiest when
when you lose someone you love

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  • George Smith
    George Smith

    wassup all my bebo peeps,aint bn on hea n ages.

  • Fight To Be Original
    Fight To Be Original

    I just racked $992 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - http://goo.gl/NrurX Remember who hooked you up!

  • Ngareta Te Whau
    luv Ngareta Te Whau

    Sending luvs....How's the new waka???? lol......

  • Makere Smith
    luv Makere Smith

    Hahahaha I know Im a sook! I had to walk away other wise ur son mite not have got on his plane lol lol.. I was thinking of hidding his an mums passports 4 another week lol.. ox

  • Makere Smith
    luv Makere Smith

    I bet hz mumaz misng hm hard ot poor thng leas sh knwz hez in safe handz! Jlynn haz gne big olrte heka hez cleaver az omg lol y dnt uze mve bak ay. Plse lol luv uze ox

    4/30/10 via Mobile
  • .ANa N Julius.
    luv .ANa N Julius.

    so did u like ur roast dindin mi huni yummuy aye..... pork n chikn wit stuffing potatoz n pumpkin n da crakle oh soooo yummi aye mi huni

  • .ANa N Julius.
    luv .ANa N Julius.

    hi hun...... thankz 4 cooking mi dinner it was mean yummy steak eggz n onionz off da hook.... luv u mi hun

  • Makere Smith
    luv Makere Smith

    Hppy burfdae my boi Auntie cant w8 4 u to get here an to spoil u rotten :) I have been trying to ring but my phone keeps cutting out i will try again soon k.. Love love loveeeee u my biggy boi c u soon luvs an kihis for ur momz an daddio.. luv u longest time Auntie Ma Corey and J-lynn xoxoxoxoxio

  • Makere Smith
    Makere Smith

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Uuuuuuuuu :) ox

  • Glumiosa Forever
    Glumiosa Forever

    chur da cuzzie hapy new years to u and urz ma bro fuk yea we were out of town wen uz come round alguds though plenty time cuzz feel free to come round bro we alawayz home after 5.30 mean ma maori mean

  • luv Noelsshire

    HappY NeW YeaR boy....aunty Noel's here nice to c u on bebo's thnks 4 the add....me dnt fink i've met u yet but me ur mum's baby sister, but was adopted owt of nan&granpa's whanau but still have a lot to do with them...anYwaYs hope u hd a gud xmas & new years an hope to hear from u soon.... aunty Noel's

  • .ANa N Julius.
    luv .ANa N Julius.

    hapi b*dae mi hun luv u lngst tme mwah mwah mwah me n son

  • Makere Smith
    Makere Smith

    Meri Kirihimete whanau Arohatinonui Brizzy Crew xoxoxox

  • Makere Smith
    luv Makere Smith

    Churr ma bro, hey Rae can get flights from here to N.Z for $220.00 return ma gee lol and get this not 1st class eitha, BUSSINESS class YEEEEYA dat wht im taliking bot lol. Haawii $150 return dats us for my burfdae hehehe meet u an unz there hehehehe she can hook use up to aueeee meke ay ma bro! LA $500.00 return all bussiness class tickets farr meke as dats how we be rolling home hehehe an round da world aueeee lol so I think it mite be time for u an ur lil famz to ome for a hararei??????? :P tell Unz Haawiiz on next year aueee hehehehe.. luv use an miss yous c use in xmas.. Mwaaaahz to ma boi xoxoxox

  • Ngareta Te Whau
    luv Ngareta Te Whau

    sending you our love for today.....Big luffs to your papa.... Always here for you guys.... Da Te Whau 4nau

  • Mo

    Chur the stink nuts how's hemi haha how u been my bro wats new in ya world ................ HOLLa

  • Mo

    CHur the hemi haha hey dont forget the 21st,22nd and 23rd of this month marist rugby on ............ kana waaaaaat

  • Makere Smith
    luv Makere Smith

    Hey my brother! kirihimete all come at once lol dont spend it all lol I sent my nephs sum clothes bak i sent them to mums, poor thing said to me "Auntie Ma my clothes r tooo small now I need hoddies and jeans" Aueeee I go lol an he rekons and a bike lol. Well I got him his clothes lol as far as the bike is concernd he mite have to w8 for xmas for that lol Ohhh Ill see how hes school work is 1st lol. K just keep an ear out at mumz he should get his parcell any day and its addressd to him soo hope mum dosnt open it :) K take care ohh an ur tax is in ur bank pheeeeeew-weeeee lol EVERY1 BUCKS SHOWT lol ;) love use Mi and J-lynn xoxoxox

  • Makere Smith
    luv Makere Smith

    Hi Boy ur tax has come bak :) Just gunna get it under way 4 u ring me if u wanna knw the $$$$$ lol :P :P :P love u lotts xoxox to ma nephz luv Mi xxxxx

  • .ANa N Julius.
    luv .ANa N Julius.

    hey mi hun:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D mean aye n hamz kikkn it wit da boiz n lee por lee nah well me hope u hav a gud wknd mi hun go hrd tell mo me sed he cn keep u f he wntz skiddy undiez n all hahahahaha me so jelly bt oh well me hav mi turn sum time soon hopefully :( :( :( :( :( :( luv u heapz mi hun drnk enuf 4 me coz me n betz surly r mkn da most wit u nt hur :P :P :P :P :P :P :P nahhhhh... luv lng tme me our son n betz