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Matty McCallum


3/18/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 26, Luv 93
  • from Wagga Wagga
  • Profile views: 6,205
  • Last active: Jul 2
  • www.bebo.com/mattymc
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About Me

Red or Black??
Me, Myself, and I
Heya my names matty n im a landscaper for JMS landscapes and leisure pools, which is keeping me busy at tha moment, hopein to head to Canberra at the end of the year to study landscape architechure at uni. I live in this little shithole called wagga wagga, I got blue eyes, tall n all that shit! my best mates are Froggy, Kurty, Dane, Burnsy, Bretto, Simo, Shitlid, Chubzy, Witby, Jen Jen, Skye, Bini, Yarni, Bec and shell. Love my brothers and love to go out n get maggot on wild turkey n do crazy shit lol, so.....
Live strong,
Party Hard
and rememba Nothing Is Forever!
Ohhhhh n Hairy Muffs are bad!!
The Other Half Of Me
Jen Jen

Jen Jen

love ya jen jen :D

Techno 4 sure, Bon jovi, 80's, rap, watevas goin at tha time to suit my mood. Tha louder tha Betta!
Braveheart, Snatch, 300
i dont hate much, ppl that make shit up to suit themselves or ppl who backstab ya fucks me off tha most, stuck up cunts...
Scared Of
Cochroaches... and the girls Coffee brings home!
Happiest When
Having Sex or drinking wif tha boys or chillin round watching movies or on tha beach!!
Relationship Status
Single ;)
Special Mention
froggy tha most genuine bloke u will eva meet hahaha 45mins worth of it lol, Daneo tha green bandit, chubbs tha lazyiest cunt on a sledge hammer, timmy smith tha toilet diver!, Simo - vaughn n pauly!! and Destination Unknown dere boii, brettto braaa tha taxation boii hahahaha, witby fuck thats a head n look witby i'm ya mum lol, burnsy still got that recording lol.sammy boi heres to tha bitches...living together...mates forever lol, matty williams bud its ok we will find ya pants lol, bec nye tha rainbow trout, Mrs witby do u wanna cum get naked?? (hahaha sorry bud jus tha way duncs said it was fuckin gold lol) Duncs hey hey duncan, skye hahaha brickie!, jenna comon jenna jus grab it hahaha, Bini - bini doris! Scotty boii - love u little brother!, snorky i i flight sergent! simone skinny wheres tha maccas?? fuck i could go on forever!

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  • About me

    * Name On Birth Certificate: Matthew Paul McCallum
    * Star Sign: Gemini
    * Nicknames: Matty, Pauly, Bra
    * School: Kooringal high (not n e more)
    * Location: WAGGA WAGGA
    * Colour of eyes: Blue
    * Hair colour: light Brown
    * Shoe Size: 12
    * Brothers/Sister: 2 brothers
    * You live with: Dad
    ------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
    * Missed school because it was raining: YES
    * Put a body part on fire for amusement: yes
    * Been in a car accident: yes
    * Been hurt emotionally: yes
    * Had an imaginary friend: NO
    * Cried during a Movie: Yep
    * Ever thought an animated character was hot: no
    * Been sarcastic: yes

    * Fav. colour/shade: Blue/yellow
    * Summer/Winter: Winter
    * Cartoon Characters: Road runner
    * Drink: Wild turkey
    * Food: Apricote chicken n rice
    * Movie: Snatch, Braveheart, 300
    * Ice Cream: Chocolate
    * Subject: Maths
    * Animal: Eagle

    --------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
    * Do you have a soul mate? probly, sumwhere
    * Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: naa
    * Do you like anyone?: mayby
    * Who have u known the longest of your friends: Dane
    * Who's the loudest: FRoggy
    * Who has seen you cry: only my closest mates
    * When have u cried the most: Parents split up
    * What is the best feeling in the world: Getting sex
    * Worst Feeling: Hangova or the spewing up that comes with it!

    --------ABOUT GIRLS FOR GUYS TO FILL OUT --------------
    * Regular underwear or thong: thong
    * Bra or sports bra: BRA
    * Cute n' mysterious or wild n' crazy: Cute n wild
    * Dressy or casual: BOTH
    * Dark or blonde hair: Blonde
    * Colour eyes: Blue or brown
    * Hat or no hat: No hat
    * Good or bad girl: half and half
    * Hair up or down: down
    * Jewellery or none: Jewellery
    * tall or short: shorter than me but not midget
    * Curly or straight hair: staright
    * Pants or dress: jeans/skirt
    * Tan or fair: TAN
    * Freckles or none: None
    * Accent or Not: Brittish but doesnt matta
    * Shy or outgoing: Outgoing
    * Hit on or be hit on: be hit on for sure lol

    1 Comment 363 weeks

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    yeh same here.. haha yeh man im all good first night in the unit and i had a party!!! but yeh should be sweet.. :D

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    homeboi ;) haha wots goin down in the plumpton road residence

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    omggg u r sooo mean!!!! i need a life other than being a mummy!!! :) :)

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    hey just wanted ta say... thanks for being an asshole 2 me last nitEE!!!

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    Wow coffee is going.. Bad! I try to make it at work and customers bring it back or just don't drink it haha. :L Lifes been treatin me well! How about yourself? Beeen goooooood? Take care Xx

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