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Marie Keville

So Jesus turned water into wine? I just turned a "student loan" into a crazy night out. Your move holy man

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  • Female, 23, Luv 613
  • from Boyle and soon to be louisville, kentucky
  • I am Down for Whatever
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About Me

R.I.P Brian xxxx
Me, Myself, and I
Vini Vidi Vici
I came, I saw, I conquered

Fat men arnt fat lois, only fat women are fat


in the words of Niall Higgins: always remember live as if you will die tomoro dream as if you will live forever. R.I.P xx

'I'm a vegetarian. I'm not a HARDCORE vegetarian..I eat a lot of meat.'

'I have very limited sympathy for people who get messed up by heroin, because you'd think that by now they would have heard something bad about it.'

"A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste"

Heaven wont have me and Hell's afraid ill take over!!!

Carlsberg dont make bebo's...but if they did it would be very stupid as they are in the industry of beer production and would gain nothing from having a bebo!

'Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'
i like the ones that go dodododo....do. like most music dance (not the stupid dj rankin stuff, he cant call himself a dj), country and western :) cant go to nashville if ya dont like it :D anything i can bop the night away to
Scared of
When walking home at night in the country and you hear too foxs having sex(but you didn know it was too foxs having sex)and it sounds like little children crying in the fields (but you know that theres no fucking children up that late....thats when the fear sets in)...and you run for dear life...and you run into the house and slam the door behind you ..and run into the sitting room and your dad is looking at you and says-wat the fuck is wrong wit you..and you say i just heard children crying in the fields..and then he says...not atall you fuckin ejit that was too foxs having sex.........and thats when im the most scared .....when my dad starts talking about animals having sex!!!!
Horse racing..sport of king (or queens as the case may be), i like to run :) like anything really expect golf, criket and tennis
You wear them on your head, you see
I love new socks :D Horse racin, when Reynolds doesnt kick, wen i get so overtired i get really hyper, findin money behind the couch, havin a few (too many) scoops wit da lassies, throwin shapes on the dancefloor, drinkin in keegans house, in da army barracks with da rdf, doin stuff, wen im not at work, new socks. i love the way the rednecks around kentucky talk :L "i gone done bust the tire on my truck" frickin love it...im a very happy person in general!!!
Licking the feckin yoghurt lid, Ppl who think theyre goth or emo when theyre just lookin for atttention, that Westwood dude who thinks he's black, alarms cos it means gettin up, clapping and when ppl clap AT you, poking in general, getting caught dancing with your ipod full blast, serious like really intense ppl who scare the crap outta ya, "up their own holes" ppl, when juicy fruit gum loses its flavour, holes in socks, when it rains on a night out, screaming girls(when its not ppl i like), skangers, nope trousers(there's a reason the cat is laughin), vodka (it makes me sleepy ok, Cmon Jack Daniels), LIARS, when friends betray you, fake laughs, when ppl pretend to like you even though you know they dont, socks and sandals, the break up, cadbury choc, wen i run outta money, wen im all alone :( wen mccconn calls me names >:( stupid american drivers
A bit of advice
striaght men turn gay and gay men turn mexican...everyone moves down a notch so theres always someone worse off than yourself :)

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  • More things the yanks said

    Dean: If harry potter is so magical, why cant he cure his own eyesight and get laid? a teenage guy shouldn't need a broomstick to hold onto.

    Nate: A dreamcatcher works...if your dream is to be gay.

    Chase: I think the worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades...or a game of fake heart attack

    Anthony: I once got sacked for laughing...mind you i was driving a hearse at the time.

    Casey: I may not know much, but i know the difference between than chicken shit and chicken salad.

    Dean: Employee of the month is a good example of how somebody can be a winner and a loser at the same time.

    Casey: It was take your daughters to work day. this is when girls ages 9 to 15 go to work. Or as its called in The Nike Factory - Thursday.

    Chase: Doing nothing is very hard to do...you never know when your finished.

    Brandon: I have never been drunk...i have been overserved though.

    Trent: Coffee isn't my cup of tea

    John: I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that i don't know the answer.

    Brandon: If you stay in a hose and you go to the toilet and theres no toilet paper, you can always slide down the banisters. Don't tell me you havn't done it!

    Nate: You should say no to drugs...it will drive the price down

    0 Comments 208 weeks

  • Things the Yanks said...stupid yanks

    Nate: " If a tree falls in the forest, and that forest is home to dozens of birds, aminals, plants and bugs, do they all suffer the horribly painful death of being crushed by a tree?"

    Brandon: "I can count cards. 52 everytime."

    John: "Insulin...the one type of medicine a spoonful of sugar doesn't help go down."

    Brad: "You are in the fish bowl."

    Brad: "Juggling is the hardest, most impressive way to get someone not to like you."

    Chase: "I watch porn on my ipod so that way my dick is as big as a pornstars."

    Nate: "All the world's a stage. Espically the stages."

    Brandon: "I wonder if fish vaginas ever smell human??"

    Shawn: "I've been looking into real estate lately...but the police report calls it "peeping"."

    Brandon: "My grandparents were married for 68 years. When my grandmother passed away, my grandfather died the very next day. the doctor sait he died of a broken heart. And sternum. When the truck hit him, his neck snapped backwards and it pretty much crushed his spine. His head was unrecognizably maimed. It was actually pretty horrible."

    Me(after the movie): " I hate it when people talk all the way through a movie."
    Brandon: " I know this black guy who's always talking during movies...but hes an actor."

    Nate: "Certain ladies of the night offering they're services."

    Shawn: "I was a fireman once, when i say fireman i dont mean fireman persay."

    Brad: "Ah well we all remember Daisy Duke."

    John: "Bit of radio Moscow going on down there, folks!"

    0 Comments 209 weeks


    You are not Superman!
    Keep it simple, stupid!
    Automatic weapons - aren`t!
    Recoilless weapons - aren`t!
    Suppressive fire, won`t!
    Incoming fire has right of way!
    If the enemy is in range, so are you!
    Don`t look conspicious, it draws fire!
    If it`s stupid and it works, it`s not stupid!
    When in doubt, empty your magazine!
    The easy way is always mined!
    Try to look unimportant, they may be low on ammo!
    Professionals are predictable, it`s the amateurs that are dangerous!
    Teamwork is essential, it gives them somebody else to shoot at!
    Never draws fire, it irritates everyone around you!
    Anything you do can get you shot, including doing nothing!
    No combat-ready unit ever passed inspection!
    No inspection-ready unit ever passed combat!
    Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you!
    If your attack is going really well, it`s an ambush!
    No battle-plan has ever survived contact with the enemy!
    Your weapon is made by the lowest bidder!
    The enemy diversion you are ignoring, will turn out to be the main-
    The only thing more accurate than enemy incoming fire, is friendly
    incoming fire!
    When you have secured an area, don`t forget to tell the enemy!
    Make it tough enough for the enemy to get in, and you wot be able
    to get out!
    A sucking chest wound is nature`s way of telling you it`s time to
    slow down!
    If you`re short of enything but enemys, you`re in a combat-zone!
    The enemy invariably attacks on only two occasions, when you`re
    ready for it, and when you`re not!

    0 Comments 242 weeks

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If the patient is dead.... and your sure, you can feel free to tell them anything you want {nervous laugh}


There'll be banana hammocks everywhere!


... In your endo.


I'm a quitter. I come from a long line of quitters. It's amazing I'm here at all.


You there. Lord of the Rings. Let's talk about how this whole one-day trial thing is going. At the moment, you're fired.


This paint will make a tasty dish! Yes! Yes! My oven can cook anything, my oven can cook...... BITS OF OVEN!


Don't eat muffins while I'm developing you!


I've got to get a girlfriend, just for the summer, until this wears off. She'll be a summery girl. She'll have hair. She'll have summery friends who know how to be outside. She'll play tennis and wear dresses and have bare feet, and in the autumn, I'll ditch her, because she's my summer girl!


There's the elephant. He's happy with his balloon. Oh no! It's gone! Where is it? It's not behind the rhino. Look in the alligator's mouth. It's not there either! Ohhhhhhh... The monkey's got it up the tree! He gives it back. They all drink lemonade. The end!

'I went to the chemist to get some Fizzy-Good.' / 'Some what?' / 'You know, some Fizzy-Good, Fizzy-Good-Make-Feel-Nice.' / Fran: 'Oh, Alka-Seltzer.'

Ooh, thermometers, walls. I can't decide. I just hope that when I toss the coin it some how explodes and kills me!

No not anything goes! I said no rules!

Don’t ask questions. Just clean this place up… It’s a disgrace! Boil my eye-bath. And polish the stair rug. Delouse the duvet. Tumble dry our doilies. Hoover the roof. And whistle down the chimneys.

See, selling books is a game. It has rules. You need to learn those rules, yeah, and you need to get serious about them, because it's not a game.

Well.... whores will have their trinkets!

Well, I didn't ask for the job of insulting you. In another life, we could have been brothers. Running a small, quirky tavern in Sicily. Maybe we would have married the local twins instead of wasting each other's time here in this dump. But it was not to be. So hop it.

Imagine we're all on a football team OK and the guy on the wing, he's wearing a crazy shirt. Nobody knows what team he's on, can I pass to him? I don't know. And look his sandal has come off on the muddy ground - DAMN IT we've lost five nil!

We want to keep out of the whole area of being in love with the horse

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  • Chloe Porch

    You have to check this out http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • luv Forrest Griffin

    Hey still here living in good owl mullagh are u still in america bud are u working and partying hard over there xxxxx

    4/2/10 via Mobile
  • Darkroom Dj
    Darkroom Dj

    Hey Marie ♫ ♪ ♪♫♪ ♫ ╔═══╗♫ ♪ ║███║♪♫ ║ ( o )║Now Playing - ╚═══DJ-boabspence♥ DarkroomDjs Free Hardcore Internet Radio Join> www.darkroomdjsradio.bebo.com

  • Lorna Wilson
    luv Lorna Wilson

    u get back ok??/xxx

  • Lorna Wilson
    Lorna Wilson

    ur a wee scut;) ;) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lorna Wilson
    luv Lorna Wilson

    Had a dream last nte dat u wer hme!!mis ur face x x

    1/2/10 via Mobile
  • Forrest Griffin

    Happy new year hope you have a good one xx

    12/31/09 via Mobile
  • Lorna Wilson
    luv Lorna Wilson

    Waaaaat??i tout u wer getn hme nda new year????:( dnt ritely knw pet,prob jus head 4shligo;) how was ur xmas?x x x

    12/29/09 via Mobile
  • Lorna Wilson
    luv Lorna Wilson

    happy xmas babe.....missin u loads xxxxxxx u home in da new year???xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Shane Battles
    luv Shane Battles

    happi xmas dude x

    12/25/09 via Mobile
  • Lorna Wilson
    luv Lorna Wilson

    marbella..........................  ........... think dats wat she sayin n da pic:DD :DD xxxxxxxxx

  • Joe Casey
    Joe Casey

    ah say its some buzz over ther headin australia after xmas for a few months... gave up the rdf ages ago got sick of shining boots ha

  • Joe Casey
    luv Joe Casey

    whats crackin long time no chat.. size of ur man in d picture wit ya wouldn start on him :L :L

  • Josh Evans
    luv Josh Evans

    no sorry, it was an random add sorry u ok?

  • Lorna Wilson
    luv Lorna Wilson

    i miss u:( :( :( xxxxxx

  • Eamonn
    luv Eamonn

    Kinky xxx

    12/9/09 via Mobile
  • Eamonn
    luv Eamonn


    12/9/09 via Mobile
  • Damo Battles
    luv Damo Battles

    Who do i tink i am? im broke (money wise), datz who i am :O , wat a strange way to bebo me, u are crazy :) i like the profile picture, is dat ur new boyfriend :D BuRn, he luks nice :L , hows all miss horses,any craic with ya, tanx for inviting me over to visit u, last time ul be stayin in my gaf in sligo :(

  • luv Prince Charming

    god damn crazzee lady!!! hw u keepin?? nah ben up in du da last month so ben missin all da rain tank fuck!hahahah ne crk wit u?? headn ta vegas!:O u bitch! u no my luv 4 strippers drink drugs and gambling! ggrrr>:(