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never apologize for saying what you feel;; because thats like saying "im sorry for being real"

7/20/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
kisten alexandria ;

hii; okay soo im seventeen; im definately taken; im a cheerleader at lchs; i take gymnastics at pga; i go to lchs (junior); i love my friends; and i hate a couple people; im kinda sorta judgemental, haha paige j.; i couldnt live without the rain and thunderstorms, theyre absolutely positively amazing; hello kitty is my cartoon totally. shes adorable and cutee; i like old disney movies; if you like me thats great, if you hate me thats even better; i laugh at anything and everything; im crazy soo what; im in love with lab puppies, too cute; i like hollister and aero,but aeros better; bluee and yellow are my favorite colors, but then again purple kinda squeezes its way in there; i hate my cell phone, samsung, i was in love with it at first but now its just gay; eyeliner is a must; loving my laptop; hmm i guess thats all you need to know

- peace out(:
i am the author of my life; unfortunately im writing in pen; and i cant erase my mistakes.
if youre going to be original; you can count on being copied -mikes hard lemonade
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  • high school schedule (:

    keyboarding/comp & tech app


    life skills

    physical science


    english 1

    spanish 1

    u.s. history

    0 Comments 206 weeks

  • alice in wonderland (: [L]

    if i had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. and contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. and what it wouldn't be, it would. you see?

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  • bored!!

    Would you rather...
    1. Pierce Your Nose Or Tongue : nose :S
    2. Be Serious Or Be Funny : funny
    3. Drink Whole Or Skim Milk : neither :[
    4. Die In A Fire Or Drown : i prefer not to think about that thanks (:
    5. Spend Time With Your Parents Or Enemies : parents

    Do you prefer
    1. Flowers Or Sweets : flowers; but after they die sweets would be nice
    2. Grey Or Black : black
    3. Color Or Black And White Photos : umm take it in color then if you dont like it edit it
    5. Sunrise Or Sunset : sunset :]
    6. M&Ms Or Skittles : skittles (:
    7. Staying Up Late Or Gettin Up Early : staying up Late

    Answer truthfully
    1. Do You Like Anyone? duh
    2. Do They Know It? lets hope soo ; )

    Do you prefer
    1. Sun Or Moon : umm idk
    2. Winter Or Autumn : winter christmasee time
    3. Left Or Right : right,
    4. 10 Acquaintances Or 2 Best Friends? 2 best friends cause acquaintances are someone you just met
    5. Sunny Or Rainy : rainy (:
    6. Vanilla Ice Cream Or Chocolate Ice Cream : vanilla all the way

    About you
    1. What Time Is It? 12:42
    2. First Name : kisten! :]
    4. What Is Your Birth Date : 3/16/95
    5. What Do You Want : a new cellular device
    6. Nervous Habit : honestly i dont think i have one
    7. Are You Double Jointed : i wish
    8. Can You Roll Your Tongue : nah; that would be cool though haha
    9. Can You Raise One Eye Brow : yeah (: finally something i can do
    10. Can You Cross You Eyes : yay! i can do this too

    1. Did You Ever Lie To Avoid Going Out With Some One : yea... ):
    2. Ever Thrown A Shoe At Some One : lol yeah recently actually
    3. What Was The Oldest Some One Thought You Were : 17; and im just a tid bit short dontcha think

    1. Do You Twirl Your Hair : just when im bored
    2. What's Your Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink : apple juice ; )
    3. Do You Cook : yeah i guess soo with monica (: we bake cakes

    In the last month have you...
    1. Had A Bf/Gf : yesems
    2. Bought Something : umm duh
    4. Sang : yes! me and monica sang to keegan
    5. Been Hugged : of course; group hug
    6. Felt Stupid : every single day darling
    7. Missed Someone : yeah ):
    8. Got Drunk : personal dontcha think..but nopee
    9. Danced Crazy : who doesnt
    10.Gotten Your Hair Cut : no i prefer my long curls shanks (:
    11. Cried : nopee; im a happy person

    0 Comments 209 weeks

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  • Cookie S

    hey girl if you add me back that wil be a thank you verey much i am new to this bebo stufff dont wanted no things to go on here badd

  • Cookie S

    o girl lovez your page

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  • Lyndsee Riley
    luv Lyndsee Riley

    well sorry its took me a while lol but i havent really got on this i dont think many people have well just felt like sharing the love like old times lol well ttyl love yah!!

  • .MaKayla Renee. 9/2/09
  • .MaKayla Renee.
    .MaKayla Renee.

    ur skin is like...****...lol

  • Lyndsee Riley
    luv Lyndsee Riley

    oh lmao

  • Crazy Taxi
    Crazy Taxi

    Add and Play for extra bebo love to send http://apps.bebo.com/crazytaxii/AppL...

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  • Lyndsee Riley
    luv Lyndsee Riley

    im lost LOL!!?! what u talking bout

  • Lyndsee Riley
    luv Lyndsee Riley

    LOL (:

  • Lyndsee Riley
    luv Lyndsee Riley

    Kistenn (:

  • Adrianne

    i hope soo..imma be mad if we dont haha

  • Adrianne

    um hunny we aint we suck lol we've only won one and that was against union co but we've lost the other 3 =[ but we're tryin to do better so hopefully we'll win some more

  • Adrianne

    yes we can haha i stole your bebo video btw lol sorry but i liked the song haha and pretty much the same and soccer everday after school..so yeah but im loving highschool its sooo much better than middleschool

  • luv Adrianne

    Heyy girl..whats upp? Well i havent left you a comment in awhile so i thought i would..your page is so cute! well ill ttyl. cmb. adriannepaigexo

  • Paige.

    Welcome! (: & Yaah, fersher. Agreed. :\

  • Paige.

    I love your song. (: & The video that goes with it. I always get chills when I see this. (:

  • Lyndsee Riley
    Lyndsee Riley

    i have english with you now.. so i guess its a start..