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Katie Cassidy

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  • Female, Luv 1
  • from United States
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  • Last active: 11/11/07
  • www.bebo.com/Xx_cassy_cat_xX
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hi everyone im kate cassidy i love to act and sing n i love jesse i never did have time to have a bebo but jesse told me i would have more time to talk to him on a computer if we had to work away from each other xoxoxox
so do ma polls and look at my quizes
but dont call me a fake
--$$$$$$$$$ _ _________$$$ _____$$$_________ _
__$$$___$$$_________$$_____$ $___________
___$$$___________ ____$$___$$____________
_____$ $$______$$$$$___$$_$$__$$$___
 _$$ $_
_______$$$___$$___$$___$$$_ ___$$____$$__
________$$$_$$$$ $$$___$$__$$__$$____$$__
_$$$_ __$$$_$$________$$____$$__$$_
 __$ $__
___$$$$$___$$$$$$$__$$$___ _$$$___$$$$$__
_______________ _____________________$$__
____ __$$$$____________$$$$_______
 ___ $$__
____$$____$$________$$___ _$$_______$$___
_$$$________$$ ____$$________$$____$$____
___ ___________$$$$____________$$
 $$_ _____
The Other Half Of Me
Jesse Mc Cartney
the pussycat dolls
i love watching really old movies
goin to a baseball game
Scared Of
ghosts spiders and rats
Happiest When
with jesse and friends

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    Katie Cassidy

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  • peps

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    You have to call just about all of your parents' friends "Auntie" or "Uncle."

    You know what b

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  • xxx cross out xxx

    cross out the ones you have done before in your life..

    ( ) car crash

    (x) liked someone famous

    ( ) acted like a MAN, *OF COURSE!*

    ( ) been in a fist fight

    ( ) touched a spider

    (x) got caught into a spider web

    (x) have/had a pet

    ( ) had a robot to do everything for you

    (x) a wish came true

    ( ) played in a badminton tournament

    ( ) slept over at a friends for 4 nights

    ( ) got in trouble for sleeping in

    (x) got in trouble for chewing on the table rudly, *from She's The Man.."Chew like you have a secret"*

    ( ) only had 1 sleepover in your life

    (x) went to disneyland/disney world

    ( ) traveled the world more than 9 times

    ( ) pinched yourself for being a total snob

    (x) been in a concert

    (x) had people ask if i had a boyfriend

    (x) been bungie jumping

    ```copy and paste this in my comments and backspace the "x's" and leave a blank or leave the "x"...

    xoxoxox (*(katie)*)xoxoxox

    3 Comments 345 weeks

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    heya kaite howz it going?Billie Kaixxxxxxxx

  • Jesse Mc Cartney
    luv Jesse Mc Cartney

    hey sxc where were u last nite you didnt answer your phone wel cya the nite ill stay in yours tonight ??????

  • Niusha M

    hey gurl how are u ? i ma a big fan ur can u add me as friend please thanks bye

  • Madonna

    HEY !!!! HOW R THINGS ?????

  • Jesse Mc Cartney
    Jesse Mc Cartney

    hey did u so is bobbie ma man their i am callin over soon any way what you been up to the day then x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0  x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x i love u jesse