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slipknot.. We love you.. from iain morr
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football (come on the hoops), shinty
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Sleeping, Partying, Talking, when with mates

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  • funky facts

    If one person farted continually for 81 months, they would produce the same amount of energy as a nuclear bomb.

    If you were stabbed, your blood would squirt out of your body to land up to 9 meterw away due to the pressure created by your heart as it beats.

    Every year you will shake hands with 11 women who have recently masturbated and failed to wash their hands.....but only 6 men over the same period.

    In doin ordinary things like using a shared computer, pulling out a chair to sit on or holding onto a handrail on the bus, your hands will come into indirect contact with 15 penised in one day.

    You inhale 1 litre of other people's fart gases every day.

    Women fart 3 times more during the day then men do.

    your mouth has a population of over one million microscopic creatures.

    You skin and your spit contain more bacteria than your urine.

    The record holder for projectile vomitting managed to desgorge the contents of his stomach to a distance of 8 metres.

    over 1 ton of pubic hair is extracted from water treatment plants every month.

    Over your lifetime you will produce enough spit to fill a swimming pool.

    There are lots of tiny bacteria that enjoy feasting on the sweat that your feet produce, and it's their excrement as well as the dead bacteria that produces that gunk between your toes and makes your feet pong.

    Your stomach needs to produce a lining of mocus every 2 weeks to stop it digesting itself.

    The longest recorded fart lasted 2 minutes and 42 seconds.

    Every year 14 bugs find their way into your mouth while you sleep, and yes, you do swallow most of them.

    Flies are sick every time they land, and they dont mind where they empty their stomach's......food, skin, knives, forks......

    Cockroaches fart every 15 minutes.

    Every cockroach carries the bacteria for 40 different diseases, including the plague and hepatitis.

    The Romans used crushed mouse brains as toothpaste.

    In the Middle Ages women smeared cat feaces on their faces to get rid of unwanted hair.

    Henry II died after his lover got mad and pushed a burning poker up his anus.

    You swallow half a lire of urine during an one hour swim.

    450 grams of peanut butter can contain up to 150 insect body parts and 5 rat hairs.

    Fast-food restaurant employees have admitted to spraying oven cleaners onto bugers, and taking food into the toilets to add their own flavouring.

    If you consume takeaways on a regular basis, you will swallow 12 pubic hairs every year

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  • Jakie Chan Here Lads
    Jakie Chan Here Lads

    arit mate wats the craic mum ses dnt wory shel b bak in in a few days haha wubu2???

  • MacKenzie.

    Hey how are you? xxxxx

  • Norman Macpherson
    Norman Macpherson

    hi wat u up 2

  • Jennifer.XO
    luv Jennifer.XO

    Heey . how you doing? xxx

  • Scott Regan

    why are you speaking to craig gordan like you nah him and it's not even him ? haha

  • Tommy.
    luv Tommy.


  • Scott MacDonald
    Scott MacDonald

    you dick, see when me and kevin slid in to get you a fucked ma leg eh xx

    6/3/09 via Mobile
  • Katharyn Grace Nicolson
    Katharyn Grace Nicolson

    Well hello there :) How you doing? What you been upto? Miss you XXXX

  • Matthew

    oryt ah not yet eh haha i dunno ye haha cheers wb x

  • Shannon.X 2/20/09
  • Shannon.X
    luv Shannon.X

    heres the love you ASKED for, xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Holly
    luv Holly

    Waaaassap niggaaa?? Whats Doing? Theee Fireeeee STATION. :L Xxxxxxx

  • Mark
    luv Mark

    Hey shaun. How do you do? How have you been this week.. Nice weekend was it? Hehe. I Would say is was pritty damn awsome. KEN!

  • Shannon.X
    luv Shannon.X

    heey im good thanks you? em nothing really just with alison what you doing skiverrrrr? em i dont think much you playing tomorrow? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jennifer.XO

    Good Ta.. Nuthn Much. Just At Home. Wnu.? xxxxx

  • Jennifer.XO

    Hey (: How Are You.? .x.X.x.

  • Scott MacDonald
    Scott MacDonald

    Hiya hows you?

    1/10/09 via Mobile
  • John Gillies
    John Gillies

    alryt. it goin gd. wbu? nt much reelie pretty bored! wbu?

  • MacKenzie.

    Merry Christmas!