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Karissa Donaghey

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  • Female, 25, Luv 74
  • from Costa Del Derry!haha
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Last active: 10/20/08
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About Me

Thats Grand Sure!. . . Cracker! lol (",
Me, Myself, and I
*•. .•***Saváiste Cabáiste ♥♥♥.**
/.•*•.¸..•¤**¤•., .•¤**¤•.*.*
Are ya ready kids..SAVAGE CABBAGE!!!!
(="."=) This is Bunny. Put him on your
(")_(") Bebo and help him on his
way to world domination

Well peepz wots the craic. . . as u all know im called Karissa aka MJ or shorty.......well alot has changed since the last time i updated this thing n well.......lets just say im the happiest i cud ever be cuz of all me friends n me wee man. . like to giv them a big mention especially me wee babe....kate moss aka catherine mcgowen. . . mwah lover her shes me babe!Goin way Rorbor Stewart n hes class, cracker, sexy, fuckin beaut n best of all MINES!lol MadboutHIm. com lol. . . aye thats grand sure!!! (",) well if ye feel like leavin me a wee comment that wud be just GRAND SURe! xXx

***If you have ever pushed on a door that said 'PULL' copy and paste this onto your profile***
stupid thing to do but hey....you'd be amazed! :P
The Other Half Of Me
Catherine Mc Gowan

Catherine Mc Gowan

Kate Moss! love her xx

.,.*Da tunes*.,.
Well i like anythin meself!BUT..me fav has to be DANCE.anything dance im lovin it!but ive become a fan of all othe music aswell durin me time bk in me class town. . . chris brown awww love him. . . usher. . .basshunters new one jeez love it. . n beleive it or not gareth brooks, leona lewis n wee westlife thiere all amazin n its a wee change from me dance! lol
Vodka n coke. . . .never thought i wud say it but im lovin it at the mo. . . then theres the famous WKD which ye cani not drink! Beer the odd time now. .not a whilebig fan no more! SHOTS; sambuca, apple sours thats bout it reli.......tryin d cut dwn on the alcohol side of life cuz i think its takin it toll on me wee body!lol :P
.,.*Fav place*.,.
Derry of corz n im missin aberdeen but as peepz say life goes on. . . .love spendin time in 11 leafair gardens wi me sister from another mister!lol shes class. . . . .still wrkin in mc dees as a manager but finkin of leaving just for a wee career change cuz to be honest its doin me heasd in but im goni miss everybody big time. . but its not to say i aInt goni c them again cuz i OBVIOUSLY am. . . another favourite place is me bed lol but have to stop bein so lazy cuz ye can do enough sleepin when ur dead!....ye know!lol
.,.*Me speech*.,.
the milkybars will be on me love dnt worry!HAHA the weekend has landed, all that exists now is clubs, pubs, seagulls n partys!ive got 72 hours off the work girl im goni blow steam out ma head like a screamin kettle, im goni tlk cock shit to strangers all nite im goni loose the plot on the dncefloor, the free raticles inside me r FREAKIN man, tonite im a jeff traboltar im peter popper im goin to nevernever land wi m chosen family man, were gona get more spaced out than neil armstrong eva did (haHA GET IT)anything cud happen tonite this cud be the best weekend of our lives, ive got 73 quid in me back buerner, im gona wax the lot man.....THE MILKY BARS AR ON ME.......YEAH!!!!!!lovin it xxxx still love that wee speech but ive another wee sayin.........where theres LIEs theres NO TRUST.....no.1 critical pointin life. . .wots the point inlyin cuz its easier to tell the truth than lie....jus a wee sayin i got from me rory. lol
.,.*Happiest When*.,.
Im at home wi all me mates not that i dnt love bein bk in the deen wi all the mad heads!and i cant forget to mention my muir shes amazin love her to bits shes my bridge biAtch!woopwoop SAVAGE!everyone at uni mean so much to me!it was the best year EVER!CaTHERINE obviously again cuz shes me best mate n i lover her...........CRACKER!:P love spendin time wi rory aswell cuz hes amazin cnt believe ive met him at last as we say "where have u been all me life?". . . . . looking for you. . but ive found him so im never lettin himgo. . . not a hope!haha xxx
Best Place to be......
Flat 84 was amazin, no longer there :( !
Or the fantastic 280 hector boece"!All me ppepz hangin out gettin into random righteous weird and wacky things haha tis legendry many mad nites miss it big time but aww well still have the memories. . . bestest place to be is wi me mates havin a laugh at wee MJ haha cuz i take it bad!haha n wi Rory.! mwah xx
Random razzle dazzle quotes...
When i arrived in aberdeen, i learnt many wierd sayins not on purpose...it sort of just sticks after a while....well i may get started on the Saváiste Cabáiste which is Irish for Savage Cabbage....random i know but wen it cums to the mad things we do its unexplainable but yet we all are. Then there cums the RIGHTEOUS side of things....dont ask twas a nite in watchin sum film n three very drunk girls...haha so ever since its stuck!Oh yeah and who can forget the Maharaja as we all bloody say it everytime we get fucked up...which is pretty much all of the time...BUT ITS OK CUZ WE ARE STUDENTS!!!!(", ) the excuse for everything!its the new law for hillhead students who visit the dark and wild side of things. But now that imbk at home theres alot more. . . . too any to mentionbut all the derry heads understand!n thats wots important! Thats grand sure. . . . aww well enough about me i love ye's all n ye all know who u are! LATER! xXx

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  • VODSKIIIIIII!!!!!!! haha

    If the sea was made of vodka,
    And I was a diving duck,
    I'd swim to the bottom,
    And drink myself back up,
    But the sea isnt made of vodka,
    And im not a duck,
    So pass me the bottle,

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    Aoibheann H.

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  • Questhouse Warehouse
    Questhouse Warehouse

    Sat 12th Sep - Bar Budda, Odysssey - Belfast 1 room - 8 djs djs Reece Rodgers Haywire Bozy Aaron Watton Copy and paste Phunk and resident Colin Gent Funky to Progressive House 5 quid in 8.30 til 1am Hope to see you there !! House Music in the Odyssey ? Every Thur, Sat, SunAppLink:10279325780

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  • Miss Lou Belle
    luv Miss Lou Belle

    Hello misses!! hows life? Missin me over there? I miss you, sitin here reminiscing (dunno how th fuck to spell that) lol. wb wee fucka!! xoxoxox my love as always :D

  • Father John Smith
    Father John Smith

    who ye stickin ur tongue out 2? lol

  • Liam Beswick
    Liam Beswick

    hey wee girl how u doin? not spoke to ya in ages!! hows the costa del derry? xxxxxx

  • luv Nicola Burnett

    hey doll did u injoy urself last nite do u even mind meeting me lol nice 2 c u again pet been a long time

  • Caoimhan Fleming
    luv Caoimhan Fleming

    wats happenin fathead how was christmas lol

  • Liam Beswick
    Liam Beswick

    hey you how you doing? long time no speak what the hell are u up to? xxx

  • Dee Deirdre
    Dee Deirdre

    hiya doll how is things.

  • Colleen Lynch
    Colleen Lynch

    Hey you how ya getting on now x

  • Leanne Ferguson
    luv Leanne Ferguson

    hey hunnie, awk fuck all wa bout yourself? hows life des days didnt even get tlkin de ye last week, aye it's grand jst part time get meself a few pound haha aye sure am you all loved up missus xxx

  • Caoimhan Fleming
    Caoimhan Fleming

    Am finished skool now n was just gonny take a year out before uni but i dont even no if i cud be bothered now lol :L Do ye have dey book dates off in axa ages in advance lol cause if ye do ye better book off my bday in december cause wer goin dey letterkenny :D

  • Caoimhan Fleming
    luv Caoimhan Fleming

    Lifes sweet :L I just need a new job now hahaha :D Caoimhe Duffys goin for her shirt now, shes ur replacement lol Any craic way ye lol?

  • Caoimhan Fleming
    Caoimhan Fleming

    Love ye longtime ;)

  • Austy

    hey hows things wif u missis havent seen u about in a while ul ave de get a nite out wif us just for da craic lol. hope da job n all is well bmb.

  • Laura Stewart
    luv Laura Stewart

    hows me wee sister doin? heard bout dat wee mess the other nyt one word MESS HAHAHAHAH aww well jealous ppl get no were lol awwwww cuz u and me bro is all loved up er waaaaa??? lol get a shout down 2 u and ror bors hoz damara ats grand sure ryt babe away on here. bizzy women ye no lol love yaaaaaaaaa xoxoxoxoxox oxoxoxoxo oxoxoxx

  • Dee Deirdre
    Dee Deirdre

    hiya shorty how is thigns. hows the new job going. you are missed. xx

  • Jen Curran
    luv Jen Curran

    hey girl hows you ??in belfast for a while had a weekend der in donegal good craic, you still working away in derry you changed numbers?? you no what im like with phones lol ill send ya the new number... i was hoping ya still might have a clue were that box of stuff is i would be fussed but all my pics were in it and books its real sentimental value to me, if ya any clues lets no. any way if ya fancy a trip over to the deen in sept ya no our house is always open . chat soon durka durka mohammed gihad!!! lol x