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going to lanzarote tonight whooooooooooooo

8/10/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Arklow
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About Me

Lovin Life :D
Me, Myself, and I
Joy,East glendalough, 2nd year
E252 Come ere till i knock your head off your shoulders ye smellyhobo E14C

2010 :D

Nothing like a bit of Chicken E523
E05A <--- This is my friend his name is Simon Linch , i am not alone.

Never forget '' its giving of real freedom and its great for my game'' E011

i like to touch E308 its gives me a tingling sensation.

E444 Hey look its Daffodils E409

- A E12C Y E303

The Other Half Of Me
Noms Loves Eryk
-Amy Breen
freak zortron anyone ?:L
weve been friends since we were like 8 :D , dunno wat i would do with out her :D We have the coolest book ever hahaha. There is so much i could right about her. salou was the best :D i heart christan 4 ever haha, America was cool 2 :D weve had our fights but they dont last. we love to rave withe the speakers in her das house :L :L "But i never thought" haha "now i look drunk all the time".i practically live in her house. Most people dont get our humor but its funny haha we like to slag people alot :L ."sure ill be grand off a litre like" im still locked now like" haha of course you are, you kno who im talkin about amy haha .I can tell her anything.whenever were together we just non stop laugh ha .Eddie boiiiii :L nathan craft is so dreamy . Shes the best friend ever E314 :D one last thing, howiyeeeee :L

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  • Truee

    Once Your A Teenager Everythings Different. Your Supposidly "Best Friend" Turns Their Back On You. Your Boyfriend Plays You, Your Homework Never Gets Done. Detention Becomes Suspension, Lipgloss Becomes Foundation. Lemonade Becomes Vodka. Sweets Become Drugs. Love Becomes Heartbreak. Lets Face It, We Are All Just Growing Up. But I Still Remeber Being Little + Cute, I Miss Thosee Good Old Days. When Swear Words Were Bad. Falling Out Lasted 5 Minutes. When The Only Things Boys Played With Were Action Men. When Teachers Were Your Friends + You Only Cried When You Fell Over. When Wearing Short Skirts Didnt Make You A Slut. When The Only Man In Your Life Was Your Daddy. When The Nurse Didnt Ask You If Your Pregnant If Your Tummy Hurt. When Barbie Were Toys + Not People. Only Secondary School Turns Daddy's Little Princess Into Daddy's Little Slutz"Z.

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  • Jul 13
  • Flurp


    12/13/10 via Mobile
  • Iano

    im all out of loves sorry motherfucker :L xxx

  • luv Gemma.


  • Offical Eye Candy
    Offical Eye Candy

    JOIN ... new group cos ur EYE CANDY :P * comment pixs *do tha polls * b rated as the hottest eye candy on BEBO so JOIN NAW :) :) :) 1 ho

  • luv Gemma.

    Cack o brien boi !!!!!!!!

    7/2/10 via Mobile
  • Shauna
    luv Shauna

    my house now. by the way ive kno phone, phily has it :D

  • Shauna
    luv Shauna

    mount + mountela ? ><

  • Shauna
    luv Shauna


  • Awsome.Com
    luv Awsome.Com

    it was good :) yesterday was fun too :D

  • Awsome.Com
    luv Awsome.Com

    ah it was good :) i wasnt drinking though .what did you think of it :DD

  • Nathan C 6/24/10
  • Awsome.Com 6/23/10
  • Nathan C 5/20/10
  • Shauna
    luv Shauna

    A.K.A , amoo baimoo . Baby boo, Rihanna like wednesday excited much? like im gonna pee my pants with excitement :B I like to apply some sparkling body lotion to your toe nails muhaha Btw , je vais au cinema. Friday :P Cause my momma is workin and i have to mind cockface. Wanna help? Do the usual business in my sitting room yehno yourself , Mentle boii Okay well i may go watch a bihha Horrid Henry now. ''Its not easy being me, brush my teeth and my hair its just not easy bein me, Horrid Henry '' I am not weird .. :B

  • Shauna
    luv Shauna

    Love from, zortroonnn lover :B

  • Gemma.

    Smella Shiiiiit !! , x

  • Flurp

    hay wdc ? x

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C

    aww thanks haha u 2 ;)

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C

    bebo obvo