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Bardixxen Acedia.

Check in later.

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Kirstie. 18. Artist. Musician. Writer.

Deletion of account is imminent. Talk while you can.
The Other Half Of Me


9 years of frienship and still goin strong!

CHeCK iT..
Heavy, HEAVY metal. Anything with a good guitar solo, and a good beat thats worthy of being headbanged too. Pretty much. Stuff like --> Slipknot, Apocalyptica, Arch Enemy, Avenged Sevenfold, Behemoth, Bullet For My Valentine, The Butterfly Effect, Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, Criss Angel, Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Disturbed, Dream Theater, Drowning Pool, Epica, Evanescence, H.I.M, Kamelot, KoRn, Lacuna Coil, Malice Mizer, Marilyn Manson, Metallica, Motley Crue, Mudvayne, Murderdolls, Nightwish, A Perfect Circle, Rammstein, Rise Against, Rob Zombie, Saliva, Satyricon, Seether, Slayer, StoneSour, Switchfoot, Symphony X, System Of A Down, Three Days Grace, Wednesday 13, Within Temptation. And other crap, oki?
Hmm, basically, anything interesting..when someone gets their head chopped off, guts obliterated and blood oozing out of every part of the human body imaginable. Oh, and I like the occasional, less, "morbid" types as well. (Morbid isn't what I'd call those movies... ENTERTAINMENT is more like it.)

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Dean: That's another question. Why would you fall? Why would you want to be one of us?
Anna: You don't mean that.
Dean: I don't? A bunch of miserable bastards? I mean, eating, crapping, confused afraid.
Anna: I don't know, there's loyalty, forgiveness? love.
Dean: Pain.
Anna: Chocolate cake.
Dean: Guilt.
Anna: Sex.
Dean: Yeah, you got me there.
-Dean Winchester
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  • It has come to my attention...

    I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still a couple of days ago and it is certainly a movie that makes you think. As I am about to discuss a few key points from the movie, I extend a warning to all those who wish to see it, to not read ahead. Of course the choice is entirely upon you, as you hold the power to make the choice. Anyway, let's begin.

    Basically, the story revolves around the destruction of the human race. An alien life form comes to Earth to obliterate mankind and start over. Start a new because we mere humans are in fact destroying the earth with each passing day. At first, it seems somewhat, cruel and very inhumane to destroy a race without question or consideration, but the point of destroying the human race is made undoubtedly clear. We are a plague. A disease that consumes the earth and all its vital resources - ones we take for granted on a daily occurrence.

    If we are to really think about it, mankind is taking the earth's beauty and grace, and destroying it to fit our most craved desire - power and the simple word "more". More money, more technology, more space, more, more, more. It is our blindness that is deeming the world into annihilation, simply because mankind cannot adapt to our surroundings but resort to change them to suit our needs. Not for a mere second considering the consequences our actions take on the earth.

    I know, by now I may seem like this earth loving "save the earth" sort of person but when we really think about it, it hits you in many ways. The human race is the most destructive, and the biggest plague this world has ever faced. We consume the world's natural resources for our own gain, and put nothing back into the cycle to preserve our planet. Global warming fits into the topic quite well, as we are all aware of what it is doing to the earth. Without the protection of the ozone layer, we would be indeed fried to a crisp in an instant. Something no one wants to encounter themselves as it would be a most horrific and painful way to meet our demise. There are many other pressing issues happening in the world as we know it today, like war, and famine - but when we think about it, if there is no earth, then there is no war, no famine. No existence what so ever. A very dim and depressing thought, but meaningful.

    You see, we, the human race are destructive. We define the term "shoot first, shoot some more and ask questions later" in many different ways. It may not be entirely our fault but we do have the power to change. The power to stop ourselves from killing our planet as we are seeming to do rather well. The government's around the world are coming up with all kinds of schemes and plans to help stop global warming but this is not enough as the government only controls such a minute part of the economy. The public eye controls the vast majority remaining so in turn, we are the deeming factor in the survival of mankind and the preservation of Earth.

    We are defined by the choices we make in our lives, and the impact that they have on everything else we come in contact with - people's lives and our own habitat alike. Each and every living soul on this planet has the power to change their lives for the better and stop taking some things for granted as once they are gone, they will never return. You see, we are given the right to free will. To think for ourselves and to make our own choices in everyday life, whether that choice is as simple as buying a car, or as hard as leaving a life behind. Sometimes we change ourselves, in order to correct a wrong. To have a do-over and start again. Make a new life and live it better than before. This is indeed what we should do - live our lives better than we have and do our part in the preservation of this world we live in. We the people have the choice to change in order to save what we really need to survive, even if we do not see it as clearly as it is there, outside your windows all around.

    Whether or not anyone reads this all the w

    0 Comments 237 weeks

  • Random crap about me that i stole from Rach lol

    Name: Kirstie R.
    Nickname: Kixx, Kit, Kit Kat
    Birthday: 20th January 1992
    Place of Birth: T-Bah
    Zodiac Sign: Borderline of Capricorn/Aquarius - depends.
    Gender: Female
    School: Not Telling You, Stalker.
    Occupation: Student
    Residence: My house. Duh.


    Hair Colour: Red!!
    Hair Length: Longish
    Eye Colour: My eye colour changes continuously. Hard to say.
    Braces: No
    Glasses: Nope - 20-20 vision
    Piercings: Ears
    Tattoos: Not yet!!
    Righty or Lefty: Lefty

    Your Firsts:

    First Best Friend: Ash!
    First Award: Some colouring comp I think...lol
    First Sport: Netball maybe..
    First Pet: A birdy
    First Vaccation: No idea. Somewhere. Perhaps Caloundra.
    First Concert: Shame, The Rogue Traders
    First Love: Meh.


    Movies: 1408, Silent Hill, Cry Wolf, Twilight!
    TV Show: Supernatural.
    Colour: Black, Blood Red, Blue, Purple
    Friends: Jeez you all know who you are!
    Sweet: Chocolate!!
    Sport: -pass-
    Restaurant: I don't know.
    Bands: Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Cradle of Filth, etc.
    Store: Somewhere NOT plastic.
    Subject: Art or English. I like writing.
    Animal: Wolves, or tigers.
    Book: Something cool - and interesting.
    Shoes: Boots, my Globes lol


    Feeling: Tired. School does that.
    Single/Taken: ---
    Crush: Ha.
    Eatin: Nothing at the present moment.
    Drinkin: Nothing at this time.
    Typin: This..duhhh
    Online: Bebo, Facebook, VF.
    Listenin To: Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold
    Wanting: To not be bored..and for it to not be hot.
    Watchin: The computer screen, dumbas*
    Wearin: Clothes...
    Huggin: No one atm lol


    Want Kids: Yeah.
    Want To Get Married: Yeah
    Careers: Graphic Designer//Writer
    Want To Live: In a house is the general idea
    Car: '67 Shelby Mustang GT500 (dream car)

    What Is Better With The Opposite Sex:

    Hair Colour: Lol i dont know.. what looks good!
    Hair Length: Meh whatever looks good.
    Eye Colour: Any.
    Height: Not toooo tall..but not tooooo short..that works?
    Cute or Sexy: Either.
    Lips or Eyes: nooo idea.
    Hugs or Kisses: either is good :D
    Easygoing or Serious: Both.
    Romantic or Spontanious: Both.
    Fatty or Skinny: Not too fat, not too skinny
    Sensitive or Loud: Both but not too loud! Most of my friends are like that...
    Hook-up or Relationship: Dunno. Hook ups generally backfire big time.
    Sweet or Caring: Both.

    Have You Ever:

    Kissed A Stranger: Nope..well..classify "stranger"..
    Had Alcohol: Who Hasn't?! COME ON PEOPLE!
    Smoked: Nah.
    Ran Away From Home: Thought about it...many times
    Broken A Bone: Nah i'm still together lol
    X-Ray's: OH YEAH...plenty of them.
    Been With Someone: Define been?
    Broken Someone's Heart: A couple of times..
    Broken Up With Someone: mm
    Cried When Someone Died: Duh.
    Cried At School: Yeah i think so..

    Do You Believe In:

    Heaven: Yes
    Hell: Yes
    The After Life: Yes
    Ghosts: Yes!!!
    Aliens: Lol whatever floats your boat..
    Dreams come true: Of course, many of mine have.

    3 Comments 273 weeks

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    omg kixx! where are youu lol its been like forever

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    no one goes on this but HEY!

  • Super Jenny
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    yeh i know >< :O hahah true...wonder where i would be..probs sleeping :P hahha :P heres love love ya kixx x jenzii

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    Hello :P thats good =D i have 3 already too! even in the holidays i start skool next week :P Its been good just chilling arounds :P and on the xbox most of the time...so i really should get started on my assignments...plus theres field work! wht kind of assignment is that haha oh well take care kixx mwa jenzii

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    hey kixx =D how are you :P u get prettier every seconds hunz :P long tym no speak =D anything new? heres love xx jenzii

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    hayy hunn

  • Jess LiL Princezz
    Jess LiL Princezz

    im good thank u wats newww

  • Jess LiL Princezz
    Jess LiL Princezz

    hayy hunn how are youuu

  • Conor

    gud gud! :L ttyl keep rockin

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    o rite, wel cool! =] lol keep rockin!

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