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-Sweet Jones-


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  • Female, Luv 346
  • from United States
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Member since: Dezember 2006
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About Me

kaykay da don
Me, Myself, and I
◄▬ one of a kind
◄▬est. 09/01/93

♥simply kaykay♥

-im laidbak
-----i love to have fun
-i have a split-personality
-----i do speak my mind
-im a T.N.C. chick
-----somewhat ANTI-SOCIAL at timez
-spolied -only child-
-dnt givez no fuck
The Other Half Of Me
Sandy Babez

Sandy Babez

My Sister, My Everything, My Homie --►►►Shae◄◄◄--

my favorite is Z-RO but really i listen to all types of music
too many
basketball n football
kyla kan do bad one deep

forgettin sumone yuh love is lyk tryna
2 remember sumone yuh neva knew
Happiest When
sleepn chilln wit mah fam n true friendz:)
s.s.c. :( :( :(
f.b.n. - Fuckn.Bitchz.Niggaz

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I'm Gone Let the Truth Be Told

Death before dishonour

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Nicki Minaj - Your Love - 2010

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  • real talk (chardae made me wanna tell mah side)

    me bo n shae had i a long talk til we aint even kno we had been talkn dat long....we all goin thru da same problemz....dis a cold azz world dat we livin in real talk....den mane da ppl yuh love wit all yo heart b da main one dat shot yuh down dat shit krazy huh.....shid mah fam goin behind mah bak talkn 2 every nigga i den talkd 2 but shid me jus bein kay-kay i aint trip i aint say shit but damn dat show ha true colors....yuh gotta undastand all dey tryna do is knock yo shine....kus shid dey seen how he waz treatn yuh n shit how yall relationship goin she want sumthin lyk dat but yuh wanna kno wat dat iz kalld JEALOUSY kant nobody say dey dnt get jealous bcus dat a trait in everybody alwayz wantn wat da next person got r alwayz tryna b betta den everybody shid datz life really kus if yuh noticed datz how most ppl blow up kus of dat trait kalld JEALOUSY but shid i dnt really want nuthin sumbody i den seen him wit anotha girl....i aint gon lie im lyk da type dat want shit dat ppl kant have but na mah eyez den opend up shid dey aint make nuthin jus 4 kyla dey made it 4 everybody mainly da black community....we out killn each otha n beefn wit each otha but shid jus sit bak n think yuh may need da same person one day....stop livin life on bullshit mane fareal i den learnd dat shit mane im hurtn so bad money wise i aint got nuthin mah momma got sumthin but i aint got nuthin i dnt want ha money im tryna get ready 4 da real world im tryna hustle on mah own real talk....i waz almost 2 da point i waz thinkn bout selln drugs but i den i thought mane it aint shit in natchez 2 sell drug 2 mane im tried of lukn at mah ppl on dat powder, popn pills, smokn weed aint doin shit wit dey life mane shid datz y real talk i hate 2 c mah ppl hurtn i do give money out alot 2 mah fam n shit but mane yuh got realized its all gon kum bak one day....stop bein low-down n stingy n shit dat aint gon get yuh kno wea mane....den mane stop talkn bout dis life yuh wanna live talk about yo real life n da shit yuh go thru not dat wanna b thug life.....really dat shit aint cool kus wen yuh get older yuh gon realized mane dat waz nuthin but bullshit i did bak den but hey yuh already don did it yuh kant take it bak yuh jus gotta learn 4rm it n keep on kickn it life....mane dnt let nuthin knock yo hustle n dnt let nuthin slow yuh down...lyk z-ro say keep on pushn luh n i put dis on everythan yuh gon get sum wea it may not wea yuh wanna b rite den but yuh kant go 4rm da average person to a pro-basketball player yuh gotta go thru stepz in life....really yall dnt kno wat really go on in mah life kus everytyme sumbody c me i got a smile on mah face kus i kant let nuthin bring me down yuh will neva kno how i really feel kus i jus b laidbak...kus if i jus sit bak n let shit get 2 me i wudnt b JaKyla Mone' Jones kus i kno dnt eva let dat smile leave yo face kus yuh dnt suppose 2 let bullshit get 2 yuh.....so everybody dnt walk around wit yo head down lettn ppl fuck wit yo head shid b wat yuh wanna b n do wat yuh wanna do kus kant nobody stop yuh 4rm bein yuh...REAL MUTHAFUCKN TALK...n dnt chage 4 nobody kus dat mean dey didnt want yuh 4rm da get go...ya dig

    _yall dnt eva kno da half of it_

    simply kyla
    nuthin mo
    nuthin less

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