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Jack Sully

chelsea fc is the best team in the world

7/31/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from taunton
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Me, Myself, and I
yepp thats right im the 1 second in from the right my name is jack sully im 16. i hang with mates down wellsprings park , downtown nd stuff. i love playin footy and support chelsea fc. leave a comment and give me the love. ohh and btw Chelsea 7-5 Liverpool, Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal. CHELSEA FA CUP WINNERS 2009!!!!!!!!!

1 GK Petr Čech
2 DF Branislav Ivanović
3 DF Ashley Cole
5 MF Michael Essien
6 DF Ricardo Carvalho
7 FW Andriy Shevchenko
8 MF Frank Lampard (vice-captain)
9 FW Franco Di Santo
10 MF Joe Cole
11 FW Didier Drogba
12 MF John Obi Mikel
13 MF Michael Ballack
14 FW Claudio Pizarro
15 MF Florent Malouda
16 FW Scott Sinclair
17 DF José Bosingwa
18 MF Yuri Zhirkov
19 DF Paulo Ferreira
20 MF Deco
21 FW Salomon Kalou
22 GK Ross Turnbull
23 FW Daniel Sturridge
26 DF John Terry(Captain)
33 DF Alex
35 DF Juliano Belletti
39 FW Nicolas Anelka
40 GK Henrique Hilário
41 DF Sam Hutchinson
42 DF Michael Mancienne
jack tolman
funny as fook an amazin best mate nd cool as fuck. his laught is fookin funny lol
allways has 2 start a your mum fight hes got gd jokes but i allways win so there aint much point tryin lol
ryan blackmore
every time i look at him he looks like he is up to something lol but hes a funny fooker 2 lol
fozza blaad
allways talks about football nothin else lol. he is funny as fuck though and an amazin best mate. Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal
The Other Half Of Me


fuckin ledgend bluuuud

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What: ball sack black monkey jack
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  • chelsea fc

    |Chelsea FC truck | "|""";.., ___.
    |_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] |
    "(@ )"(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@

    Jack Sully 0 Replies

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