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Your gonna see a new me

1/31/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 23, Luv 149
  • from Anagh Coar
  • I am Down for Whatever
  • Profile views: 7,385
  • Last active: 10/18/11
  • www.bebo.com/cigsbebo
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About Me

United To Win The Lot!!!!
Me, Myself, and I
United For The Treble 2008-2009!!!!

Im Cig i live on the isle of man am 18 and love partyin and that's it! !! Love drinkin with the boys at the weekend up for anything because i love the drink.

Leave me a comment if you want

The Other Half Of Me


His Tool Is A Weapon

Oasis, Babyshambles, Gun N Roses, Artic Monkeys, Timberland, Calvin Harris, Oldies, Anything Really
Paddys House (basically is a fuckin film) Scarface, Godfather, Green Street, All The Rockys, All The Saws Anything Really
Drinking, Dancin , Pullin (doors open ) And Running Alot On Saturday Nights
Scared Of
Enzo's Boys

Enough Said
Shawn Corrin
He is one of the boys, but things had to end when he was told to grow up by his other half, do not worry shawn will be sneakin out to a pub near you

Love Ye Ace
Foster's Dad
Makes Everything Look Good, Has A Perfect Life, Knows Everyone an is known by everyone , Likes A Few Bad Boys The Odd Time and loves Football!!!
Paddys Cat
Paddys Cat / Mr Blobby is the fattest cat in anaghcoar, when he 1st got it you could hold it in one hand now you cant lift it with 2 people, it eats the cat food before you can put it in its bowl, i hate the thing we dont get along and are always fightin on Fridays

My Record Is 43-0-0 43 Ko's

Cya Soon Rat!!!

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  • 100 Questions

    ((001)) Name – A. Canipa
    ((002)) Nickname – cig.
    ((003)) Single or taken - single ace,
    ((004)) Zodiac Sign - leo
    ((005)) Male or Female - male
    ((006)) Primary School - anagh coar
    ((007)) iPod - gettin 1
    ((008) ) How many buddies on your list? -hey?
    ((009)) Screenname - lil cig
    ((010)) Hair Color - cant tell cus its so shiny
    ((012)) Hair Long or Short – long hair , hippys are my idols
    ((014)) Eye Color - blue
    ((015)) Are you health freak - me naaaaaaaa
    ((016)) Do you have a crush on someone – yeh the guys n dolls tranny
    ((017)) Siblings - 2 sisters
    ((018) ) Do you like yourself - of course
    ((019)) Braces? – Nope
    ((020)) Think your awesome? - defo
    ((021)) Piercings - nope
    ((022)) Tattoo - nope i dont like them
    ((023)) Righty or Lefty - righty

    Your Firsts..

    ((024)) Surgery – boob job last year
    ((025)) piercing - nope
    ((026)) First best friend – meg
    ((027)) First Award –105 knockout award (all girls)
    ((028) ) First Sport You Joined - footie
    ((029)) First pet – teenage mutan ninja turtle if tht counts
    ((030)) First vacation - cant remember,somewhere hot
    ((031)) First Concert – aint bn to 1
    ((032)) First love - jay corrin


    ((033)) Movie – scarface (showtime!!! DIE)
    ((034)) Favorite TV show - big brother (full of birds)
    ((035)) Color - white
    ((036)) Music – erm everything
    ((039)) Drink – pint of water cus im nuts
    ((040)) Body part not on the face (on a girl or boy) - on a girl,nice legs and nice hair
    ((041)) Sport To Play - footie
    ((042)) Favorite piece of clothing – t shirts
    ((043)) Brand Of Clothing? – hi tech
    ((044)) What do you sleep with? - what you think havent pulled in months
    ((045)) Favorite School - balla
    ((046)) Favorite Animal(s) – cat
    ((047)) Favorite Books - ready steady cook
    ((048) ) Favorite Magazines - nuts mag zoo mag.


    ((049)) I'm eating – nothing
    ((050)) I'm drinking - vodka and coke cus im hard
    ((052)) I'm about to – throw summit at jay
    ((053)) Listening to - artic monkeys cus jay is moanin
    ((055)) Waiting For - a bird to phone me(righto)
    ((056)) Watching - jay tryna play fifa
    ((057)) Wearing – nothin im gay

    ((058) ) Want Kids? - got 3 ace
    ((059)) Want to Get Married? - yeh defo
    ((060)) Careers in Mind - join the circus or summit

    Which is better with the Opposite Gender ..

    ((068) ) Lips or Eyes - both
    ((069)) Hugs or Kisses - bit of tongue action
    ((070)) Shorter or Taller - shorter
    ((072)) Romantic or Spontaneous - dont mind
    ((073)) Nice stomach or nice arms - nice hair
    ((074)) Sensitive or Loud – sensitive
    ((075)) Hook-up or Relationship - whatever
    ((076)) Sweet or Caring – both
    ((077)) Trouble Maker or Hesitant? – trouble cus am nuts to
    Have you ever..

    ((078) ) Kissed a Stranger - probably
    ((080)) Lost glasses/contacts – no
    ((081)) Ran Away From Home – yep am a tramp
    ((082)) Broken a bone – yeh
    ((083)) Got an X-ray – yeh
    ((084)) Broken Someone's Heart – hope so
    ((086)) Turned Someone Down - yeh everyone all ways trys to get into me
    ((087)) Cried When Someone Died – yes

    Do You Believe In..

    ((089)) God - not really
    ((090)) Miracles - nope
    ((091)) Love at first sight – not sure
    ((093)) Aliens - socks dad
    ((094)) Magic - yeh
    ((095)) Heaven - i am foster isnt straight to hell!!!
    ((096)) Santa Claus - yeh foster
    ((097)) Sex on the first date – yeh if there up for it
    ((098) ) Kissing on the First Date - yeh defo
    ((099)) Soul Mates - yeh la fonda is pretty much my soul mate by now
    ((100)) Angels - yeh me

    0 Comments 320 weeks

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