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  • Male, 22, Luv 160
  • from dunoon
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  • Member since: December 2006
  • Last active: 4/29/12
  • www.bebo.com/EuyMac
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
pride is the belt you can use to hold up your trousers, even after your trousers are gone
The Other Half Of Me
Tom Anderson
JIMI HENDRIX, slash, , cure, daftpunk, jamiroquai, bowie, moby, beastie boys, free, the knack, bob dylan, thin lizzy, aerosmith, bryan ferry, Led Zepplein, Muse, gnr, rem, canned heat, the beatles, kanye west, the clash, Eric clapton, Fleetwood mac, Slashes snakepit, oasis, jose gonzalez paulo nutini, primal scream, chilis, stones, prodigy, arctic monkeys, tommy emmanuel
Forrest gump, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, kill bill, matrix, snatch, layercake
windsurfing, sking, guitar, sailing, wakeboarding
Scared Of
life on mars
Happiest When
playing my lespaul
god knows
Anything else
no not really

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Which Father Ted Character are you?

Father Larry Duff

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What Kind of Music Are You?

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  • Gemma

    I netted in $611 in three days doing stuff on the computer! It's all because of - http://x.co/KTG7 You will love me for this!

  • Kenny MacLeod
    Kenny MacLeod

    I snagged $472 in two days doing almost nothing! I got it from - http://x.co/KTE7 Keep this a secret!

  • Joe
    luv Joe

    what happened? hahax

  • Roisin

    Gay.. where have you been hiding?x

  • luv Peter Milne

    Nothing much, me n gillies are away to oz for 5 weeks on wed.. random eh? Anyway am sure al see u when ur back at some point. Whether at pub or any other random location...x

  • luv Peter Milne

    long time no speak compadre... Comin back up anytime soon? A hope u will have a full beard this time we see you haha... A dont think any part of Dunoon has changed at al...

  • Rebecca.
    luv Rebecca.

    :L I am indeed now on the road...had a lesson with Uncle Vic today :D Maybe when i pass my test i'll drive down to Brighton :) xxx

  • Rebecca.
    luv Rebecca.

    Hey:) Its going great thanks:) Nope cant go...going to Costa Rica :D :D I shall try come visit you soon...Brighton sounds so cool :) xxx

  • Rebecca.
    luv Rebecca.

    Ewan! :D Its been too long..when you coming back to sunny dunoon? How are you? Hows lovely Brighton? :D xxxx

  • Ben Milne

    Hello fatty! hows life up in brighton? (i dont really care)

  • Val Johnston-Smith
    Val Johnston-Smith

    LOVE... cos i miss you. how r u? hows things? when u next home my love? hope ur enjoying uni!!! mwah xxx

  • Mhairi O'Neill
    luv Mhairi O'Neill

    haha you had already replyied... lol Anyhoo... sounds great! Yeah its good spend my life doing art so its pretty amaze! yay lol when you up? xxxxx

  • Mhairi O'Neill
    luv Mhairi O'Neill

    hello there! How is everything? Heard your having an amazing time! hope to see you soon! CR reunion? lol xxxxx

  • Siobhan Millar
    Siobhan Millar

    im gud thanx,i just thought u would appreciate that,lol!im glad ur enjoying urself! ill see u some time!xx

  • Siobhan Millar
    Siobhan Millar

    my friend that was at connect with me pulled one of the guys from iglu and hartley after the king tuts gig :) !thats better than u gettin their beer or wotever it was,lol! hows it going down there??xxx