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Sivai Faingataa

Been there, done that, messed around, I'm having fun, don't put me down...

10/14/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
So. What can I say. Hmm.. Life is wot u make of it, so live it.. hehe.. ok I beta go do some of that now..
LoVe Ma
family (onli sometimes) & friends
random movies like The 5th Element, Kill Bill, Shawshank Redemption, The Illusionist, Forrest Gump, Dirty Dancing, The Lake House, Footloose and other random ones
LoVe DriNkiNG
uncontrollable dramas..
FuTuRe PreDicTiONz
life's going to be very different soon.. hmm

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  • Bubby is another year older and a little bit wiser

    She is now 2 years old, and boy do they grow up fast ay. Now she's talking and pulling sentences together e.g., mum help me get up, mum give it to me lol funny ay. And I think she is officially a terrible two. She throws the meanest tantrums, screaming her little lungs out, screwing her face up, and all without any tears in sight. Hopefully it's just a phase and she'll grow out of it 'cos I am so not standing for it. Good thing no one pulls me up about ignoring her little episodes lol but they can be really deafening, oh well. Thank God for another year, and I look forward to many more years as I watch her grow and develop into the happy little individual she is.

    0 Comments 177 weeks

  • Bubba Boo's a BiG girl now

    Boo's turned 1, so she's a big girl now. Still can't believe the little thing has turned one, that it's been a year since she arrived and I entered into motherhood. It's been a great journey so far. I've been really lucky and blessed to have had such a good wee baby. She hasn't caused me too much grief yet, apart from the couple of times she was sick and couldn't breathe through her nose - those were especially tough and distressing when she was only a few months old and I didn't know how to relieve her pain and all. Luckily those times were few and far between, and now that she's 1 and has toughened up a bit, she can look after her own hehe. A very BIG thank you to Esther and the Corran girls for the surprise birthday cake (THANKS ESTHER!) and Fleur and Alex for the presents, you guys are too naughty!! And a BIGG thank you to George, Rise, Liz, Liva, Alison, Talita, Ruth, Sam and everyone else who came to Boo's Rainbow shindig for making it a memorable event! You guys are much too naughty too! Greatly indebted to everyone for your generosity and kindness. Boo's got a lotta making up to do for all the alofas everyone's shown her when she's older and hopefully rich hehe. Thanks to my brothers and lotu for helping out with the day as well and for babysitting but don't worry, you've still got more years of babysitting ahead - you'll just have to continue charging your babysitting fees to Boo's account :P It's been a great year, and here's hoping there'll be many more great years to come with Bubba Boo

    0 Comments 230 weeks

  • Bubba's WALKING like a PRO!

    Wow, bubba boo took her first steps today (Sunday 18 January 2.30pm-ish, also Talilotu's 9th birthday)! Two days shy of her 11th month day! And only a few days after I'd bought her one of those walker things that you push along while walking! Ugh, waste of money that was.. We later went to McDonald's Greenlane to celebrate Lotu's birthday and the little charmer started walking like a pro and chasing after other little kids at the playground as if she'd been walking since forever! Can't believe she's walking now. Better keep more of a watchful eye on her now that she's more mobile than ever before. Wish me luck! She's already got a bruise on her forehead from banging her head on the side of the pantry door while attempting to show off her twinkle toes oops.. Next Bubba Report'll be 1st Birthday I guess. Til then, laterz :P

    0 Comments 235 weeks

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  • Sivai Faingataa
    Sivai Faingataa

    much alofaz to the beboers hehe. can i not be a stranger for the forever and the longest time

  • Forever Kailahi
    luv Forever Kailahi

    Hi!, long time no hear from you? How have you been? hows the lil princess? how long are you guys staying in Brizzy for?.... Hope we get to see you guys, take care xox

  • Jennifer Hilliar
    Jennifer Hilliar

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  • Patrina Hollis
    Patrina Hollis

    lol....you need to add me on Facebook! Heres my profile http://goo.gl/yFoJN

  • Vehikite-Sisilia-'Alaha-Luseane

    heya cus, hw r u? hws mum n dad n th rest? hey wen u r moving 2 oz? holla...lv ya.

    11/4/10 via Mobile
  • Maria Doreen Tavake Piei
    Maria Doreen Tavake Piei

    hey cuz when u guys gonna move to aussie ofa atu love maria n kids

  • luv Ann Marie Kailahi

    HEY fanx same to u too lolz ok il make sure il let them knoe kk ofa atu to u n bby

  • Elizabeth Kailahi
    Elizabeth Kailahi

    aye i rang ure mob.no. No ans wats wrong?new no.?

    9/1/10 via Mobile
  • Elizabeth Kailahi
    Elizabeth Kailahi

    aye hii, am getting there...am ok...

    8/31/10 via Mobile
  • Vehikite-Sisilia-'Alaha-Luseane

    hi cus, hw hv u bn? hws lil gorgeous? hws mum n dad? and da boys n lotu? havent seen ea otha 4 ages. didnt cum bak 2 laidlaw dz yr, im due nxt m0nth :) wink, wink :) and rite n0w koau eni in auck hosp kou sai pe bt baby is 2 big + low hoku toto, ir0n n calcium mea fkhela e. hey watz mum n dadz h0me ph #? oku lava unko fix ae microwave? holla...sowe u came 0n oc luvy ia h0n0 tufa, nxt tym e. lv u s0 much, mwhaa.

    8/25/10 via Mobile
  • Ofa Kailahi
    luv Ofa Kailahi


  • CelAr-Lavvulo-Fa'Anunu

    OMG lol hae gurl hws it lol gosh ur daughter sooooo got ur good looks lol farrowt its been ages ae hws ur family and ur brothers, wea u staying nw? mahn we shud meet up sometime 4 a play date lol since thats what good mothers do lol well get back wen u can... 1luv 2 u & ur family...........

  • Ofa Kailahi
    luv Ofa Kailahi


  • Elizabeth Kailahi
    Elizabeth Kailahi

    woman... hello!!!!!

  • Ofa Kailahi
    luv Ofa Kailahi

    Hi Sivai malo e tohi mai, ko eni mau sai pe, malo e ngaue lahi mei hena. Ofa lahi atu kiate koe, mo baby ofa lahi atu

  • Silivia Faingataa
    luv Silivia Faingataa

    Sorry I forgot 1 thing:L Da heart:P Ofa atu..

  • Silivia Faingataa
    Silivia Faingataa

    Hi Vai:) How u guys doing? Just dropping by to share some love with you and baby. Hope you are all well. Take care and keep in touch k.. Lots of love Via & Boyz:)

  • Ofa Kailahi
    Ofa Kailahi


  • Rampage

    jus dont evah ask meh bout Yandall aye! :L

  • Tufui N Paino Kama
    Tufui N Paino Kama

    'Ofa atu Vai. Hope all is well in your corner. How is Rachel? Just stopping by to say hello. It's been a while since my last visit lol. Ofa atu ka Sulia mo Moala moe toenga e fanau. Bye for now Fui