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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Welcome to the wide world of Boys' Love anime and manga! Boys' Love, also called "BL" or "yaoi," is a sub-genre of shoujo (girls') manga which focus on romantic or sexual relationships between males. The stories are almost exclusively written by women for a female audience to enjoy. There are many different kinds of stories, from high school to historical to fantasy, from sweet and tender romances to hardcore pornographic sex stories. There's something for everyone -- as long as you like two good-looking guys interested in each other!

So yous' out there who loves yaoi, shonen-ai, BL..or whatever you call it,

And warning = = if you oppose to yaoi or don't even know what it is...please DO NOT JOIN!!!


(\ /)
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  • Some Must Have YAOI Titles~

    If you are a true yaoi fan..you really should have the following titles~

    -Gravitation (c'mon...can't call urself a yaoi fan if u haven't seen this~)
    -Ai no Kusabi [18+] (even tho I don't like it = =)
    -Zetsuai 1989 and Bronze (a classic..I haven't seen it -"-)
    -Haru wo Daiteita [should be 16+] (it's an alright anime~)
    -Sensitive Pornography [18+] (very sweet, beautiful artwork and ADULTS ONLY..tho me bein a naughty grl lately~)
    -Kizuna [18+] (me haven't seen it and don't intend to either -_-)

    ~well there r heaps more great yaoi anime out there..here r just some of them

    i don't know much yaoi manga as i like watching anime better~
    so if yous know any great yaoi titles, TELL US~!

    9 Comments 344 weeks

  • Is Yaoi about gay men? Is it made for gay men? IT IS NOT!!!

    Continue from the last article...just a bit more info and emphasize..
    YAOI IS NOT ABOUT GAY MEN and it's nt 4 guys either i don't think = =

    Is Yaoi about gay men? Is it made for gay men?
    No. Yaoi is created by women, for a female audience. Gay men usually enjoy different things than female yaoi fans, and though sometimes those interests intersect, almost all Japanese boys' love works are created by women.

    Sometimes the central characters are gay. Sometimes they have never even thought about a man in a sexual way. There are many different ways to write a BL story!

    1 Comment 344 weeks


    Ok...so everyone thinks yaoi is hentai and abnormal and guy homosexual..or even guy porn..well, as a matter of fact, IT IS NOT!!

    Yeah, maybe it's true that yaoi does involve 2 guys having a relationship, and so what? They didn't like each other because they like men..or gay = =!!
    Yaoi simply means that two people who fell in love with each other, which just happens to be 2 guys (ok..so maybe not in some cases -_-).

    k..here's a definition of the word yaoi:
    "Yaoi" is the Western term for a Japanese genre of manga and anime, which focuses on romantic relationships between men, created by women for a female audience. "Yaoi" is an acronym word for the Japanese phrase "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi," or, "no peak, no point, no meaning." Western fans have taken this acronym and applied it to all anime, manga and fanworks which involve male characters in romantic situations. However, Japanese writers and artists often use the term "BL" or "boys' love," which means the same thing as Western fans' use of "yaoi."

    so here you go...and last thing, if you people out there still thinks yaoi is wrong and homo, then please, learn to accept homosexuality, it's human right ok?

    4 Comments 344 weeks

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