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Lance Timmering

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  • Male, 25
  • from United States
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
haha... I'm actually 17, born in 1989, I just put 1987 incase the site required you to be over 18 to join like some... buuut.. yeah

I love doing math, i'm a Junior and I tutor an 8th grade math class... I hate arrogant people, however math is probably what I'm most proud of so excuse me if I'm a bit arrogant myself because I enjoy telling people about it... At the moment?... I'm in the highest math class with 102% and will end up graduating next year with 7 or 8 out of the 3 required math credits....

I love to write, currently I just started a book called "That Binds Us"... and I have another i'm in the middle of called "When Worlds Clash".

I'm happy to say that I have found the love of my life brooke.
I rock out to all kinds of music... Linkin' Park, Eminem, Greenday... not too much rap though... and I'm in love with techno =p
Ahhh I love fantasy and horror movies... Lord of the Rings, Eragon (when it comes out), Dawn of the Dead, Stay alive... good stuff =)... if it gets my heart pounding then i'm all about it
The only time i ever *watch* sports is when i'm actually at the game... and I did go to see Michael Jorden when he played for the Wizards against the Sonics =)... I play highschool basketball though on the Varsity
Scared Of
I'm scared of losing the people I care for, and drowning
Happiest When
I'm happiest when I'm with the one and only person I care for, and when I'm doing something that I love to do, even if other people think it's stupid, or weird, I do it anyways.... I'm all about having fun.

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  • Introduction Blog... hmmm

    Well what the heck... Figured I'd go ahead and jump on the bandwagon with everyone else with these little "post about your life" blog thingies. Decided that maybe I'll meet some cool new people

    Sooo a little about me here :P ... I'm 17 and a Junior at Northport Highschool... a school which consits of about... maybe... 100 kids? and probably a town population of about 3-400 people. But no... I'm not a country boy, I'd definately prefer to be in a much larger city, or at least 10 miles outside of one.... Hopefully when I graduate I go college, and then move back to southern California :)

    ummm... I love to play first person veiw shooters.. games such as Fear, Half-Life 2, Doom3... and I like to play basketball and write...

    I have been outside of the United States... just this summer I went to Norway to visit a girl (who was my girlfriend but it now my ex) for 2 weeks... so when you see me type something in a differnet language like.... Ja.. Takk.. Jeg er glad I deg.. Pingle... it's Norweigin... it really is a beautiful language :) , and I'd learn it fully if I could.... beautiful country though.

    during the summer I work with my dad doing computer repairs and building computers... removing viruses.. stuff like that... and yes... If i really wanted to I could steal some of his programs and hack virtually most accounts, but I wont :P so no worries...

    me and one of my buddies... Lyle... we have this thing we call "The Stupid List"... and basically it's selfexplanitory... it's a list of every stupid stunt we've ever done... From climbing down rock faces... to lighting 1 second fuse firecrackers in our mouths...... we've driven cars in the dark with no lights except for a flashlight for 5 miles (that was wild)... and the list goes on... tonight actually... we're going to put gasoline in a coke bottle and seal it off (we'll fill it up about 3/4 of the way)... and then shoot it with a Tracer Bullet to see if it will explode =p... my parents are gone so it's something we had to try =p.. will go on our list for sure

    anyways... I'll post a bit more later probably... but if you want to add me and we'll chat... the site suggested I leave all my personal info out of public unless i'm over 21... but that was only a suggestion =p... I honestly am not worried about some rapist breaking into my house.... I collect mid-evil weapons and have.. *counts* 10 weapons in my room.. and that's not including the guns..... so actually... to however wants to try to kidnap me..... do it.. i dare ya :D

    peace out =)

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  • Alta Morrison

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    7/16/08 via Mobile
  • -Roseh-

    LANCE!!!!! Oh-mi-lordio o.O!!! Havn't talked to you in aaaaaaaaaaaaages bud'!!!!! Whats been going on?! WHEN WORLDS CLASH!!!! PMG I REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah!!! Memories!!!!! Hows life in America? :o Bahahahah tell me everything ae! We have to catch up!! Still talk to Jack and Sean (or was it Shaun?? o_O ) Ttyl!!!

  • Suzy Flynn
    Suzy Flynn

    Hey soz 2 b rude but ur hot! Much luv x.xx..x.

  • Joanne W
    Joanne W

    I'm single and looking for that one special girl =) That can be meh bebbbie. LOVE you xx

  • Corinna Renee
    Corinna Renee

    HEY! u finnally got a bebo lol....hey u should change ur backround!!! talk to u tommarow **Corinna

  • Frankie Chavez
    Frankie Chavez

    hey!!!! whats up im on your friends list loli will talk to u later ok byebye frankie chavez

  • Remi Dombrowski
    Remi Dombrowski

    hey whats up? finally got a bebo huh!! haha...well theres not much to say but hi....lol...my bro is freaking so i gotta go c ya tomorrow! in PIANO!! grrrr!! haha Remi