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i love cheese .. it makes me happy!love you all x

9/8/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Heya im lily :D
for all you who dont kno me
just like anyone else really .. nothing exiting not gun lie!
loving all my friends..
slaggy five in particular rock my world
i instantly like anyone new so dont be shy
cant complain about life atm, its going rather well!
however i am very depressed that christmas is over. the highlight of my year!
leave me a comment if you fancy a chat
or add me
The Other Half Of Me


<<<---- she has a ganglion (im jealous)

loving the slaggy five
Marf Sian Kat Ren (me)
.. my man! love him x
the one who got away!
Lily I ove you rather strange amounts.
You make me laugh with the silliest things.
We have the same weird sense of humour and I just love it. The way you just try and beat me at everything and I'm the exact same just wanting to win.
For example, the sticker competition.
Which we kinda forgot about.
I love the way you disappear at your parties and actually noone really knows where you go.
It makes me smile to walk around your house in the morning eating sausage sandwhiches in my underwear.
I love the fact you are so like your mum, it's so funny.
I just love your mum.
I love it that you are as pathetic as me and cry at silly littly things like me.
Because we're cool.
I love that I sometimes have to treat you as a child and look after you, because it makes me feel less of a failure in life.
It's just awesome that you're clumsier and more forgetful than me.
I do enjoy your boobs and how you get 'the lads' out all time.
I love singing with you, how you end up opera.
No room!

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funny laugh (this cracks me up )

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  • A tribute to me and Rob in alexes garden !!

    Robs tribute

    Buddie ur a lamb
    With ya small hooves
    Playin on the feild
    Guna be a big ram sum day
    U got wool on ya face
    Ya big disgrace
    Shaking you fleas all ova the place

    we will ... we will.. sheer you

    Rob rhymes with nob har har har har

    2 Comments 281 weeks

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    your name?

    Your Age?

    Where do you live?

    are we close ?

    do you have a bf/gf?

    favourite colour?

    best quality?

    Worst quality?

    would you kiss me?

    date me ?

    do you like cheese? lol

    how did we meet?

    is this pointless?

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  • ??????

    1.whats your name?
    2.Are we close?
    3.What do you think of me?
    4.Do you have a crush on me?
    5.Would you kiss me?
    6.Would you fuck me?
    7.Describe me in 3 wordz!?
    8.If you had 3o minutes with me what would you do?
    9.What was your 1st impression of me?
    10.Do you still think the same?
    11.What reminds you of me?
    12.If you could give me anything what would it be?
    13.How well do you know me?
    14.What do you like about me?
    15.Ever wanted to tell me something you couldnt?
    16.Could you ever love me?
    17.Give me a nickname and explain why?!
    18.Are you gona put this on your blog and see what i say about you?
    19.Anything to say b4 you go

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  • Melisa

    i was the same tbh. but the other night i was thinking about portugal and stuff then had a brainwave :) looked you up in our phone book. was surprised i still had all your contact info and then got on this. and now here we are :) i know, i remember. then there was a massive postal strike and i think my letter might have got lost or something. i was pretty gutter we lost contact. ahhh.. we re at the same stage. your year 11 is the same as our 4th year. yeah, i got my exams in may as well but im staying in school until im 18 cause i dont have a clue what im doing when i leave so hopefully by then i would have decided :L what you doing at college? tell the family i said hi and hope everyones good xx

  • Melisa
    luv Melisa

    Ok, i cant believe this is actually you ! :) Life has been pretty boring tbh. nothing that amazing has happened. well except growing up and all that shizz. :) erm. In 4th year now, dont really know what year that is to you. Still living in the same house in glasgow. im in kinda shock that i found you:O i didnt mind you's hijacking our hotel. if yous didnt my holiday wouldnt have been as memeriable. how about you? you still in school and stuff? i cant believe you still have a letter from me :O i bet i was dead kiddish and stupid. :L your turn .. :) xx

  • Melisa
    luv Melisa

    Hey this is going to seem like a really random add but i think i met you when i was in portugal like 5 or 6 years ago. :/ this must sound really dodgey if you dont remember me. i was thinking about the holiday and thought id search for you on bebo and this is the bebo i found. :/ when i was in portugal i was with my mum and dad if that helps and i went to the waterpark with you, your mum, sister and brother, on our last few days of the holiday. You werent in the same hotel as us but you came over to ours to use our swimming pool and stuff. really sorry if this isnt you. :/ please bmb. xx

  • Mullett
    luv Mullett

    iloveyou:) x

  • Mullett

    Heeya Baby, you alright ? xx

  • Mullett
    luv Mullett

    i love you :D xx

  • Dan

    hi do i know u cause u added me so !!! lol x

  • Doug

    Why i am not suprised u were napping :L I went in to school then went at break coz it was rubbish. Im good cheers got my nephew over so pretty much being a babysitter. you got anything planned for the weekend? Doug

  • Doug

    hey lilly hows u? were you at school today? doug

  • Peachy
    luv Peachy

    Haha. well. i pulled a funny face but i was laughing while doing it :L id do you any day too lilz. im glad you got it off your chest :L love you xxx

  • Katie