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Jonas Armstrong David Tennant and Richard Armitage

Heath Ledger... you will be missed by all xxx <3 :'(

1/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is not a band, it is a profile about three great men, one from Ireland, one from England and the other from Scotland. They are brilliant actors and are so fit!

Name: Jonas Armstrong
Age: 27
Height: 6ft
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Nationality: Irish

Name: David Tennant
Age: 37
Height: 6ft1
Hair Colour:B rown
Eye Colour: Brown
Nationality: Scottish

Name: Richard Armitage
Age: 36
Height: 6ft2
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue/Grey
Nationality: English

Made by :Georgina Lewis, Katherine Hinds & Kimry Coleman

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  • Heath Ledger

    Although this page is dedicated to Those three at the top.. It doesn't mean we don't like other people.

    So sadly another one of our (my) favourite actors Heath Ledger has sadly :'( passed away.. So all those who are shocked to hear about his death, please leave a comment..

    Hope your Happy Heath...
    Love You


    p.s. I don't mean for it to sound stupid, it's just he was one of my favourite actors and had been since I was about 9, so it shocked me to find out about his death, but everyone else is fed up of me talking about him ='(

    Anyways love you all...
    Kath xx

    1 Comment 285 weeks

  • David Tennant; the truth behind the 10 inch !!!

    Recently when looking for a new picture of David Tennant, i came across a rather rude photograh of him umm how to put it.... lacking in Clothing...

    I have to say it wasn't very impressive and was far from 10 inch, I though Billie Piper would be telling the truth but clearly she wasn't or she can't measure (has she not heard of a ruler). Sadly this is something that none of us were expecting.

    Mind you girlies he's now single, so I'd get in there while you can... With the Chirstmas Doctor who episode come soon in 22 days to be exact..I can't wait.. Although most of the episode was filmed literally around the corner from my house so i saw a few shoots as they ran down the street. It looks rather good, if I say so myself..

    Love you All :P

    Kath xxx

    4 Comments 293 weeks

  • Anniversary

    I would just like to celebrate because it is our first anniversary. We set up this site last december and over the last year we have accumulated 148 members. Thank you and I lastly I would like to say WOOHOO!! lol :P

    Love Kimz xxx

    4 Comments 293 weeks

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Richard Armitage (Sexy Back)

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  • Stranger'X
    luv Stranger'X

    Richard Armitage = Hot Chocolate! :P LOL!!! x love him!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apr 25
  • ºAmelia

    Wow. I never knew Jonas Armstrong was Irish!!! Sweet.

  • Ugly Girl
    Ugly Girl

    Omg There All Awesome You All Have The Same Taste As Me

  • Xx-Katie-XX
    luv Xx-Katie-XX

    i <3 'em all!!!!!!!

  • 8/3/09
  • Xx Hann Xx
    Xx Hann Xx

    what a great group, i fancy all three of them :D

  • 7/21/09
  • luv Lady Marian

    hotties x

  • Meg
    luv Meg

    Are you my twin?? I LOVE THEM ALL!! guy and david most!!!! AHHHH LOVE THEM!!

  • Bruce.
    luv Bruce.

    OMG this was like made for me love them all!!!!!!! :D

  • Capitaine Soffye
    Capitaine Soffye

    Omg amazing place this! Love richard Armitage and David Tennant - some of my fave actors. Not so much jonas armstrong though :P x

  • Lorna Has Left Bebo

    Wow congratulations on making the best group on bebo EVER!!!! Ive run out of love but i'll give you ALL my love tomorow :D xxxxx

  • Freyaa.

    oh David tennant and jonas armstrong are sooooo fit that Richard Artmirage guy is soo NOT fit.

  • Sexy-Celebrity-Men


  • Louiisa

    jonas armstrong should be the next doctor, not matt smith :L

  • Stranger'X

    Yeah Richard is one of the favourites i was like :O OMG!!! I love david tennant i have seen matt before hes brilliant though i wonder if hes doctorwho material

    1/25/09 via Mobile
  • luv Nicolalalalala

    they're announcing the new doctor today and apparently richard armitage is one of the favourites :) x

  • Beckie .
    Beckie .