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Star Mercedes

ahhh yu is well gangsta man!!....... BUCAWWW....... now get out ma boat sam...xxxxx

5/25/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 273
  • from skeg vages!!..aka..mini magalufe!!
  • I am Married
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x_OMG_ lil weezy_x
Me, Myself, and I
_ /\ _¸.¤**¤·.¸·¤**¤·
\ ¸.¤**¤ Star *****
/.· ·.\¸.·¤**¤·.,·¤**¤·


this bitch is obssesed with lil wayne.....
yeah.... ah ha..... ME.. im obssesed with weezy.. not amy.. she doesnt even like him!!...

coz i ball hard... nah bitch we ball harder.....

Vrooom On A Yamaha Chromed Out 11 Hundred
What I'm Doing, Getting Money, What We Doing, Getting Money
What They Doing, hating on us, But They Neva Cross

ARIES Outgoing. Spontanious. Not one to fuck with. Have own unique sexiness. Unpredictable. Erotic. Funny. Addictive. Take you on trips to the moon in bed. me all over!!! lol xx x
ma foto is me,!!

Im star!! 17 yrs old, i hav the best frends ever!!
i love goin out n havin a gud time with ma giries!!
gettin pissed up n or chillin wiv manfa!!... my lovely peeps are sam, yaz, rhe, char (she loves my penis), han and bby maisey moo... but there are plenty more tht mean the world to me!!... love hous
funky house, drum n bass, WILEY, rnb, BUSTA RHYMES, old styleee hip hop!! mc hammer, vanilla ice, sir mixalot!! crnt go rong mayteee!! lol Bit of snoop n dre!! awsomeness!! general old school!!! but mostly of all.. that sexi bastad that people like to call LIL WAYNE!!!..... hes the tits and i love him millie....
anything amy sings...
american pie 3 'the weddin', lee evans, >>>>>>mirrors, 1408<<<<<< wierd shit.... rush hours_all 3!!......
AMY: the story of the geek...
surfin, skiin (bein better thn cody), trampolinin!! doing amy
_scared of_
lesbians!! eh!!
and sam...
amy not being a geek...
_happiest when_ (doggin)
BUMMING AMY.. out, ravin, breakin it down, with char, with sam<<<there funny ladies!! watchin hannah beat up big h!! watchin skins!! n shamless!! n family guy!!
applying make up...dancin to drum n bass... or listenin to LIL WAYNE!!!!!...... lol
_samantha alice locking_
tlk about the tits.... shes awsomness in 1 word..... and she has the most beautiful little blonde haird blu eyed bby girl in the entirety of the world...
we arnt normal... and no one understands us but er giv a shit...
she is the funnest person to go out with ever cus she dont care... n shes not even embarresed wen i start break dancin in the middle of the dancefloor in harveys.... BOV...

love to henry vIII and jesus' brother the pope....
them mother f**kers i break it down with.... sam the best girl in the world.... char the funniest wen drunk... top 2 guaranteed... my best mate of all has to be lil weezy... we get on really well n i tlk to him all the time...wagwon (nate) sams famous best mate is chris tucker... she never shuts up about him... wen everyone comes round for the ''HOUSE PARTIES'' so fun.. BIFTA=sam lol....
peace out!!


gayest person in the world..??
o yeh... peter howe...
and try sharin a bed with him.... SHIVER lol.....


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  • funniness!!

    Pick the month (number) you were born in

    1----I killed
    2----I ate a
    3----I smacked
    4----I sang to
    5----I gave my number to
    6----I fell in love with
    7----I shot
    8----I gave a lap dance to
    9----I choked on
    10---I made out with
    11---I had sex with
    12---I stabbed

    Pick the day (number) you were born on:

    1-------a homeless guy
    2-------a kebab
    3-------a banana
    4-------a sandwich
    5-------a Mexican
    6-------a stuffed animal
    7-------a hooker
    8-------a lamp
    9-------my best friend
    10-------a ninja
    11-------my dog
    12-------a goat
    13-------the computer
    15-------my neighbour
    16-------a football player
    17-------a soda
    18-------a llama
    19-------a baby
    20------ a gangster
    21-------a permanent marker
    22-------my dad
    23-------a chair
    24-------my psychiatrist
    25-------a policeman
    26-------my brother
    27-------my sister
    28-------a baseball bat
    29-------a DVD player
    30-------a paperclip
    31-------my cell phone

    Pick the color of shirt you are wearing

    White------Because I was high.
    Black-------Because I was drunk.
    Pink--------Because i was bored
    Red---------Because the voices told me to.
    Blue--------Because I"m sexy and I do what I want.
    Green------Because I hate myself.
    Purple------Because I"m naked.
    Gray--------Because I"m mentally disturbed.
    Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 Euro
    Shirtless---Because i was horny
    Orange----Because I hate my family.
    Brown-----Because i was hungry.
    Other-----Because i"m gangsta

    6 Comments 313 weeks

  • hoys starri's n krlas night on the bed (best part of the night!!) lolz

    MIKe the SPIKe!!...

    CURTLe the TURTLe!!...

    DAVe the RAVEr!!...

    Bi BILLy... cuks sox!!...

    KARLAs MATt the RAt In THe HAt!!...

    DRAFt WANKEr... hus tht hoy?!...


    STYLe SECRETs WITh the RECORDEr!!...

    3 BLINd MICe!!...

    2 GLASSEs 3 PEEPs = 5 PINTs!!...

    ''AIr MARKs''!!...

    TOm WINDLe!!...

    IVe GOt a GLASs, n i DONt No WERe the PENCIl Is, BUt i THINk ITs NEAr the MARACCa!!...

    Bj Is PINo!!...

    THTs So My QUOTe!!...


    MAn/WOMAn... PINk MOTOr ROLa RAZOr... PINk SHIRt... 1 BUt... BIg NIPs!!...


    time of yur life!!...

    luff n fuf ladies!!...


    1 Comment 317 weeks

  • tis bout meh?!..


    1.Where did you take your default pic?
    mums mates house

    2.What exactly are you wearing right now?

    3.What is your current problem?

    4.What makes you most happy?
    doggin lol

    5.What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
    lil wayne millie!! for a change..

    6.Has there bin anyone you've been really close to who passed away?
    my auntie,.. and great uncle

    7.Do you ever watch MTV?
    wen i can...

    8.What's something that really annoys you?
    fake friends

    →Chapter 1:

    1.First name:

    2.Middle name:

    starry, tintle, twinkle, pepper pot.

    4.Current place:
    living room

    5.Eye color:

    →Chapter 2:

    1.Do you live with your parents?

    2.Do you get along with your parent(s)?
    yes, unless they say no for no reason!!

    3.Are your parents married/separated/divorced?

    4.Do you have any Siblings?:
    2 sisters... paz n zi

    →Chapter 3: Favorite:

    1. Ice Cream:

    2. Season:

    3. Colour:
    blk n pink

    4. Movie:
    freddie got fingerd

    5. Tv Show:

    6. Music:
    lil weezy... RnB

    7. Day:

    8. Place:
    manfas pad!!

    9. Food:

    10. Name:

    →Chapter 4: Do You:

    1. Write on your hand?

    2. Call people back:
    not really, i txt thm...

    3. Believe in love:

    4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed?

    5. Have any bad habits?
    suck my thumb

    6. Any mental health issue?:
    no, other thn bein a pure psycopath
    →Chapter 5: Have You....

    1.Broken a bone:

    2.Sprained stuff:

    3.Had physical therapy?:

    4.Gotten stitches:

    5.Taken painkillers?

    6.Gone SCUBA diving or snorkeling:

    7. Been stung by a bee?

    8.Thrown up at the dentist:

    9.Ever sworn in front of your parentals:

    10.Had detention:

    11.Been sent to the principal's office:

    12. Been suspended:

    →Chaper 6: Who/What was the last:

    1.Movie(s) you watched?

    2.Person to text you:

    3.Person you called:

    4.Person you hugged:

    5. Last person you tackled:

    6.Thing you touched:
    the keyboard for comp

    7.Thing you ate:

    8. Thing you drank:

    9. Time you cried:
    few weeks ago

    10. Wished on a star:
    no idea

    0 Comments 318 weeks

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  • miss yeew
  • heya

    just thought i will leave ya a pikky love ya lots thankx 4 bein sich a bm8 4lyf love ya lots xxxxx

    Yaz 0 Replies
  • I Woz Eya!

    ...... Shanii Was.......
    ......Wiping Her..........
    .......Feet On...........
    ....Youre W h i t e B o a r d//*...

    S H A N 0 Replies

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Birdman Ft. Lil' Wayne- Pop Bottles (Dirty)

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  • Star Mercedes
    Star Mercedes

    i want to do this!! me!!!! noone else just me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im going to!!!!

  • Lemon

    Bebo sucks! I barely use it anymore! you should hit me up on xxxmatch, its the best place for hooking up ever! check it out at http://goo.gl/IBdLW

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    Helen Jones

    I profited $333 in a few hours doing simple tasks! I went to - http://goo.gl/jHTcN You owe me one!

  • AmyAmy

    I saw this & thought u may orgasm? :D http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Prev... xxxx

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    lol:L yeah yeah.. x

  • Jas
    luv Jas

    :O star-age ... you such a wanker beard and you mum such a horny cow like jayne is :) love you ... miss wanker beard :) xxx

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    haha:L :L thats funny! love it :) im gona put my dicktation on. :D lu u little one :) x

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    Omg! u have dicktation! ;) good one!!! lol:L :L :L ive seen one like that, i may join you. :D x x x x

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    Lmao. i remember them doing that dance infront of the school. but i just dont remember the words. haaaaaa :L now i get it :) cheers me dears. ;) x x

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    hahahahahahahahaha http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?Prev... i dont get it?!!! x x x x

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    some more love;) x

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    For talulah ;) x

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    I Fukin' Love You!!! :D :D :D im a genious! ;) x x x

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    loveeeee u sexual ;) x x x

  • Hannah
    luv Hannah

    heya big bumm!!!! u okk??? wat u bin up to thought u was gna cme round n c me lol.... luvs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • AmyAmy
    luv AmyAmy

    Just cause ur fit as fuck + i wana shag you ;) x