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Party The Night Away

im all happy again :) xx

11/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from leeds
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About Me

just gunna party the night away
Me, Myself, and I
add me on msn

..........,/¯../ /
........./..../ / BULLS TILL I DIE!!
('(...´...´.... ¯_/'...'/
.'\'...\.......... _.•´

M.............,/¯ /
N...(`(...(...(.... ¯~/`..`)
T....`\`...\.......... _.·´
The Other Half Of Me
Maria .

Maria .

< here is the explanation of pure evilness ;) lmao

i think i have found what love really is :)
well i couldnt live without it. whn im pissed im a party animal lol

just like to get up and boogy and normally make a tit of myself lol
love football and rugby prefer playin rugby its much rougher lol
Scared Of
shops running out of beer not having no money!!!
Happiest When
out partying of course pure party animal lol and seeing that special someone :)

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  • racism

    You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey", "Milky Bar" and you think it's OK.

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    If we had WET(white entertainment television) ...we'd be racist.
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    You are proud to be of what race you are, and you're not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.

    I am white.
    I am proud.
    But, i bet you call me a racist.

    Why is it that only white people can be racists?

    1 Comment 276 weeks

  • do this pweety plz

    A- u have a nice ass
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    Q- You are a hypocrite.
    R- fukin sexy
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    V- You are not judgemental.
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    X- You never let ppl tell u wat to do
    Y- One of the best bfs/gfs anyone could ask for
    Z- Always ready

    C- You're wild and crazy
    A- u have a nice ass
    R- fukin sexy
    L- You live to have fun.

    S- Easy to fall in love with.
    P- You are popular with all types of people.
    E- damn good kisser
    I- You like it rough
    G- You never let people tell you what to do.
    H- You have a very good personality and looks.
    T- You're loyal to those you love

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  • S A R A H

    hey hows you lol x

  • Braap.
    luv Braap.

    last of me loves :P iluuu muchly

  • Braap.
    luv Braap.

    aupp son :P owa uu babe ? cant wait see uu :) seen me on ya top friends lol :P carlton loves me :L iluu x

  • Braap.
    luv Braap.

    aupp son :P owa uu babe ? cant wait see uu :) seen me on ya top friends lol :P carlton loves me :L iluu x

  • -L'W

    np.. was a sort of random fing was bord on here :L n am orate fanx W/Bakk Xx

  • Braap.
    luv Braap.

    doo you have any idea wa u said to me last night lmao ? :L haha piss funny :L love you carloss x (:

  • Braap.
    luv Braap.

    Thank Yuu... Tryin See How Many I Can Get... Heres Another.... R'turn It When Yuu Cann ... x x x x

  • Braap.
    luv Braap.

    Afternoon Carlton :L Youu Okaii ? I Thought I Would Give You Love (On One Condition, I Can Have It R'turned :D ) Haha... Writee Bakk x x x x x

  • ºBitch Im Special.

    hi thnx for the add who r u? x

  • Braap.

    iia; iino you miight not want talk liike. but, ii've grown up loadss siince we last spoke. and ii'm stiil on your top friiends lol :) so wondered iif you wanted start talkiin agen... liike be mates ? iif ya doo. wriite backk. xx

  • Chelsy-Leigh

    tar xxxx

  • Chelsy-Leigh
    luv Chelsy-Leigh

    last love :) xxxxxxxxx coz i love yhooo

  • Chelsy-Leigh
    luv Chelsy-Leigh

    Loveee :) xxx

    3/23/09 via Mobile