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Bored bored bored

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©. {Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths} ☆
Me, Myself, and I
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:Hiya I'm Lizzie im also known as neko-panda <3
:i dress different so what?
:i live in Ardboe (Gost oh!) (loada fun...like really come live here (dont!) ...)
:and i go to H.T.C im now in lower 6th doing alevels
:Art and land use ... big woop!! (¬o¬) riggghhttt.....
:║(o) ║
:-*:------------Lizzie ♥'s Phil--------------:-*
:☆RIP-paddy- you will be the one in witch will never be forgotten, your still missed ☆
:[♥}I"d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not{♥]
: /l、
: ( ゚、 。7
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The Other Half Of Me


i love him so much ♥

anime ♡
theres LOT"S of anime i have seen here are some...

Sailor moon , Cardcaptors , Vampire knight , dragon ball Z , Ouran host club , Naruto , Romeo x Juliet , Loveless , fruits basket , Shakugan no Shana , Le portrait de petite cossette , Chobits , cowboy bebop , Gankutsuou , Escaflowne , Haruhi Suzumiya , Lucky star , Street fighter ( yes theres an anime movie)

i got more just dont have time or space to say them all LOL!!
Xbox gamer tag
Princess Neko
20th-21st july!♡♥♡
first time i met phil it was amazing and un forgetable! love him loads!!! xXx
29th-30th october , 28th-29th November and 13st December - 4 January!♡♥♡
i finaly got to go see phil again it was amazing and ill defently be going back soon! i love him and miss him so much~♥

my eyes when i can't see
my air then i can't breath
my strength when i can't walk ~♥

watch, comment and fav my work!!!

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  • Emma

    blood brothers is awesome i was obsessed and i think my obsession may just b coming back lol im good how was ur xmas?? xx

  • Emma

    heyyyy wasupp?? no love left sorry xxxxxxxxxx

  • Louise F
    luv Louise F

    :( aww way too ruin xmas :(

  • Louise F
    Louise F

    porn ^ :DD

  • ºdanielle.

    im so jealous. =[ i love them. i know hes amazing.. and i love that song. its leathal. ;}

  • Mairead Thom 12/14/09 via Mobile
  • ºdanielle.

    LIZZY. ;D how'd paramore go? Oxxx


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  • ºdanielle.

    lizzy. ;D i havent talked to you in like forever m'dear. whats been happening? Oxxxxx

  • Tears Dont Fall

    Hey Chicky How are you you have awesome skins loving them Xxx

  • Mairead Thom
    Mairead Thom

    N y ar u nayt in schol? :L :P .xxx

    11/2/09 via Mobile
  • Upgrade

    lizzy watch my flash box lol

  • Romizela

    hey lizzi:) xxx wats up

  • Ciara Grimes
    Ciara Grimes

    Weeel i tried me best :)) awhh well done, thats brilliant. wa subjects u guna do wen u go bck?? :DD

  • ºdanielle.

    thats really good, congrats ;D you staying on school then?((:

  • Ciara Grimes
    luv Ciara Grimes

    Awh gawtt A, C,D.. :))

  • ºdanielle.
    luv ºdanielle.

    cus i love you that much i want you're pic on my profile. ;] urm A in art C in ict and K in wrl :L hbu?:DD O x x x