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Kelly Johnson

shit lately i have become obsessed with noses....dont come and see me if u have a big nose this week....

6/12/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well me- I cry every episode of extreme makeover (home edition)-Im twilight fan hard (team edward) of course and believe hes in love with me..Last 7 days is the funniest show in the whole of history.I donate to starship and think they are great as I have spent plentiful nights here. I wonder why the otara doctors are always full of out of towners? (they piss me off!! Often wonder if Mrs Cutler from Otara library is still alive?Think Guy fawkes has lost that cracker feeling(bring back the buzzy bees!!! Believe that my perfect man doesnt exist as "all lights on- with nobody home" is a true statement. Kevins lights are never on cos his lightbulbs seem to disappear (internal joke)!!!!Believe I am as kosher as they come with a sudden outburst of humour (is this starting to sound like a resume/cv)..Manukau mall Mr Whippy pacific paradise smoothies are mmmmm.
The Other Half Of Me
T Roberts

T Roberts

wagged skool -drove to silverdale and broke down..

never been into the cool stuff Im old skool hard!
chips, A-team, greatest american hero, starman, super gran, eight is enough, over the top (the boy on it is a poof that cries too much)
Scared Of
being poorer than church mice!!!!!!!!!!! and ending up with a Clayton Weatherston !!
Happiest When
Kevin takes the kids for the weekend!!!!! ....(who says that)???

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  • where I am at right now

    Well it is the month of August and to start off with there are too many bloody birthdays in August and its costing quite a few paychecks...
    The nights are cold so my kids and I have been sleeping in the lounge on a sponge, Kevin works night shifts and to be honest its a good thing.
    His reins have loosened (is there such a word) and Ive learned after having 2 kids that i have to let him do as he pleases cos its me that gets his rutherfords at the end of the week for our kids so I cant complain .He gets his treats when hes good like my kids get theirs and I still have an obsession with buying my son new kicks every 2nd week- he now has 23 pairs and I have sold 7 pairs on trade me and given 7 pairs away. My girl is my princess and I love her to death, she has softened her daddy up abit more and shes just the just.
    As for my boy he 2 and he pulls his paddies now and then but he still our king I want to give him the jakes but his daddy say we have to break the cycle .
    We tell our kids we love them everyday and give them huddles and kisses, when its our time we turn our cellphones off and ignore the world.
    The dog across the road steals our shoes from our stairs and I want to run him over, my sister Robyn rings me everyday cos we both stay at home and do nothing, we talk keke, I like this season cos I do my washing and then put them straight in the dryer, Rico loves his daddy and ignores me most of the time but one day will realise if he wants something its his mamma that will make the final decision. Friends well friends I havent seen since having kids middle finger to you, and the ones that have joined in on the motherhood thing why did it take us so long....
    Waiting to win lotto but cant win if i dont buy..
    Kevin still doesnt raise his voice or argue back to me which drives me crazy and he knows it so I seek revenge and take a 3 hour bath before he hides the plug. Once upon a time he use to throw my contraception out the car window but now reminds me to take it. He still hides my sunglasses or cellphone when hes angry but Ive stopped taking to his clothes with a scissors because at the end of the day it was costing me more to buy him new ones.My mum is getting on abit sometimes a little batty and my dad is still eating brisket.My niece Jarna rolls her eyes too many times in a day and I watch too much mtv. My diet starts monday and usually ends on Tuesday I eat too many cameos. We still hire dvds from video ezy cos we're A members and only pay $3 but always fall asleep so we never watch it all, my dad is not well but tells my mum to retire??might get a haircut cos in the shower I lose too much hair- can cook a mean exotic feed but dont ask me how to cook a roast cos I dont know..Will offer u a cup of tea if u come to my house but I dont know how to make a rosey one like my cousin Audra.Went nightclubbing felt like an old hag but can still shake it lyk a salt shaker(well I try)- have just sorted all my photo albums out cos they had no structure, cant understand why people have 300 photos of themselves with the same goofy smile.Miss going to the gym at midnight with my mate Trish and a little boy on my street called us black bum and white bum but it didnt matter cos he was under the age of 8 and had a snotty nose and didnt have a sky antenna on his roof so hes missing out on mtv. Mc Donald otara sux and I refuse to go there now cos a guy there asked me out (stupid fool) I was only being polite and Im just too nice.I dont think about getting married I just want the ring from diamond and time.Kevin tells me to lie to his friends when they ring we have caller ID- I like my dads chowmein.I hate soap when it snaps in 2 and I hate having to turn the watties sauce upside down cos my food gets cold waiting for it..This is the blog of a crazy person , its midnight and my toes are freezing i cant feel them and I may have frostbite- they feel skinnier when its cold.And 1 more thing I dont eat sharp end french fries .

    6 Comments 257 weeks

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  • Queenie Devita

    They are giving away mac book air's http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • luv Auriyan

    Hay aunty heres a heart dont have to give back

  • Livie
    luv Livie

    Sweet as, sounds cool :) I will be overseas though round mid June, but definately looking forward to catching up with you guys. Will be waiting :)

  • Miss P
    Miss P

    Hey Kel How are you I'm sorry for being a big nose BUT I couldn't help but go through your family pix Damn girl your babies are beautiful :)) How are you Congtratulations on being an awesome Mummy girl! I've caught up with Anna on here too and its' so amazing how we have grown and have our own babies :)) it's awesome really awesome How are you & Kevin how is that guy still kicking it with his G's U still in the hood? Would be awesome to catch up I did request hope to hear from you soon :* to you and your beautiful family

  • Ghetto.Bird
    luv Ghetto.Bird

    :L :L :L hello Miss Johnson :) and YES u r abstly rite, d0se comments r dffntly frm da Miss Lafu dat we b0th w0rkd wif waaay bak n da f0rtuna days :L :L surprised mucjj? :L :L :L her an i r m0st dffntly surprsd, bt 0h well such is lyfe and da blessings its comes wit it :) :) :) :) :) hu wudve eva th0rt aye, n0t even Wright knws abt it lolz. Bt i hpe u and da famz r d0in well :) and g0sh, yal pumpng 0wt da kiddies lyk its g0in 0wta fashion lolz just g0rge0us they r :) :) :) nways, hpe u hva gr8 w3kend, much l0ve xxx

    1/23/10 via Mobile
  • Livie
    luv Livie

    LMBO!:L :L :L I knoooow :o who knew aye :) , I definately didn't But I'm happy and he makes me happy, I have finally found true love or should I say that it found me, definately need to catch up...... and noooooo, if anything I think back then the glances only came from him, you know how blind I can be hehehehehehe........miss u 2 mate

  • RoCksta
    luv RoCksta

    a l8te hapi new year to ya & the famz :) :L :L :L :L :L

  • luv Liz Greig-Barlow

    Kia Ora....Kia Ora..... Can you text me so I can save your number again! I lost my numbers when I transferred the numbers so make sure to text that its you doing it LOL otherwise I'll delete it thinking some stalker found me again LMAO.... when I know it's just you LOL....nah honest coz I can invite you guys over for the gazillionth timez hahahaha.....

  • Liz Greig-Barlow

    Better get in before the crowds do and clog up the internet.... or I just plain forget....Have a happy new year and hope the new year brings lots of what you are wanting....which is everything....like me.....coz I'm greedy like that........Can you text me coz I have lost all my contacts and feel like I'm snobbing everyone instead of stalking them like I normally do.....Mason says when are we gonna visit for like the gazillionth time and as usual keep telling him soon...LOL..... had an awesome Christmas just coz I hardly cooked much this year and did only chop suey and trifle and lazed around most of the day! Then starved during the weekend coz realised I only bought shopping for the chop suey and trifle LMAO...oh well.....needed to lose a pound or so with being such a piggy on Xmas day! Hope you guys had an awesome one and the kiddies had a million prezzies to open like us here....now got nowhere to put them hahahaha! Luf u long timez:D Big kisses and cuddles for the kiddies!

  • Liz Greig-Barlow

    Ho weke.... whatta you mean new photo's!!!! Yep coming soon.... Patrick also says 'whatta you mean' you've just discovered pacific paradise smoothies! He's been buying them for years and Mase and I keep scabbing off him even though we get other flavours coz we think we know better and waste his money!! Yep.... we still do it to this day!!!! Hahaha

  • Jah Paul
    Jah Paul

    Kia Ora jus dropping in 2 say allo...How the Tamariki? How is Kev...Wat you up to for Xmas? Take care catch up soon...

  • Ila Mafi
    luv Ila Mafi

    lol :D :D m8 u mockn me or somethng lol did u c me @ abov & beyond? well done kelz! quick hello & heart tag - by the way y ddnt u take me as your other half 2 abov & beyond eh hehehe :L :D

  • luv Liz Greig-Barlow

    Yeah you guys should visit since I'm sooo bissy at home lazing around doing nothing! My Gabba Gabba a good girl, she only sqwarks when she's hungry which is all the time! Mason is getting bigger and older which means his ears are starting to have that selective hearing option now! He loves his sister.... so much so he annoys the shite out of her when he smothers her with kisses all the time that dad growls him because of Mason's snotty nose and bad breath all over poor Gabba:L :L :L :L Anyways.... gotta catch up..... Laterz

  • luv Choppy Harris

    sup cuz longtime no hear, yeah they a pretty mean duo aye 4 their age...copy it, all goods!! Oh your baby has grown so much, are you still staying in Otara? if so come visit me sum time down cobham cres ;)

  • luv Liz Greig-Barlow

    Hey Kelz, Got 5 seconds to come online and catch up before my lil princess starts sqwarking that mummy not paying attention to HRH!!!! Gosh Roxy and Rico are growing up and gorgeous as ever! Mr Mason still the same and lil Miss Gabriella growing so fast.... she thinks that she should sit upright coz she don't believe in lying down! Anyone would think she's 5months not 5 weeks.....hey.....we will definitely make sure to visit before she turns 1 years old LOL..... not as if you are in Invercargill or somethin.... you only less than 10 minutes down the road aye LOL.... Ok .... gotta go..... she's getting angry that I'm not paying attention and on the internet (who does that...what a horrible mother! LMAO) Ciao!

  • Livie
    luv Livie

    I've been good thanks mate:D and as for the party scene, its been kinda obsolete at the moment, its not really the same anymore, way too many ty's nowadays lol, so really your not missing out on alot. Its funny how your only round the corner and I haven't managed to catch up with you, talk about slack aye:( Your kids are absolutely beautiful and I think at this point of my life I wud prob trade places with you anyday hehe. But for now take care and yeah I will definately stay in touch:D

  • luv Auriyan

    haha and thanks here is a heart

  • RoCksta
    luv RoCksta

    Hay jus fort i wuld drp n say hi. Hw u bein wif da famz? Shod hav an old skewl reunion catch up wit da old skewl ay, :) it wuld b owesme. I jus gt owt of hospital afta i hd a major oper8tion on mah ankle, pwitty scary hearin da docz sayn it woz serious, n i woz n hospital 4 a while ay. Wel datz enuf fm me hav a gud halloween nyte, tkcare :D

    10/31/09 via Mobile
  • Auriyan

    hyy aunty

  • Ila Mafi
    luv Ila Mafi

    0173 br hehe :D :P sup kelz jst as wel we dnt hav ths @ wrk :) heart 4 ur platinum achieverz award :L :L :L

    9/29/09 via Mobile