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thEy DoNt cAlL Me & STeVie hArD 4 nUfFiN OuR HaNdBaGs aRe iN Da fReEzEr gEtTiN HaRdEr LoL!!... LoVe YoU StEvIe mCdErMoTt!!..xXx

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  • Female, Luv 285
  • from bermondsey
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 4,757
  • Member since: December 2006
  • Last active: 4/3/11
  • www.bebo.com/xXxKelsixX
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I LikE Him LoTs xXxXXxX
Me, Myself, and I
<<<< me!!..xXx



Kelsi Godwin
Nancy Mcdermott
Stevie Mcdermott
Lily Burrows
Frances Haggerty
Chloe Mole

Bebo is sooo shit!..x

bEst MaTe 09 lOVe u KeLs ZuP zuP LOOL ...:L xXxXxXxXx
stevie mcdermottt!!..x (toe)
i love this gal 2 bits she is always the one crackin joke wen we are bored lol but she does think she is a comedian lol. i love ma main gal TOE she ma best mate eva!! luv ya stev!!..x
nancy mcdermott!!..x(ma hoe)
well all iv got to say bout nancy is shes like a sister to me!! she can tell me nefing!! (init nanc lol!!) she my drinkin partner aswell as ma hoe lol!! luv ya nanc!!..x
lily burrows!!..x (granny)
well wen lilys older shes gonna b 1 of dem moany old women int ya lil lol!! the fing dats funny bout lily is dat if we r all siggin down she cnt just sit down in 1 place she as got to move bout lol!! luv ya lil!!..x
my new number!..x
dis is my new number! 07944593942!
dont take it if ur gonna prank u perfetic lil CUNTS!..x
da rest of da girls!..x
well i dont need to name erm da now who da r lol!
one luv to all my girls especialy GEORIA PARKER haha lol!..x
chloe mole!..x..x
I LOVE HER!..x..x..x..x
add me if u want...but dont be chattin shit!...xXx <3
The Other Half Of Me
Chloe X

Chloe X

WeLl iTs OnLy cHlOe mOLE LoL!..x LoVE YhOoO!..x..

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What Cartoon Character Are You?

My result is: Tinkerbell

Your a tiny magical pixie! .... Actually your just pretty and spunky person. People think of you as adventurous and super cute. There is that certain something about you that makes everyone like you at first glance. You are very kind but has a big temper and will go off if anything frustrates you. When somthing new happens your always there ready for a new challenge! At best you are a very special person.
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  • ppl do dis!...XxXx :D

    1) I _______ Kelsi

    2) Kelsi is _______

    3) I think Kelsi should _______

    4) Kelsi Needs __________

    5) Someday Kelsi will ________

    6) Kelsi reminds me of ________

    7) Without Kelsi ________

    8) My memories of Kelsi are _________

    9) Kelsi can be _________

    10) The worst thing about Kelsi is _________

    11) The best thing about Kelsi is _________

    12) I am _________ With Kelsi

    13) One thing i would like to know about Kelsi is _________

    14) Kelsi should go and _________

    15) Kelsi _________ me

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  • my family

    My hubby =
    My Mummii =
    My Daddi =
    My Daughter =
    My Son =
    My Twin = BEKKI GROVE!..X
    My Bigg Sista = STEVIE MCDERMOTT!..X
    My Lil Sista =
    My Bigg Bruva = LEE TAYLOR1..X
    My Lil Bruva =
    My Bezzii Boii Mate =
    My Bezzii Gal Mate =
    My Guardian Angel =
    My PlayGirl =
    My Playboii =
    My Babii Gurl =
    My Idol =
    My Babe =
    My Drinkin friend =
    My Sexii Gal = CHLOE MOLE!..X
    My Secret Admirer =GOT 1 BUT DNT NO WHO IT IS LOL!..X
    My Stalker =
    My Rudegal = NANCY MCDERMOTT!..X
    My Rude boi =
    My Babiiz God parents =
    My Pet =
    My Hairdresser =
    My Dirtii Dancer =
    My Hardcore gangstar = WILLIAM PUCKEY!..X haha
    My Bodii guard =
    My Partner In Crime = NANCY MCDERMOTT!..X
    My Bitch = NANCY MCDERMOTT!..X
    My Partii animal=
    My slave =
    My gay pal =
    My Sex Machine = NANCY MCDERMOTT!..X
    My SweetHeart =
    My Bebo Pal =
    My Sexy Bitch = DANIELLE BROWN!..X
    My Dumb pal =
    My Joka =

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What Will Your Kid(s) Look Like?

My result is: One Little Boy <3

This little Boy will be an Angel for his Mummy/Daddy but when he is alone he'll get upto all sorts of trouble. As long as you set him boundries he won't be real bad. He will have Big brown eyes with mucky blonde hair.
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Cockney Quiz!

I scored 90% on the Cockney Quiz

Blimey! Hmm, yew seem ter know a bi' ov Cockney then, I'll give yew that. You may even be able ter figure aaaht what all ov dis says. But, if yew meet a elephants trunk Crowley, chances are yew won't be able ter figure aaaht what they're saying! Nuff said, yeah?

Take the Cockney Quiz today!

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