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feels like years since ive been on bebo :O its all about FuckBook these days ;D

12/29/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I

      ×'H A Y L E Y (:

     alex love, i love you ( L )

 i roll with the best - i do love them

 i love you roxanne painter bfff (LL)

     short, loud, insane
    '11;03-95_fifteen babe (:
declan clarke hancock. i love you big bruvv (:
right lets get this straight, i dont care what you think :D i'll do what i want when i want, and if you have a problem deal with it. cuzz it sure aint my problem (:
Angel (L)
love can be very hard to control and to handle, but it lasts forever. i will love you until the end of time. life can make love hard, and break relationships down, but our love stays strong and always will. i love you from deep down in my heart, i promise <3

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  • hacked (:

    thingy from seanyyboo. (:
    well well well .. Sharingg eachothers homes is a gigglee :L , but the past 4 years have beeen amazinggg :D . Lincoln was a good laughh. :L - Dummies!! :L :D andd stealing my wallet :( . never ever guna forget the timess we've spent togetherrrr. Misss you muchly :( guna be great when we see eachother agian (Y) :D Much love spoooorrrrk! :D :D :D xxxxx

    messaage from your ex girlfriend. (:
    well haaayleey .. i thinkk your amazingg , & very preetty , loovee being withh you . lincolnn wass amazingg , DUMMIESSSS! :D .. &+ Swimmingg. miss youu alott. cant wait too see you again :D , loveyouu my ex girlfriendd (; , &+ baby .xx

    hacked by shannon. (:
    Well what can i say about this amazing geeza . .
    She hates ham, so i enjoy rubbing it in her face; she hates my lovely tiger bread, so i make her smell it + overall she just hates my beautiful food. Not that id share it anyway (:
    'I do have a very good aim you know' once said a very wierd year 8 that made us chuckle just a tad. We have go many memories; from ice-skating and pizza hut, to screaming at MASSIVE spiders in the music room.
    I do love you lots and lots brother hayley so do not run away from my wierdness please :D
    ilu. xx

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  • i love you <3

    you mean loads to me. and i mean it when i say i couldn't live without you.

    declan clarke hancock means, well, the world to me. i feel like i've known him all my life and that i could jump and he'd jump too. well i know i'd do it for him anyday. we have so many jokes and good times. we tell each other everything. i swear we should be twins. he's great to me. never says a word against me and is always happy to talk to me. he's never pushed me away. and never made me cry for a bad reason. he's given me all i can wish for. love and life. he's pushed me through life on the edge. each moment greater than the next. tbh i truly know i couldn't live without him. and i mean it. he's helped me so much i can't believe it. i love him so freeking much. i can't put my feelings into words. every moment i can't speak to him, is a moment i lose of life and love. we live so far away from each other, and i hate it. i'd leave my intire life here to see him. he treats me like a princess and says he'd never let anything hurt me. but i can honestly say i'd take every shot for him. i could go on for ever, but i wont. i love you big bruv. 'Ox

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  • luv RoxyyWilly.

    haaaaaaaayleeey. howaa you? long time no speak :( hows the new school? been up to muchh latly ? miss you x

  • Laurenn'
    luv Laurenn'

    You should miss southam cuz tbqh its not the same with out you! You should come back ! But how is it ?! love you xxxxx

  • Andreea' X
    luv Andreea' X

    hey, how's north leam for you? how;re yooou? miss you! :( writeback, loveyoulotssss, xxxxx

  • Becca

    hey bitchhh :) hows the new school? musics even shitter now :L though there's always azzzzzy. though that last lesson with you was good :) thankyou for the letter. XXX

  • Laurenn'
    luv Laurenn'

    Hayley , i miss you :( xxx

  • Ellen

    aawww bless, well we'll have to meet up sometime in the summer. :) yeah? awww it was on the tv over the weekend. :) (um) alwaysxxx

  • Ellen

    alright now?x

  • RoxyyWilly.

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayley o_O

  • RoxyyWilly.

    i looooove hayley . you okaaay ? xx

  • X Mrjaques X
    luv X Mrjaques X

    lave yah lass (L) xxxx lol love you so much princess <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx

  • X Mrjaques X
    luv X Mrjaques X

    babyyyy... just to tell you somet really important.... i love you baby so much more than anyone ever will, we will make it though this time my buitiful wife to be lol hehe "you,me,together,forever"  ; <3 love you princess xxxx

  • Jem'Babz

    sorttahh ye she cryed lowdszz tho :L buh she crys all thaa time itzz cuzz jays her dad haha if he waz my dad ide be scared to hezz a fuking retard :L :L tday rite he wazz runnin down tha road wiv my lil sistaa singin im barbie gurll n thn she fell ovaa n he copyed her n thn he waz protendin to cry like herr guin jemmimaaaaa :( n thn i wazz like omfgg cuz he waz tryna imbarasee me i waz likkee jay ffs grow up hahaha :L awww haha x ly x