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Don't envy me, jus do better then me! LMMFAO

Feb 26 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Wutz goin down? Im Ty-C there's not really much i gotta say, If Ya kno me then ya do! But if not then that'z koo..
Tupac, Biggie Smallz, Lil Wayane, Eazy-E, The Game, Romey J and Sumthing wit ah beat n Meaning...
St Snitching & Stop Lying, Above The Rim, Waist Deep, Poetic Justice, Coach Carter, How High, Cheech n Chong up in Smoke, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight rises and anything wit Kat Williams....
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-Prolly G-town-Hoyas- Tha Old Skoo Hot Shot's and 03 Chieftains wit 'Emilio'.....*51
Scared of...
-Rotting Away Behind Bars and Not Knowing What 2 do wit myself
Happiest When
When im chilln wit my fam and spending tyme wit my baby and my gurl and chillin out wit brudder..
-Whats close 2 me-
My Family, Rosie, My Lost 51 Boiz, Romey J, Emilio, Chewy...
The Other Half Of Me
Rosie M

Rosie M

My Everything My World My Babe

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  • Ty-C

    Say wut ya want nd think wut ya want, thru thick nd thin umma remain on da top no matter wut tha bullshit is! LMMFAO

    Feb 26
  • Darla And Rodney
    luv Darla And Rodney

    Hey TY-C, today would be an amazing day to have your son!

    1/2/13 via Mobile
  • R.Keeble

    lmao. 0o0 mah bad mah bad :P
    lmao cant believe u n mitch get on here haha! thats funny, guys tryna bring back bebo!?

  • R.Keeble

    wussup! omg this is soooo old! wtf yall on this lame shit fo?? jk.

  • Rosie M
    luv Rosie M

    I love you!

    11/23/12 via Mobile
  • MrSz Ziegler
    luv MrSz Ziegler

    Hi Mah Boy Luv N Miss Yah..Congrats Heard Ur Gon Be A Daddy..Keep In Touch..<3

    10/27/12 via Mobile
  • Wakinya Sapa
    Wakinya Sapa

    605 STAND UP wats good

    8/5/12 via Mobile
  • Mitch

    sup NEPH lol

    7/10/12 via Mobile
  • Darla And Rodney
    luv Darla And Rodney

    Hey Ty-C, seen u online, n just stopped by to share the luv:)

    9/14/11 via Mobile
  • Rosie M
    luv Rosie M

    Babe! Soo thankful I get to wake up to you every morning and sleep next to you every night. Your the reason I smile. My definition of love and happiness. ;) I love you with all my heart. :)

    7/21/11 via Mobile
  • Ty-C

    Fuk my boy i still kant believe your gone. There's dayz i feel like i wanna join you! but then again everybody would find out that i was jus that weak! too hurt myself. I miss you bro bro...........I'll See ya Again someday.........fiffty-one baby.......

  • Rosie M
    luv Rosie M

    Love you baby!

    6/15/11 via Mobile
  • Rosie M
    luv Rosie M


    3/24/11 via Mobile
  • Ty-C

    Wudup Ya'll.......Its Been Awhile Lik Dre Since Ive been on this bebo shit!!!!Everybody gots facebook. But na i"ll jus keep it Old Skool...lol........<51Boi>

  • JJzMommy

    what it doo... comin by to check it out. hows everything? hope all is well your way! take care now.

  • JJzMommy
    luv JJzMommy

    Hey Ty.. im jus coming thru to see how your doing? i hope your takin real good care of yourself... idk romeys been on my mind all day.. guess im pretty lonely. Times are too crazy .. well keep ya head up & take care now k! lots of love from me to you.. see ya

  • Ty-C

    WHOO-WHA FUCK YOU.....Ur Koo, Ur Koo, And Fuck You.............I Love My Haters---Without Dem Ma Name wouldnt Be So Bigg.....51boi


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