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PHatboy Nardaboo Nfx


3/23/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 31, Luv 38
  • I am Engaged
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  • Last active: 9/14/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Wussup to all you Beboerz out there. Cheers for checking out our Page.

Living in the big Smoke of P.U.T have been here all our Lives.
Been together for Seven lovely years and what an adventure we've had.(Nah but its been pretty Good ahe)

We have Three Beautiful Girls Summer(6), Jahrelle(4) and Mercedeze(1) and a Handsome Young Buck Malik(10)And 1 More On The Way Haha MEAN aye.
Narda's Still at Mackaz in Matamata.Me for now stay home dad wat da fuck haha.
luv 2 hear from all the whanau and friendz all ova da world so holla
So if you know us Holla back or leave us a comment

2.P.S, Hip Hop, Reggae, Gangsta and all the old skool sounds and heavy metal haha
Anything Watchable
On da piss wit da brothers and hunting wit da boyz thats my sport u dnt like den get fuckd, but my booz abit of a sports Freak all dat netball touch stuff me just watch her haha.
Scared Of
Both scared of nothing
Happiest When
We are with our Kidz and Whanau and brotherz kicking it and of cause for me onit wit my lil brothers in da shed and in da scab wit da boyz and onit hard .
Shout outz
To Our DADZ Up above R.I.P Thingz aint da same no more
Our Hearts
Our Kids and All our Whanau all over the world.

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  • hullo

    kiaora cussiiz :-) how u fullas got some choice fotoz, fa its been ages since i seen u fullas everyones grown up HEAPS!! got sum ones of ur tamafreakiz haha pinchd a couple, chur cuss.

    anyhu just wantd 2say hullo, much love xoxox

    Maria Tapara 0 Replies
  • hey

    not sure if u remember me, its tala.
    just wishing you a merry xmas and an primo new yearz!!
    u and narda be producing some beautiful babies cuz!!
    tell her i said hey and hope she loves motherhood.
    take care
    tala xoxo

    Natalia Mika 0 Replies

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Whats yuurh real name?
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  • Lil Josh Paaki
    Lil Josh Paaki

    Hey everyone! Add my new profile!!!! http://goo.gl/Qf34i

  • Freda Ruka

    Bebo sucks! I barely use it anymore! you should hit me up on xxxmatch, its the best place for hooking up ever! check it out at http://goo.gl/aCPGD

  • Chey.

    Hey PhatBoii & Nada

  • MissEnvyBeibe


    1/19/10 via Mobile
  • - Alizaaye
    - Alizaaye

    To muhc my brotheer , another little qirl , :) . Shes gorjush , juhst like her Aunty Feeny :L . Naahr buht yeah , Love yoous Feeny

  • EdznTupz

    Chur cuzzy how r uz? Been ringn ur mobile but it keeps goin to da answer machine. Chur chur troopa haha chur cuz

    7/31/09 via Mobile
  • D.Y

    Chur tha whanau hws it g0in! S0wi i havnt kpt in t0uch wit any 0f use ive l0st al yr nums! Herd bwt tha news kuzies chur 2much! Wel if u kn huk us up wit yr numb i kn gve use a buz! Wel mi kuz hpe 2 hear frm use sn! Swt lata

    7/29/09 via Mobile
  • Tarnz Marty Whaanga
    luv Tarnz Marty Whaanga

    Hey NArda and fam!! How are you all??? Just red dat you's are expectin again congrats to you both so do u no wot ya havin and wen ur due???well u take care of yourself and dat baba in ya puku if u aint alredy drop. talk soon. Love ya grl. Tarnz.

  • Melissa
    luv Melissa

    Hi Narda Boo, long time no speak!! Hey a big congratulations on the baby in your tummy!! yeH ITS BEEN THAT LONG.. how are you? When are you due? Its baby time for Put people again :) I love kids and being a aunty is sweet enough for me :L hehe Im studying down in Wairarapa, keeping me busy atm. Wow do you know what your having? Hope you shan and the girls are good hun.. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks when i come back up.. Luvz

  • Stephen

    chur bo long time no c bro hows u and d fams il kum c u wen im bak nxt tym

  • Tarnz Marty Whaanga
    Tarnz Marty Whaanga

    Hey Narda just stoppin by to share sum luv. take care. love ya grl.

  • Mardi Taare
    luv Mardi Taare

    hey there my sis how are you?? how have the kids and shan been?? do youknow what you are having yet mum was saying that you are due between Maraea and my bday wicked no dealt you will miss both mine and maraeas bday aye!!!! i have my fingers crossed that you have a lil boy!!! Much love Mardi Joe and kids

  • Dalbs Douglas
    luv Dalbs Douglas

    kia ora whanau

  • D.Y
    luv D.Y

    chur chur mi br0tha fukn ae mi kuz longtym n0 hea ben tryna rng yr falaz cellphones bt n0 answer l0l guna havta gt yr hme numb!!! 0hye fukn mean kuz i hardowt miss huntn knt hunt 0va hea heps 0f bushies chap l0l everytnx mean 0va hea jst ben trainn hard an gtn bk in2 mi sp0rts im plyn touch 0n m0ndaes dn weights trainn thr0ught 0t tha wek besides wednesdaes c0s i gt league trainn its hard0wt 0va hea fukn 0zys r 2 fit l0l im plyn f0r bankstown sp0rts its a fetta club 2 tha bulldogs s0 mean c sum 0f tha bulldogs at 0w games!! bt fuk yea kuzzie havnt t0uch a beer f0r awhile s0 im d0in prty gud l0l ae n0 sht well congrats 0n tha news fukn mean 0w rdsht dat means i havta save mre m0ney f0r a extra present!! l0l hAha well mi kuzz its gud 2 here frm use an il gve use a buzz dis weknd!! swt mi br0tha much l0v 2 y0u an yr whanau churr churr dillz.....

  • Harley Davis
    luv Harley Davis

    chur cuhr kazyies what b new does wayz .... well n e wayz itz a friday ta day ndz ima on da pissaaaeee give a big holaa ta alll yall n aotearoa ........PEACE.....

  • Boogie

    chur ow kaz wat yous been up to heard you moved down south hows it down there any mean chiks were yous are har har har sweat ow i goto go to mahi catch yous up later

  • D.Y
    luv D.Y

    chur mi kuz i gae u a buzz earlya bt mst 0f gt thr0ugh l0l hws it ben in put mi kuz??? watz ben hapn?? i knw its lyk 5 in tha m0rnn bt it its bwt 3 0va hea! l0l im tripn kuz ez 0va hea r mean ma0ri!! il gve u mi address 2m0r0 wen im abit s0ber! l0l gve me tha gurls sizes il gt dm a presnt an use!!!2much mi kuz i gta bl0ndy in bd an hr names stacy haha l0ve use al mi kuz... chur.............

  • Simple Sounds
    luv Simple Sounds

    kia ora ma kuz. just fort id drop in and give yo black ass a hello. how's da whanau going?? haven't heard from u in ages. I ost ur home number man so if u can send it to me thru priv8 mail, I can get to ya and give uz a call. anywho, hws everyone and everything going back in P.U.T?? assuming that u of course are still living in put. how's urmusic thing coming along?? im getting into making my own hiphop beats and some of them are pretty phat. justt need to get me a better program. any ideas?? also, we had our second baby if uz didn't already know. her name is zion maria tapara. another lil cutie mayne. but aint we all like that in our whanau?? nah hahaha. lol. anyways kuz. be good to catch up with you sometime. arohanui to all the whanau. love destiny, zion, sara and chachi.

    11/14/08 via Mobile
  • Puppy

    Kia Ora Shannon Its aunty Yvonne here ,don't no if you remember me ...you can ask mum she will tell you. Do you remember Gary and Amy. Wow you got a awesome whanau there and you and your siblings have grown,(well its been a long time hasn't it). I keep in touch wit ya mum but haven't heard frm her recently, tell her she's been slack. My last comment to her was asking bout Fred Reubens 50th..you no if he had 1 up there Labour weekend? I was looking at sum old photos of you Gary John Haley Amy and Zeppelin too...is he a daddy now? I will send you sum...you'll crack up when you see dem :L :L :L :L . I'm rapt we got to hook up on here, I love to keep in touch wit friends and whanau frm PUT..miss ya mum to da max and especially aunty Mereana Gunna and Latoya hard. Give my love to mum. Well keep in touch and talk to you again soon. Chow for now Aunty Mwah